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Make sure personally, without intermediaries, that the water for which you pay money is really suitable for use.


Dirty water causes harm to the body slowly and unnoticed, and when the hour of X comes, you can no longer prove the guilt of the supplier or manufacturer.

Acidic water, with a low pH, provokes many diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer, etc., and also contributes to the development of bacteria, viruses, fungi, helminths and other parasites.

The processes of gradual destruction of the body can take years to come, until one day the body fails. You may have acquired your current diseases due to poor quality, unhealthy water.


For those who want to be 100% sure of the quality of the water.

A complete set of devices for just 4,990 p.

instead of 11080 rubles.

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Electrolyzer – Under the action of electric current, emissions of substances contained in water occur. Comparing the color of emissions with the table of indications, we can determine the substances contained in the soda (black color: heavy metals, green: biological impurities, and

TDS meter – Compact and convenient TDS meter determines the overall level of mineralization of the liquid, its overall water hardness. For drinking water, the TDS should be between 5 and 50 mg / l. It is widely used to control the quality of cleaning filters (tds indicator at the output should be less than before the filter). Range 0-9999 ppm Accuracy: 2-3 ppm Built-in temperature sensor. Included instruction in Russian.

pH meter – – Effective tool for instant determination of the acidity level of a liquid. In drinking water, the pH level should be 7. – ATS sensor automatic thermal compensation (regulation depending on temperature). – Accuracy to

With the help of the ORP meter, you can find out the redox potential of drinking water and its usefulness for your body. Shows the degree of electron activity in reactions involving the transfer or addition of electrons. Range from -1999 to +1999 mV Accuracy 5mV Operating temperature: 0 – 50 ° C Factory calibration Power supply: 4 × 1.5 V (AG-13) button battery (included) Instructions in Russian

Set "Specialist". Employed food industry workers, owners of aquariums and many others. It is used to monitor key indicators of the fluid.

Economic set for water research. They will allow you to conduct a general analysis of water, find out what substances are contained in your water, the overall level of salinity and acidity.

★ For home use. The excellent decision for quality check of water from a water supply system, a well. For the analysis of bottled water and the efficiency of the household filter. ★ To organize. A good choice for laboratory research, analysis of water in the pool, aquarium. ★ Save 55%. One of the best deals on the market in terms of price / quality ratio. Complete kit at wholesale price, almost like the manufacturer.

Professional water kit. Allow you to analyze water by key indicators, determine the redox potential, the overall level of salinity and acidity


To maximize your safety, follow the popular wisdom: "Trust but check". You shouldn’t believe strangers: the producers of bottled water and filters, who manage the treatment systems, because for them water is only a business. For you, drinking water is the health of you and your loved ones.

Such water can harm children, pregnant women, the elderly and those people who have impaired immunity. Drinking such water can cause hormonal disruption. This is especially reflected in sex hormones. Bisphenol A, which is called the cause of early puberty, was found in some bottles. When this substance is exposed to men, erectile problems develop 4 times more often, and the risk of developing ejaculation disorders increases 7 times.


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Nikonova Natalia, Cheboksary

I ordered a complete set to test the water, I was pleased! The order passed quickly, all devices work well. Thank you very much!

Semenov Eduard, Krasnodar

He devoted his whole life to science. Always wanted to study everything thoroughly. Moreover, you eat and drink you need to know for sure. With these devices, I do not expect good luck when choosing drinking water

Alexey Petrenko, Kazan

Put the filter at home, I will check now. When the cartridge comes kirdyk, I will definitely know.

Alexander Serduk, Novosibirsk

I bought bottled water and felt that from some brands I really got worse. I checked this device and understood the reason. Now I know what to drink and what not.

Irina A., Moscow

Good pH

I always think about health. At my age, jokes with this are bad. After all, we drink water every day! The value of these devices is incomparable with their value. Thanks you!

Vadim Tarasov, Vladivostok

Devices are very useful. I did not regret that I took the set to my parents as a gift. And the delivery to Vladivostok was unexpectedly fast. I am pleased.

