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For the order form number 6 p_dtverdzhennya we need:

Dopement with the seal and director’s letter

Mi bezkostovno a form No. 6 to the office, it is safe to save your nerves and nerves.

Scho Take form number 6?

Form number 6 – rekustratsіyna kartka, yak legal person right now nadu power registrar s my ptdverdzhennya of the main issues of partnership, incorporated into the Commonwealth Legal Register and the General Purpose of Legal Entity.

Scho pot nobility about the form number 6?

1. Form No. 6 is assigned right now.

2 Lines of podnanya – Prodovzh m_syatsya, scho nastє for the date of the state registrar.

3. A juridical person – p_dpriєmetsi vnopyu vіdpovіdaє for this, I have entered into the card № form number 6.

4. In the case of the non-admission of form No. 6, in the meanings of terms, the state registrar will enter the status of a legal person vidsutnya.

Yaku іnformatsіyu mypits form number 6?

one. Identity Code partnerships.

2 Povna ta shortly called legal individuals-pіdpriєmtsya.

3 Organizational Legal Form dyyalnost

4. Dani about those on the pistaves yakogo statute pidpriєmstvo bude prodovzhuvati his dіyalnist at offensive rotsі.

five. Mississary legal entities

Legal person-pіdpriєmets can zasosovuvati have your own love statute, You can take as a basis the model (model) statute, which is confirmed by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, which is not required by the trade union. The form number 6 is for special purposes, the yak should be assigned a statute for each of the individual enterprises. The status of the primer should be registered with the sovereign registrar, a special stamp is placed on the note about the date of commemoration of the decision. In case of a victorist model statute, 2 primirnits are assigned, stitched, signed by participants and printed.

Is the form number 6 not nadan at the hardening term?

The legal person did not file the no. 6 form with the terms tern_n, the state registrar made the information about dispatch juridically за individuals і підприємця for the settlement of the до DR.

The introduction of such a number of reasons of being unable to understand the vipiski ЄDR at different consumption, and it means that you can’t learn from trading, tenders, and please. Also, with unadvised forms No. 6, it is possible to spend the days of the PDV payer.

Zvertaytesya on additional help to the specialist!

Returning to the professions with a robot, a legal person can try to unite cherg, problems and taxes that are paid to the registrar in form No. 6 on the lines.

Vartіst poslugi 150 UAH. It is important that Derzhmito doesn’t cry out for giving form No. 6.


Vikonannya rows – 1 working day.

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