For the love of my life

But on this page I will tell you a little about myself. I will show you some official papers and photographs (I call them “Credentials”) and will introduce you in detail with the chronicle of my life. To this end, I am writing a book in which I most truthfully and accurately describe some of the events and adventures that I have experienced.

My “Credentials”

Diploma of the International Academy of Informatization, 1998

Diploma of the International Academy of Energy Information Sciences, 1999

The mirror of my soul

Autobiographical Chronicle

The reasons for my taking on a life story are very trivial. For quite a long time I had to talk about some events in my life and very often my stories came back to me in such a form that I didn’t even anticipate the possibility of the appearance of such “folklore”. My stories were overgrown with such “facts” that even it became interesting for me to listen to them. The second reason that prompted me to this “feat” was the fact that people occasionally appeared who suggested I write a book about me and something stopped me every time. Once I even agreed that an American writer would write my memories on cassettes and I spent several days slandering her own memories and reflections. But soon he changed his mind and refused the offer.

First of all, I had to spend quite a lot of time explaining and explaining what happened to me. Secondly, even with audio tapes with my memories in my hands, writers and journalists managed to distort everything so much that I was simply amazed. Moreover, the distortion was observed, both in the direction of exaggeration, and in the direction of distortion of facts and outright lies. Therefore, when Dmitry Baida suggested that I write my biography, I decided to do it. Moreover, when I started working on it, all of this developed into my life story and life understanding. I thought that if someone was interested in my life and my path, then no one would be better able to convey what and when happened in my life, what and how I thought in certain life situations, that I felt and worried.

Of course, everything described by me will be subjective, will reflect the world around me with my own eyes. But, with all this, I will try to reflect everything as objectively as possible, as far as possible. And since this is my life story, nobody will do it better than me. And if something is wrong, it will be my distortion of my own life story and it will still be better than the distortion made by someone else.

Nikolay Levashov

Golden Age Publishing House, 2014, – 496 p. ISBN 978-617-7147-06-9

Table of contents

Part 1. Childhood. Volume 1. Awakening

Why did I decide to write this book? Of course, not because I consider myself to be someone special or extraordinary. I just managed to live a bright, not quite ordinary life, and if this book helps even someone not to feel lonely in our amazing, but very cruel world, it means it was not written in vain.

We are too accustomed to alleviate our lives with the words: “this can not be, because this can never be …”, easily discarding everything that does not fit into our “generally accepted, generally established” framework. We are too accustomed to believing that all people are kind, and that on television they show the “only truth”, which is very convenient to exist with. Well, everything that brings (or only can bring) inconvenience to us or does not fit into this our “ordered”, but too much too problematic world, is driven out of it without the slightest regret …

This book is about this kind of life that is not quite “correct” in general terms … This is the story of a “little recluse” who was lost in an incomprehensible and sometimes very “thorny” human world. It has been a long and very “thorny” path, and, finally, has acquired its true essence, understanding of life and wonders around it for so long …

I am grateful to my grandfather for those vivid and unforgettable memories with which he filled my childhood world, and those extraordinary miracles that, unfortunately, very soon became the “scourge” of my childhood existence.

I am grateful to my father, without whose support I would never have been able to go through my life with my head held high without breaking and never losing faith in myself. Without love and faith of which, my life could never be what it is now.

I am grateful to my mother for her wonderful kindness and faith in me, for her help and determination while preserving my “extraordinary” abilities.

I am grateful to my wonderful son Robert, for the opportunity to feel like a proud mother, for his open heart and for his talent, and also for the fact that he simply is on this earth.

And I am deeply grateful to my amazing husband, Nikolai Levashov, who helped me find myself in my “lost” world, who gave me an understanding of everything that I painfully tried to find answers for many years, and opened the door for me to the incredible and unique world of big Cosmos. To him, my best friend, without whom I could not imagine my existence today, I dedicate this book.

The publishing house “Golden Age”, 2013, – 680 p. ISBN 978-617-7147-02-1

For the love of my life

The mirror of my soul

Autobiographical Chronicle

Having lived and lived for thirty years in the USSR, I, at the time of my departure to the United States, was fully convinced that the socialist system was the product of parasites whose goal was to destroy the best part of a nation — strong people, as they are said in Torah and the Old Testament, and thus breaking the back of the nation, the rest turned into slaves. While studying at the University of Kharkov, I rather thoroughly studied the basics of Marxism-Leninism and, like many, was hypnotized and memorized by the entire propaganda system of the USSR. But even in this hypnotic state, I was not completely in a controlled condition. I understood the true essence of this parasitic system only after I started my own study of nature, when I found my own ways of development and made a qualitative reorganization of the brain in myself and thus could completely free myself from the influence of parasitic generators on my mind. And before that I thought that careerists and bureaucrats had defiled a good idea. How naive I was then. When I realized this, I began to struggle with this parasitic system as much as I could, as I already wrote in the first volume of my autobiographical chronicle.

For the love of my life

Departing from the USSR, I was sure that at last I was able to escape from the “evil empire” to the free world – to America! I thought, I wanted to believe that there is real man’s freedom behind the iron curtain, and not a fake man’s freedom. The fact that I ended up in the USA and, due to a number of circumstances, lived in this country for almost fifteen years, I personally consider it a great success and a real life lesson that you cannot theoretically get. One should really live in the country for many years, live not as a tourist or a guest, but as a resident of this country. The narration about all this and much, much more will be in this book, but I would like to say now not about this, but about the fact that I did not find any freedom in the USA! On the contrary, he saw another parasitic system, when people were actually turned into slaves, while they consider themselves free. They are free only in one thing – to fulfill the will of their masters without reproach! In the case of disobedience, the troublemaker was destroyed very quickly. And it is not known what is better, to be a slave and know it (as in the USSR) or to be a slave, but consider yourself free (as in the USA and the rest of the “free” world)! But the most surprising thing is that they made people slaves both there and there, the same people …

The publishing house “Golden Age”, 2013, – 600 p. ISBN 978-617-7147-01-4

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