Following your intuition

Monthly horoscopes from the famous astrologer and tarolog Angela Pearl have repeatedly warned representatives of the zodiacal circle against rash steps. Use the Angela Pearl Horoscope for October 2018 to successfully complete the second month of autumn for the planned tasks.

The main theme of October will be the transition of Venus to a retrograde position. From October 5, the Signs of the Zodiac will feel its influence in the areas of finance, relationships and health. Site experts

Angela Pearl’s horoscope for October 2018 Aries

" alt =""> From October 5, Venus will go into retrograde movement, which will bring problems with finances. During the whole month, as well as the first half of November, Aries should not enter into transactions and contracts or spend large sums. The planet will affect the relationship, and in October it is possible to return to the former partner or break the current connection. The period will be successful for the return of debts, trade, and especially – bidding for the purchase of large goods. There is the likelihood of unforeseen situations: the loss of part of savings for unforeseen expenses.

Following your intuition

Angela Pearl’s horoscope for October 2018 Taurus

" alt =""> Taurus under the influence of retrograde Venus should be wary of conflicts at work and at home. Since October 5, it is important to manage emotions to eliminate major quarrels. During this period, you can resurrect feelings, put up and overestimate the relationship that ended earlier. With Venus retrograde, Taurus will be able to prioritize and negotiate business.

Angela Pearl’s Horoscope for October 2018 Gemini

" alt =""> The influence of Venus from October 5 will allow to work on the bugs, to redo something started earlier. Attention should be paid to health, including the well-being of loved ones. It is not excluded that the Twins will start office romance. Possible payments delayed earlier. During this period, successfully bargain, search for work and evaluate their strength. In addition, in October, the Twins will be able to repay their debts and repay what they borrowed from them.

Angela Pearl Horoscope for October 2018 Cancer

" alt =""> Venus goes into retrograde motion from October 5, and Cancers will be able to resume their previous relationship, reconcile after a quarrel, including a long-standing one. Changes will also affect families: it is possible to transfer children to other schools or to new circles. Unexpected financial costs are not excluded. In October, Cancers will be able to assess the situation, start developing a business, but the astrologer does not advise registering your business with a retrograde planet.

Angela Pearl’s horoscope for October 2018 Leo

" alt =""> The retrograde Venus from October 5 will affect the affairs of the past, and the Lions will be able to deal with previously abandoned tasks. It is best to deal with domestic and family issues during this period. Quarrels and conflicts are not excluded, but the period up to November 16 is successful for returning to the previous situation. In this case, possible reconciliation with relatives after a major quarrel in the past. In October, you can do alterations in the house and apartment, complete the previously started repair, do redevelopment.

Angela Pearl Horoscope for October 2018 Virgo

" alt =""> The influence of retrograde Venus from October 5 will restore relations, get news from the past and restore lost ties, including with former partners. In October, it is advisable not to borrow money because of the likelihood of losing it. For retrograde Venus, finances should be handled with care and not attempted to spend large sums. It is possible the return of debts, about which the Virgin has already forgotten.

Angela Pearl Horoscope for October 2018 Libra

" alt =""> The ruler of Libra will go retrograde and affect financial opportunities. Scales from October 5, it is important to carefully consider the costs. The astrologer advises to refuse purchases without good bargaining. Purchase of antiquities will be successful. It will be possible to complete the affairs of the past, which will be solved without problems. In retrograde Venus, you can search for a new job and move to a new position.

Angela Pearl’s horoscope for October 2018 Scorpio

" alt =""> Venus retrograde from October 5 will significantly affect Scorpios. Until November 16, problems in relations and the emergence of conflict situations are possible. Scorpios will be able to overestimate relationships with other people, refuse to communicate with certain personalities, as well as renew lost connections from the past. The planet affects the personal perception of the world, so it is important for Scorpios to cope with emotions and act, following the voice of reason.

Angela Pearl Horoscope for October 2018 Sagittarius

" alt =""> Venus unfolds in a retrograde movement from October 5, and Sagittarius should carefully consider their finances, relationships with loved ones and health. It is possible that Strelets will have to part with part of the savings, if they rashly invest in questionable projects. Likely to lead from the past, the restoration of lost ties with people or a broken relationship.

Angela Pearl’s horoscope for October 2018 Capricorn

" alt =""> Capricorns under the influence of retrograde Venus, which will unfold from October 5, will be able to restore lost ties, resume relations with friends and relatives. Between October 5 and November 16, until the planet returns to a direct position, caution is needed in the area of ​​finance. It is important to exclude spontaneous spending. It is better to abandon large acquisitions, if they were not planned earlier. Attention should be paid to health: give up overwork and follow the daily routine.

Angela Pearl’s horoscope for October 2018 Aquarius

" alt =""> Venus retrograde Venus will return self-confidence, if things touch the past. From October 5, it is easier to restore lost connections with relatives, acquaintances, or former partners. In October, Aquarius will be able to complete the previously initiated cases, review their plans and adjust them. Do not spend money and give them a loan, so you do not regret the rash act.

Following your intuition

Angela Pearl Horoscope for October 2018 Pisces

" alt =""> Emotional Pisces with retrograde Venus will be able to cope with emotions, return to the past and accomplish things that used to seem difficult. In the period from October 5 to November 16, the astrologer recommends postponing purchases, trying to avoid any conflicts and quarrels, as well as monitoring the state of health. Successful cases will be related to the continuation of training, repair and help to close people.

Each representative of the zodiacal circle in October will be able to complete the necessary work and set new goals. The astrologer recommends listening to intuition and giving up trust to people with a dubious reputation. The month will be quite stressful, but with caution, many will be able to achieve incredible success. Be happy!

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