Free tubal ligation

Description Vidanol 500 mg №60 tablets

Vidanol 500 mg No. 60 is a drug produced in the form of tablets coated with a hard shell. The main component of the drug is tranexamic acid, which is an inhibitor of fibrinolysis. Drugs based on it have pronounced hemostatic properties. To buy tablets Vidanol and its analogues at an affordable price are often recommended to patients in clinics in Ukraine and in particular in Kiev, before carrying out surgical interventions.

Vidanola application instructions promote:

reduce the risk of gastric;

nasal and other bleeding;

prevents abundant blood loss during complex and time-consuming operations.

Free tubal ligation

The description states that the drug can be used during operations on the prostate gland, bladder, tonsillectomy, as well as during the rehabilitation period after operations on the uterus, cervical conization and other things. It may be administered to patients with hemophilia, as well as other genetic and acquired diseases that increase the risk of bleeding and reduce the function of blood clotting.


The drug is prohibited with a tendency to the formation of blood clots, venous insufficiency, abnormal liver function, as well as hypersensitivity to tranexamic acid and drugs based on it. Do not prescribe medication to persons who have suffered heart attacks and strokes, hypertensive patients with epilepsy. Pre-familiarize yourself with possible drug interactions and adverse reactions.

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Vidanol 500 mg №60 tablets Instructions


Vidanol for medical zasosuvannya l_karsky

dyucha rechovina: tranexamic acid (tranexamic acid);

1 tablet mix tranexamic acid and 500 mg;

dopomіzhnі rechovini: Pulp mіkrokristalіchna, gіdroksipropіltselyuloza nizkozamіschena, povіdon K30 natrіyu croscarmellose, kremnіyu dіoksid koloїdny anhydrous, talc, magnіyu stearate, pokrittya Colorcoat FC4S bіle: gіdroksipropіlmetiltselyuloza, dіetilftalat, olіya ricin gіdrogenіzovana powder, stearic acid, talc, titanium dіoksid (E 171) .

Likarska form. Tablets in bulk obolonkoy.

Fundamentals of phyziko-hіmіchni powerliness: round dvukupuklі tablets, curved obolonkoy colore, smoothy with oboh side.

Іngіbіtori fіbrinolіzu. ATC code B02A A02.

Antifіbrinol_tichny susb. Tranexamic acid is specifically active and is active in profibrinolisin (plasminogens) and is being transformed into fibrinolisin (plasmin). To repair the mismatch and systemic hemostatic surgery in case of bleeding, as indicated by the physiotherapy (pathology of thrombocytes, menopause). Takage tranexamic acid through strivuvnya kornіnіnіn kіnіnіv tіnshih active peptidіv, just to take part in the alert and the firing reactions, repair the antigens that protizapalnuyu.

Absorption at oral zasosuvannі doses in d_zaponі 0.5-2 g – 30-50%. TCmax with zastosuvannі vnutrіshnyo 0.5 g, 1 g and 2 g – 3 years, Cmax – 5, 8 and 15 µg / ml vidovіdno. Links between plasmids of blood (profibrinolizina) – not less than 3%.

Free tubal ligation

Razvodіlyatsya in tissue vnnosno івномірно (for vinyatkom spinal rіdini, de concentration should be 1/10 of plasma); penetration of the placentae bar’єr, breast milk (close to 1% of the concentration of plasma mater). Vyavlyavatsya in s’m’anіy rіdіnі, de znizhuє fіbrinolіtichnu active, ale not injected on mygravic spermatozoa. Pochtkovy ob’єm rozpodіlu – 9-12 l. Antifibrinol concentration in other tissues is 17 years old, and plasma – up to 7-8 years old.

Metabolize insignificant part. Curve AUC is triphasic form with T1 / 2 at the phase of 3 years. Zalnal nirkovy klyrens dorivnyu plasma (7 l / year). Breed with nirkas (the main route is glomerular phyllocene), about 95% – in an unspecified female with a course of 12 years.

Identified two metabolites of tranexamic acid: N-acetylone and deaminated compounds. In case of porushennі functions, nirok isnuє ryzik cumulative tranexamic acid.

Krovotech abo rizik krovotechі at posilennі fіbrinolіzu yak generalіzovanogo (krovotech pid hour operatsії on peredmіhurovіy zalozі i in pіslyaoperatsіyny perіod, gemoragіchnі uskladnennya fіbrinolіtichnoї terapії) so i mіstsevogo (of uterine, shlunkovo-kishkova, nose krovotech, posttraumatic gіfema, krovotech pіslya prostatektomії abo vtruchannya on sectional, the tonsillectomy, the condition of the uterus, the extraction of the tooth on the hemophilia).

Spadkovy angіonevrotikny nabryak.

– Hyperchuticity to tranexamic acid and to the most important components of the drug.

– Nirkova lack of serious step (through the rizik cumulation).

– Guest tromboembolіchnі zakhvoryuvannya.

– Gastry venous abo arterial thrombosis.

