Gas in dogs

The Genitive Case answers the questions Who? What? and can be used to expressthe absence of somebody or something:

Gas in dogs

I have a dog. (I have a dog) – You have no dogs and. (You don’t have adog.)

not + object in genitive

The Genitive Case. If you want to pizza (for example), you should use the preposition:

I want pizza without cheese a. And coffee without milk.

no no no

Sugar free (JPG 234 KB)

Without + object in Genitive

  • Sugar free coffee .
  • Coffee without milt a.
  • Meat without side dishes a.
  • Meat without sauce a.

Tea without lemon

Gas in dogs

  • Salad without oil and.
  • Salad without mayonnaise a.
  • Salad without salt and.

Genitive endings vary according to gender

  • I have + what?(Nominative case)
  • I have a visa.
  • You have a lamp.
  • He has a car.
  • She has a job.
  • We have a family.
  • You have an idea.
  • They have a problem.
  • We have a door.
  • I do not have + what?(Genitive case)
  • I do not have a visa .
  • You have no bulbs.
  • He has no car .
  • She has no work.
  • We do not have seven and.
  • You have no idea and.
  • They have no problems.
  • We have no door and.

Ending: -a → -ы, -я → -и, -ь → -и

  • I have a friend.
  • You have a brother.
  • He has a passport.
  • She has a husband.
  • You have a competitor.
  • They have an office.
  • We have a calendar.
  • We have a beer.
  • We have a sea.
  • I do not have a friend .
  • You don’t have a brother.
  • He does not have a passport.
  • She has no husband.
  • You have no competitor.
  • They have no office as well.
  • We have no calendar i.
  • We have no beer.
  • We have no plague.

Ending: zero ending → -a, -в → -я, -о → -а, -е → -я

I have time. – I have no time.

I have money. – I have no money.

I have a mother. – I have no mother.

I have a daughter. – I don’t have a daughter.

Genitive and tenses

Yesterday (Past tense)

Today (Present Tense)

Tomorrow (Future Tense)

Gas in dogs

  • I had a house.
  • I had a flat a.
  • I had about wines about.
  • I had money and.
  • I have a house.
  • I have an apartment.
  • I have wine.
  • I have money.
  • I will have a house.
  • I will have an apartment.
  • I will have wine.
  • I will have money.
  • I did not have a home as well.
  • I did not have apartments.
  • I had no wines as well.
  • I had no money .
  • I do not have a house a.
  • I have no apartments.
  • I have no wines as well.
  • I have no money .
  • I will not have a home as well.
  • I will not have apartments.
  • I will not have wines as well.
  • I will not have den his.

I have never had an apartment. (double negation + Genitive)

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