Dmitry Shinko, Moscow

Is worth at home a reverse osmosis filter and ionizer. Devices are essential for their control. I was delighted that you can buy everything at once on one site and at such a low price.

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Good pH

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Good pH

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1. Electrolyzer – a simple device consisting of a cylindrical body, a cathode and an anode. Under the action of an electric current, substances dissolved in water are released. Each type of substance has a peculiar color. According to the table of indications of the electrolyzer, it is possible to determine the substances present in the water.

The following impurities can be determined in water: ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, various organic (bacteria, fungi, mold) and petroorganic (gasoline, oils, etc.) pollution, heavy metals, nitrates, nitrites, pesticides, iron, rust. In the complete set the instruction in Russian + the table of indications of the Electrolyzer.

2. TDS meter – a simple, convenient and reliable device, shows the amount of dissolved impurities in the water, its total stiffness, comes in a black protective case made of thick and soft leatherette. Determines the overall level of mineralization of the fluid, i.e. the amount of dissolved salts. Table of compliance tds meter permissible norms in the instructions in the Russian language.

3. pH meter – pH is considered one of the most important indicators of drinking water quality. It shows acid-base balance and influences how chemical and biological processes will proceed. Depending on the pH value, the rate of chemical reactions, the degree of corrosiveness of water, toxicity of pollutants and

If the water has a lower content of free hydrogen ions [H +] (pH is more than 7) compared to hydroxide ions [OH-], then water will have an alkaline reaction, and with an increased content of H + ions (pH less than 7) – an acid reaction. In perfectly pure distilled water, these ions will balance each other.

When the concentrations of both types of ions in a solution are the same, it is said that the solution has a neutral reaction. In neutral water, the pH is 7.

Acidic environment is one of the main causes of cell destruction and tissue damage, the development of diseases and aging processes, and the growth of pathogens. In an acidic environment, the building material does not reach the cells, the membrane is destroyed.

The scientist discovered that cancer cells lose their ability to develop in an environment saturated with free oxygen with a pH = 7.5 and higher! This means that when fluids in the body become acidic, the development of cancer is stimulated.

To maintain and maintain health, we need the right alkaline water (pH =

4. The ORP meter – The redox potential (ORP) of water is the ability of water to enter into biochemical reactions.

Water can be an oxidizing agent.

The internal environment of the body has its own AFP and is always always less than zero,

According to European and WHO standards, water is considered to be drinking water with an AFP of no more than +20 mV. While the ORP of modern drinking water is almost always greater than zero and is usually in the range from +150 to +400 mV. This is true for almost all types of drinking water: tap water, bought in stores in bottles, cleaned with various filters, or using reverse osmosis systems.

The differences between the AFP of the internal environment of the human body (-100-150 mV) and drinking water (+150 – +400 mV) mean that the body is forced to change the redox properties of drinking water.

When ordinary drinking water, with ORP (+150 – +400), penetrates the tissues of the human body, it takes electrons from cells and tissues. As a result, the biological structures of the body (cell membranes, cell organelles, nucleic acids, and others) are subjected to oxidative destruction, So the body wears out, ages, vital organs lose their function. But these negative processes can be slowed down if water with the properties of the AFP internal environment of the body enters the body through drinking and food,

Our body consists of cells that need water with a negative charge. And in order for the body to make the best use of drinking water with a positive AFP value in metabolic processes, it must spend additional energy to equalize this indicator.

If the drinking water entering the body has an ORP close to the ORP value of the water of the internal environment of the human body, then the energy of the cell membranes (the vital energy of the body) is not spent on correcting the activity of water electrons and the water is immediately absorbed because it is biologically compatible with this parameter. · If drinking water has an ORP more negative than the AFP of the internal environment of the body, then it feeds it with this energy, which is used by the cells as an energy reserve of the antioxidant protection of the body against the adverse influence of the external environment.

The quality of the water that we drink depends on our well-being. Depends, and even more than we think – say doctors.

“The calculations of foreign scientists show that if we drank only high-quality water, then our life expectancy would increase by 10-15 years,” says Gennady Apanasenko, professor, head of the department of sports medicine and sanology of the National Academy of Medical Academy.

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