Fluticasone Propionate Spray

Spray nasal fluticasone: instruction

Instructions for use of spray Fluticasone, serves as a guide for the patient on the correct use of medication. In addition to her, below are analogues, reviews and prices for the drug.

Form, composition, packaging

Fluticasone is a medicinal product, which is produced in the form of a spray for nasal application. The suspension is placed inside the bottle, it has the ability to form a spray due to the equipment of the container with a device for dispensing when pressed. Liquid is made in white color.

The active ingredient of the drug is fluticasone propionate supplemented to the full composition with benzalkonium chloride, anhydrous dextrose, phenylethanol, RC-591 Avicel, Polysorbate 80, and purified water.

The drug is sold in darkened glass bottles of twelve milliliters and is designed for one hundred and twenty doses. The bottle is located on a plastic pallet and has an individual cardboard packaging.

Term and storage conditions

Spray Fluticasone should be stored no more than three years in those places where there is no moisture, and the air temperature does not exceed twenty-five degrees. The main condition for the preservation of the medicinal product is its protection from freezing. Children should not have access to the place where the medicine is kept

Fluticasone Propionate Spray


The drug has antiallergic and antipruritic, and is also effective against inflammation. Its effect is due to the ability to suppress the division of fat cells, macrophages and neutrophils, as well as lymphocytes and eosinophils with their subsequent growth. In addition, Fluticasone helps to reduce the educational process of inflammatory mediators and their further release.

Intranasal use of the drug leads to the elimination of congestion and sensations of an unpleasant character in the nasal cavity, as well as rhinitis and sneezing. Eyes become less irritated, tears and redness leave them.

After the start of fluticasone, the effect manifests itself after three hours and lasts for a day.


At observance of the recommended dosages, the penetration of the drug into the bloodstream is not observed systemically.

Bioavailability of the drug is not more than thirty percent. Associated with plasma proteins by more than ninety percent.

Metabolized in the liver during the first passage. Removal of the drug is carried out through the kidneys and intestines. The half-life is about three hours.

Spray Fluticasone Indications

The drug Fluticasone is recommended for use in the presence of allergic rhinitis, both year-round and seasonal. Prescribed medication to the patient, may be for treatment and for preventive measures.


When prescribing Fluticasone, attention should be paid to contraindications that would not harm the patient with therapeutic measures. Do not carry out drug treatment:

  • if the patient is hypersensitive to its active ingredient or to other substances of the drug;
  • kids up to four years.

Careful use should be recommended:

  • when there has been a recent injury to the nose or surgery, and also if the nasal mucosa is ulcerated;
  • if necessary, simultaneous treatment with drugs ketoconazole and ritonavir;
  • when an infection has developed in the nasal cavity or in the sinuses of the adnexa, requiring appropriate therapeutic measures, but not a contraindication to the use of this drug;
  • if necessary, the combination with the GCS.

Fluticasone instructions for use

The use of the drug is permissible exclusively by intranasal route.

The full therapeutic effect is possible only with regular use of the drug on or about the third or fourth day of treatment.

For adolescents and adult patients

For therapeutic or prophylactic purposes, when rhinitis allergic (seasonal) year-round occurs, it is prescribed to inject twice into each of the nostrils once a day in the morning. If necessary, the dose and frequency of administration can be doubled.

For children (4-12 years old)

Assign once to inject each stroke of the nose in the morning. The dose can be increased to two times and two injections if there is a need.

In old age, the usual dosage of an adult patient is used to treat and prevent disease.

Before performing the injection procedure, the bottle must be shaken vigorously. With a break in use or first use, you should make a test press to control the health of the sprayer. To do this, direct the spray tip to the opposite side and make several taps until you can see that the spray is functioning normally.

After cleansing the nasal passages, the drug can be injected. To do this, you need to close one of the nostrils with your hand and insert the tip into the other. The patient’s head should be tilted slightly forward. The bottle is held vertically. The patient breathes in with his nose and immediately press the vial dispenser. Exhalation is done by mouth. If necessary, re-spraying should be performed and, changing to the other nostril, completely repeating the previous steps.

At the end of the procedure, wipe the tip of the dispensing sprayer with a damp cloth and place a safety cap on it.

Once a week, spray the sprayer with warm water. If a blockage in the nozzle tip of the sprayer is detected, it should be left for some time in a container with water, and then dried under running water, dried and set in place by closing the cap. It is not allowed to eliminate blocking of the tip with sharp objects.

Fluticasone during pregnancy

In pregnancy, Fluticasone is prescribed only when there is an urgent need for treating a woman, despite the potential risks to the unborn baby.

Fluticasone for children

Children up to the age of four should not use Fluticasone.

Side effects

Side effects occur in patients with varying frequency on the part of certain body systems.

Were recorded rare cases of bronchospasm, anaphylactic reactions, skin rash, as well as edema in the area of ​​the tongue and face.

Quite often there were complaints of headaches and the emergence of sensations of unpleasant impurities in taste and smell.

In rare cases, patients revealed cataracts, glaucoma, and an increase in VD was noted.

