Feng shui small bedroom

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The bedroom is the most intimate room in the house in which we want to feel completely comfortable and at ease. Nothing should strain, annoy and cause inconvenience, because in the bedroom we restore our physical and mental energies spent in a day in order for the sutra to be full of strength and ready for new challenges again. In the bedroom, we also make love more often than anywhere else, and give life to the next generation.

The most comfortable for rest is a medium-sized bedroom, so that neither the feeling of being cramped, nor vice versa, endless, uncomfortable spaces arise. Of course, it is hardly possible to take and resize an existing room, so this issue can be solved by arranging furniture and interior details.

Feng shui small bedroom

Feng Shui small bedroom.

A small room becomes more spacious if the number of pieces of furniture in it is kept to the minimum necessary, the colors of the walls are sustained in a range of light, pastel colors and contain small patterns or are plain, the same can be said about any draperies, bedspreads and curtains; the floor is light, the furniture is small and light in size. Bright, saturated colors, accents in a small bedroom can be pillows, a small rug (if the carpet is large, almost the entire floor, it should be fairly light, with variations on the basic color schemes applied in the bedroom), a picture or any decorations .

Feng Shui large bedroom.

So that the royal bedroom would not wake up in you the royal feeling of being in a huge and uncomfortable palace, paint the walls of this room in rich, deep, but not very bright colors, put massive furniture, for example, a large wardrobe, or, second, divide the room into several zones: the bedroom itself, where there will be a bed and bedside tables, and a place for the hostess of the house with a chest of drawers, an armchair and a dressing table.

Yin and Yang in the bedroom.

In the bedroom, yin should dominate over yang in order to relax and rest, which means dim lights or the ability to adjust lighting from bright to dim, furniture with smooth shapes without sharp corners, soft tones. Small bright objects are good – a night light, decorative pillow, a mirror – carrying qualities of yang to the yin realm to avoid apathy, joyful mood in the mornings and stimulate marital relations in case the bedroom belongs to a couple.

Arrangement of furniture in the bedroom on Feng Shui.

The door to the bedroom should open inward so that the qi energy freely penetrates the room and saturates it. Large items, a dresser or bed, for example, should not block the entrance, so as not to impede the flow of energy.

The most important item in the bedroom is of course the bed. And when arranging furniture in this room, you need to start with determining the most favorable location of the bed. There are a number of Feng Shui rules that must be followed in order for the sleep to be healthy and sound:

the bed should not stand in front of the entrance door and do not sleep with your feet to the exit, as this direction is associated with the removal of the deceased.

It is not good when the headboard is under the window, that is, the legs or the head is sleeping at the window. It is also believed that if during the day direct sunlight comes onto the bed, then the bed absorbs a lot of yang energy and sleep will be restless.

Do not put a bed in a corner, in the corners dirt not only visible, but also astral likes to accumulate, which can aggravate sleep.

Here are the best bed positions in the bedroom:

Make sure that the sharp objects and the corners of the furniture are not aimed at sleeping, and the chandelier does not hang over the bed. In addition, multi-level ceilings and beams are also unacceptable here – they can deteriorate health. A beam passing through the ceiling directly above the middle of the bed of the spouses can lead to strained relationships, quarrels and divorce.

You should not hang anything big and heavy on the walls, to which the bed is pressed. The person subconsciously worries that the object may fall on him and lose a sound sleep.

Electrical appliances in the bedroom.

TV in the bedroom is not welcome, it is an open window to the world, even when turned off, and also leads to the separation of the pair. Sometimes a comparison is made that sleeping next to a TV is like lying on top of a mountain. The same applies to the computer. If you have nowhere to get away from these devices, then cover their screens at night with a cloth and pull out of the socket. In general, all electrical appliances in the bedroom are recommended to be de-energized at night, because in a dream our biofield expands, and all electrical, entering the area of ​​our field, knocks out body vibrations and damages health.

Feng shui small bedroom

Mirror in the bedroom.

The mirror in the bedroom is a necessary item, but there are a number of rules for its location:

    Books and small items in the bedroom.

    Books carry information, and, falling into the area of ​​our biofield, can affect sleep. Therefore, in the bedroom, it is advisable to keep books away from the bed, in closets and shelves that have tight-closing doors. On the content of the book in the bedroom should be positive. Detectives and thrillers, books that describe diseases or have photos and pictures with scenes of violence or open flesh (even if it is a cooking book with a photo of raw meat) are best kept in a room where nobody sleeps, take humor to your bedroom poems (not sad and not scary), books about nature, stories and short stories of easy content.

    Feng shui small bedroom

    Open shelves are not welcome in Feng Shui, and especially littered with small things. In the bedroom they can create the same havoc as in any other room. Therefore, it is advisable to put all small items in the drawers of the dresser or somewhere else, and put only a few beautiful and favorite things to revitalize the interior.

    Home plants in the bedroom.

    Plants, like people, participate in energy exchange and act as energy donors and vampires. Many of them give us qi in one half day and take it to the second. All plants are different in nature and properties. Some plants bear us a lot of benefits, others are depriving of strength, driving us disheartened. In a dream, we are very vulnerable to energy interventions of plants in our biofield and therefore, home flowers in the bedroom should be as far as possible from the bed, and it’s better to do without them in this room, especially if the bedroom is small.

    On the promotion of marital relations and attracting love.

    Follow the feng shui tips for bringing love and harmonization in marriage:

    If you are alone at the moment, then replace the single bed with a double bed, even if there is already a place for you to be a loved one for the future.

    Try to position the bed so that it is adjacent to the wall by the headboard, and the other three sides are open, then the two will be able to lie on it, each from its own side, and your relationship from the very beginning will have the makings of harmony and equality.

    What needs to be removed from the bedroom: images of one person and similar figurines, photos of oneself alone or next to the former love. Put in the bedroom image of the pair. For example, a loving couple walking along the beach or kissing, two dolphins swimming alongside, two swans embracing, two turtle doves. In Feng Shui, there are specific symbols for attracting and strengthening love: a pair of mandarin ducks mean happiness in love, butterflies symbolize love and joy, doves romantic love, plum blossoms and blossoming sakura good luck and happiness in love. The best place for such paintings and figurines is the south-western zone of the bedroom.

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