Get rid of property

Apartment cleaning makes Muscovites work on weekends. Entrust these concerns to us and have a rest!

The company “Oh, clean!” Deals with the arrangement of 1,2,3-room apartments, as well as offices and other objects.

  • Cleaning (professional cleaning of premises) costs from 35 rubles / m².

Our experts work responsibly and quickly, they know all the details of the case.

  • We start and finish cleaning the day of the call.

Only for 3500 rubles. We will bring perfect cleanliness in the apartment, in the complex of works, even steaming of curtains.

  • Need to bring perfect cleanliness in your home? This is us!
  • repairs? Need help in building shine, gloss, cleanliness in the shortest possible time? And this is to us!
  • Need to put in order furniture, carpets professionally, quickly, efficiently, inexpensively? And again only to us!
  • Not yet cleaned, and planned a holiday in nature? Our mobile team "Chip and Dale" hurries to your aid with cleaning! "Oh clean" gives you a carefree rest and perfect cleanliness!
  • Cleaning cleaning of apartments, cottages, offices in Moscow and the region

Professional cleaning of apartments in Moscow

Professional cleaning of apartments in Moscow is organized according to the following schemes:

  • supporting;
  • general;
  • after repair;
  • disinsection and disinfection.

Get rid of property

General cleaning of the apartment, carried out by kliner, gives a more durable and long-lasting result. We use the equipment and tools of the Professional class. After processing by a professional vacuum cleaner, the carpets really look like new. Washing floors with an environmentally safe, but highly concentrated product creates an antistatic effect – no dust accumulates in the corners. Processing furniture, curtains, kitchen equipment with a steam cleaner returns pristine freshness to your home.

Often, customers after the general restoration of order draw up a contract for regular cleaning in order to be able to maintain the perfect appearance of the dwelling inexpensively. Supporting (regular) cleaning is the best way to take care of cleanliness in the office or shopping center.

  • dry cleaning of carpets, floor coverings, upholstered furniture (produced at home);
  • care of floors (polishing, waxing, cleaning);
  • washing windows, as well as shop windows, signboards, facades (industrial mountaineering technologies are used);
  • cleaning of household appliances (ovens, grill, microwave ovens, refrigerators, freezers);
  • washing dishes and cutlery;
  • steam cleaning (a special device eliminates any dirt on textiles, kitchen surfaces, etc.) with steam;
  • washing crystal chandeliers at any height;
  • wash bed linen followed by ironing.

Prices for cleaning apartments

The company “Oh, clean!” Offers favorable prices for cleaning apartments in the metropolitan area.

  • Tidying up the premises after the repair / construction – from 70 rubles / m².
  • The cost of maintenance cleaning per square meter – from 35 rubles.
  • General cleaning measures in the urban dwelling will cost 50 rubles per m².

To estimate the cost of cleaning the apartment in Moscow will help the table. In comparison with the average tariffs in the domestic market of the cleaning industry, we tidy housing cheaply.

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