Often there was a nosebleed. Also not uncommon is the occurrence of irritation of nasal mucosa and dryness in the nose. Much less frequently were cases of perforation of the nasal septum.


Cases of overdose with this drug were not recorded. However, when prescribing a spray, patients are informed about the inadmissibility of overestimation of the recommended dosages in order to avoid suppression of the adrenal function, even if it is temporary.

Drug interactions

Since after the use of the drug intranasally, its plasma concentrations are very small, there is practically no clinically significant drug interaction of Fluticasone with other medicines. However, there are a number of drugs, spray matching with which is recommended to be avoided, since it is fraught with an increased risk of systemic side effects. These drugs include:

Additional instructions

The use of the drug is allowed only intranasal.

Fluticasone Propionate Spray

More than half a year application of a spray without supervision of the expert is not admissible.

With forced long-term treatment, it is required to regularly monitor the functionality of the adrenal glands.

In addition to the side effects described, the use of the drug, especially in excessive doses for an extended period, can lead to the development of mental and behavioral disorders, as well as a depressive and aggressive state, anxiety, psychomotor hyperactivity and sleep disorders.

When treating patients of childhood, they observed how their growth rate decreased. Therefore, a maintenance dose for patients of this age category is recommended in a smaller size in order to only be able to adequately control the symptoms of the disease.

When treating with this drug, it is advisable to keep it regularly because the therapeutic effect is fully manifested only after several days of using the medication.

In some cases, when it is necessary to arrest the side effects in terms of ophthalmology or when the airborne level of all permissible levels of allergens is exceeded, the patient may need a set of additional therapeutic measures.

Although there are no cautionary indications regarding the use of the drug by drivers and other categories of patients whose professional activity is related to the technique, caution should be exercised in connection with the possible manifestation of side effects that the spray can cause.

Fluticasone analogues

In the role of analogues of the drug Fluticasone can be considered drugs for nasal use, which are also produced in the form of sprays. This is Nazarel spray and Fliksonaze.

Fluticasone spray price

The cost of fluticasone spray needs to be clarified upon purchase, since there is no reliable data on its price for a given period of time.

Fluticasone reviews

A lot of positive feedback available from Fluticasone spray testifies to its effectiveness in the treatment of allergies. Many are pleased with its robust performance and ease of use. The development of adverse reactions is not often reported, so there are practically no complaints or negative opinions about this drug.

Margarita: Fluticasone was treated with a drug-induced rhinitis, which I developed as an addiction to vasoconstrictor drugs, when I could not sleep at night without them. The treatment was prescribed by the doctor and when I purchased the drug, I initially thought that I had wasted my money and almost resumed taking the drops in order to breathe through my nose during sleep. However, she decided to suffer more, and after a few days, about the third day of treatment, Fluticasone finally felt its effect. It turned out to be quite powerful and practically no further medication spray was needed. Total treated for no more than four days. While I am free from having to drip into my nose at night.

Marina: I saw this drug with my mother. She suffers from an allergy to spring flowering and has been using Fluticasone spray for more than a year. Her drug action suits her and she praises him in every way when she gets it from the first-aid kit. I became interested in him, because my son began to breathe badly at night with his nose after suffering ARVI. Of course, we also have a remedy for treatment, but the effect of its use does not come immediately and it does not last long. I decided to try this spray for a start for comparison purposes. On the third day of treatment, the baby began to sleep more calmly. His nasal breathing had cleared, and after five days of intake, the problem was exhausted. Now I also buy this medicine for a home first aid kit, where I put all effective medicines for all cases that are reliably tested on myself.

Bogdana: In past years, my husband suffered greatly from seasonal allergic rhinitis in the flowering of many plants. His condition was quite heavy. There were days when you had to take a sick-list, because constant sneezing and watery eyes, not to mention the agony of nasal congestion, simply did not allow to work. Recently, his illness proceeds much easier. The fact is that the allergist prescribed him supportive therapy for the period of allergy and a long preventive and preparatory period before the exacerbation. In the treatment and prevention complex includes several drugs, where the leading place is spray Fluticasone. It cannot be said that the problem has been completely eliminated, but the treatment is very helpful and, the spouse has only minor signs of symptoms when there are too many allergens. When flowering is declining and his health is almost equal to a healthy person. So the drug in the form of spray Fluticasone is a big plus, and our recommendations, but we do not advise you to appoint yourself to take it yourself. Who knows what? It is recommended to accept, when the doctor will appoint.

Lyudmila: Living in a city where there are a lot of industrial enterprises that negate the whole environment affects the health of almost every citizen. And our family is no exception. Our youngest son of nine years is suffering most significantly. He is often plagued by colds, and a lot of allergic reactions develop. Doctors advise to strengthen the immune system by hardening, and fluticasone spray is prescribed for allergic rhinitis. The drug is easy to use and is easily injected, although the child doesn’t like its taste or the process of its use. However, he is already big and enduring everything, realizing what relief comes after using the medicine. True, there is practically no effect from the first use, but approximately on the third day, when the result of the treatment is already beginning to manifest itself, you can feel completely healthy.

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