Fire Rose Tattoo

We invite you to learn some important things about the value of tattoo dagger and rose, the meaning and history of this classic and beloved tattoo design. For those who, before going to the tattoo salon, have a desire to look at as many examples of drawings and finished tattoos, we suggest referring to the following materials:

Fire Rose Tattoo

The meaning, history and meaning of tattoo dagger and rose

The very first tattoos spread in Medieval Europe with the light hand of balagan artists, who decorated the body with intricate designs to attract the attention of viewers. Ordinary people also wanted to decorate their skin with beautiful and symbolic patterns to express their individuality. Paris is famous for the appearance of the first tattoo workshops, and soon the fashion for body art spread to all segments of the population, and especially to the criminal environment.

Fire Rose Tattoo

The value of tattoo in the modern world

Dagger and rose value has a versatile. Each of these characters carries a certain meaning. The dagger has a specific value, it has significant differences from other types of knives. It is elementary to hide it and very quickly pull it out if necessary, for good reason it is so popular among criminals. To use the dagger, you must be very close to the future victim. Not even physically, but socially and emotionally. The deep symbolism of this murderous symbol is the betrayal of a loved one. The dagger itself is a symbol of death, cruelty, danger, betrayal and aggression. Although in some cultures this weapon is used in ritual ceremonies and is used to protect against the influence of otherworldly forces.

Fire Rose Tattoo

Rose completely contradicts the dagger. A delightful flower symbolizes unearthly beauty, hot love and burning passion. For example, the Asian symbol of beauty is a lotus, and a pretty rose is considered to be oriental.

Photo examples:

Symbolism in different cultures

In various cultures, a certain meaning stuck to the fragrant rose. But all designations are associated with beauty and love. The ancient Greeks considered the rose to be the flower of the most beautiful goddess Aphrodite, who was born from the sea foam. Legend says that at first all the roses had a pure white color, but after the death of the beloved Aphrodite, they turned red from the droplets of blood that oozed from the gentle legs of the goddess, as a sign of unquenchable love and unfading feeling. In Egypt, the flower was used in the rituals of worshiping the goddess Isis, in honor of her motherhood and virtue. In Christian culture, the rose symbolized the Virgin Mary, in Islam, the flower is associated with spilled blood, and for Buddhists it is the bearer of the triple truth.

It is necessary to take into account the color of the rose, which tells about the feelings and experiences of the owner:

  • red – fiery passion and love;
  • yellow – in some cases means separation, and in others – fame and wealth;
  • white – innocence and purity;
  • purple – wisdom and mind.


The meaning of tattoo dagger and rose on the body – these are strong violent feelings. Very often, such a picture adorns the forearm of young people who survived the first betrayal. A tattoo dagger piercing a scarlet flower is a symbol of cruel reality, broken love and unfulfilled hopes. In some cases, refers to the union of opposites, that is, hot feelings between people who can not be together, because of their different social status or irreconcilable differences between their families.

How to choose a sketch for the tattoo

It is necessary to carefully consider what the rose will be in the composition with the dagger. The color of the rose and its size are very symbolic, sometimes they soften the meaning of the tattoo, and instead of a dagger they depict fairies, dolphins, butterflies, a cross, the name of a loved one or scarlet hearts. For each person, such a tattoo has a special, personal meaning.

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