Foot scheme

  • Treatment methods
  • Effective treatment of gangrene
  • Vessel Shunting
  • Vascular stenting
  • Blood clot removal
  • Carotid artery surgery
  • Pathology of the vertebral arteries
  • Skin graft
  • Amputations
  • Oncology
  • Portal hypertension
  • Embolization in uterine myoma
  • Treatment of arteriovenous malformations
  • Diagnostics of vessels
    • Clinical study
    • Ultrasound diagnostics
    • CT scan
    • Subtraction Angiography
    • Coronary angiography
    • Vascular and heart diseases
      • Gangrene
      • Critical ischemia
      • Diabetic foot
      • Atherosclerosis and its treatment
      • Obliterating endarteritis
      • Thrombosis and embolism of arteries
      • Coronary heart disease
      • Artery aneurysm
      • Ischemic stroke
      • Additional Information

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        Send the full report of the UZDS and the discharge summary regarding the operation performed.

        Foot scheme

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        Questions and Answers

        Should carotid artery stenting be performed with such

        Answer: Hello. Send all the data from the disc MSCT to the section "correspondence with the doctor" or at

        Fourth finger gangrene

        Hello, my father has his right leg amputated above the knee due to diabetes. Now on the left foot began the fourth finger gangrene and began to move to the foot and pinky. We are from Kazakhstan.

        Answer: Good afternoon. Send a photo of the leg in several projections and the data of the study of the leg vessels (ultrasound, arteriography, CT angiography of the arteries of the leg) by email Angioclinic @

        diabetic foot treatment

        The husband underwent skin graft after the operation to remove the little finger in the diagnosis of diabetic foot, type 2 diabetes. The question is what can be advised for the fastest healing of the wound – as long as it is superimposed.

        Answer: It is difficult to answer without knowing the state of blood circulation and the type of wound. Send the survey data and photos of the legs in the correspondence with the doctor.

        blockage of the carotid artery 100%

        what to do, how to be, and what can be expected in such a situation, with respect, Nikolai.

        Answer: You can’t do anything about it. If there are problems with the other carotid artery, then it is desirable to eliminate them.

        plaque removal on carotid

        After the operation, after 2 days they made a VDS, during the inspection they found 100% artery blockage, the question is whether a stroke or death is possible in the future

        Foot scheme

        Answer: The main manifestations of acute blockage of the carotid artery occur in the first days.

        \" weeks ago, an internal and external carotid angiography was performed.

        Answer: if there was no irradiation of the pelvic organs, the probability of affecting the fetus and the pregnancy tends to zero.

        Surgery on the artery of the lower extremities.

        Good day! Can you have an operation on the artery of the lower limbs? Registration Volgograd region.

        Answer: Good afternoon! At the moment, residents of the Moscow region can receive an operation under the OMS policy in our clinic. Residents of other regions can apply for specialized medical care either locally.

        stroke and amputation

        Good evening! Please read and advise! Today, the mother-in-law was at the reception at the vascular surgeon. The decision of the doctor: amputation above the knee! I attach the file with the description, but read nothing

        Answer: Good afternoon. Please send files by email to Angioclinic @

        Good day! Papa has dry gangrene of the heel, the outside of the foot and the fingers. Can you help him? He is 91 years old, but his heart is strong.

        Answer: Send photos to info @

        Is it possible to save a leg

        My husband

        Answer: Hello. You need to urgently send the data of the discharge epicrisis, data of ultrasound duplex scanning of the arteries of the lower extremities before and after the operation performed for your husband, photographs of the leg (take pictures of the foot from different ones).

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