– Arterial chien venous thrombosis in history.

– High Rizik tromboutvorennya.

– Judges in history.

– Фібринолітичні стани внаслідок coagulopathia visnazhennya, for the vinyatkom nadmіrnoi active activities of the fibrinoliticno system, with a state of heavy blood flow.

– Porushennya spryynyattyya kolorіv.

Relationship with the best lіkarskim zobobami that іnshі vidi vzakєmodіy.

Tranexamic acid is not active in urokinase, noradrenaline bіtartratom, deoksіepіnefrina gіdrokhloridom, metarmіnіnі bіtartratom, dipimidamolom, diazepam. Visokoaktivn protrombіnovі kompleksi i antifіbrinolіtichnn agents, anti_ngіbіtornі koagulyatsіynі kompleksi not slіd zasosovuvati one hour with tranexamic acid. Necessarily unikati zasosuvannya kombіnatsії chlorpromazine і tranexamic acid and paitsіntam from subarakhnoіdalnym blood; you can produce spasms of cerebral vessels and cerebral diseases, can, until the cerebral flow decreases; symptomatic powerfulness of drugs, can sprinkle rozvitku spasm of the courts and cerebral ischemia in tsikh patsієntіv. From oberezhnіstyu slіd zasosovuvati tranexamic acid patsіntam, supposedly take oral contraceptives, just as many as thrombosis.

When nirkovіy lacks (stale v_d steps pіdvishchennya kreatinіnu sirovatki krovі) neobhіdno zmenshovati dose і kіlkіst introduction.

In the case of the hematuric nirkovy kakhozhennya (especially with hemophilia), the development of the mechanic of the anuroral system has been established at the sechal branches.

He described the blockages of the central artery on the central retinal vein. Patients who are taking the drug before the eyes of others, it is recommended to go through an ophthalmologic eye, including repetition of the state, spriyatnya kolorіv, full-time, field of the dawn, that means the functionality of the room.

Patsі стражntam, sco suffer on the porushennya zoru, it is necessary to fix the lіkuvannya.

Until the menstrual cycle is broken, it is impossible to fix Vidanol ®. Without bleeding, menstrual bleeding is not affected by the additional drug Vidanol ®, it is necessary to look at the alternative of lucans.

It is necessary to treat tranexamic acid with pathogenic acids, to take oral oral contraceptives, through various risks to thrombosis.

I have studied the venous and arterial thrombosis of a thromboembolism in patients with thrombosis, and they have taken tranexamic acid. Patients with previous thromboembolism with those who need to apply for a job with family history of patients (patients with thrombophile illumination) who are on a charge

It is not recommended zasozuvannya tranexamic acid and at the same pivot fibrinolizu vnasnok diseminovogo vnutrіshninovinnogo zgortannya blood.

Patients іz rozsіyanoyuyu іnnіshnya vessel coagulation, yakim neobhіdne lіkuvannya tranexamic acid, povnnі znakhoditsya pіd spesterezhennyam lіkarya, scho maє dosvіd lіkuvannya such zakhvoryuvan.

Klіnіchnogo dosvіdu zasosuvannya tranexamic acid and dithyam vіkom up to 15 years, menopausal nemaє, that is not the slid of zasosovuvati drug Vidanol ® Daniі category ptsієntіv.

Tranexamic acid does not occur once a day with the Complex Factor IX complex with anti-inflammatory coagulative complexes, just as many as possible with the use of rhyme-treated thrombosis.

Tranexamic acid was boiled in sperm in fibrinolithic concentrates, and ale vona did not inject spermatozoa into rupture. Keyword doslіdzhennya not viyavili vplivu fertility.

When zasosuvannі transeksamovo ї acids and povіdomlyalosya about vipadki court. Most of the tsip vipadkіv boules are registered in terms of internal transexamic acid and high doses of coronary artery bypass surgery. When zasosuvannі recommended low doses of tranexamic acid and the frequency of cases of vipadkіv by the court after the operation, well, yak y paetsіnntіv, yakі not denied tranexamic acid.

Zastosuvannya at the perіod vagіnnostі abo yearvannya breast.

Tranexamic acid penetrates through the placenta and milk in the breast. There was no further discussion of the drug at the age of the patient, for which purpose the drug could be lost only if there was a good result for the material risk for the fetus.

In the case of the need for the preparation of a drug in the world of nutrition.

Zdatnіst vplivat on shvyadkіst reaktsі ї when Keruvannі motor transport abo inshimi mehanіzmami.

The first hour for the preparation of the drug should be uttered in the Kerwan road by road or robot with folding mechanisms.

Sposіb zasosuvannya dozi.

The drug zasosovuvat orally. Priyom drug does not lie wіd priyomu їжі.

Doroslі patsієnti s normal function nyrok.

One hundred percent dovuvannya slіd to underpin the lower valuation of recommendations for adults with normal function of nirok, in yak klyrens kreatinіnu put ponad 50 ml / khilinu.

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