Essential oil for hormones

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Essential oil for hormones

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100% Essential Oil. Volume 10 ml. Raw materials: Madagascar. Production Styx Naturcosmetic Austria.

Eliminates headaches and cramps

Restores hormonal balance

Aroma of well-being and wealth

Essential oil for hormones

• Patchouli oil – fortifying, immunostimulating, antiviral agent.

• Effective against colds, flu, herpes, shingles. • Eliminates rhinitis. • Anti-epidemic. • Has an antispasmodic effect, helps with vascular crises, vascular dystonia. • Eliminates headache, dizziness, sensory disorders. • Angiotonic, vascular reinforcement agent – effective for varicose veins, hemorrhoids. • Optimizes digestion. • Decongestant, diuretic. • Eliminates inflammations of the urogenital sphere (cystitis, urethritis, colpitis, prostatitis, salpingoophoritis, endometritis). • Normalizes the menstrual cycle, eliminates PMS. • Restores hormonal balance, stimulates the synthesis of sex hormones. • Erotic stimulator (eliminates sexual coldness and impotence), stimulates sexual longevity.

• Patchouli oil for the face – moisturizes, regenerates, restores the capricious, damaged skin. • Eliminates inflammation, irritation and flaking. • Heals skin cracks, eliminates keratoses. • Effective with eczematous and allergic dermatitis. • Increases the elasticity of the muscles, tightens the tissue, has an anti-cellulite effect, helps to lose weight. • Patchouli oil for hair – strengthens, regenerates, makes them shiny, eliminates dandruff. • It has a fungicidal effect. Recommendation for delicate skin around the eyes: Alpin Derm Eye Cream

Receiving: water-steam distillation of fermented leaves of Pogostemon patchouli (family yasnotkovyh). Essential oil: dense, saturated, heavy, viscous, amber-resinous and tea-colored. Patchouli aroma: herb-spicy, woody balsamic, with a hint of smoke, earth, wax and tar. Complimentary flavors: ginger, grapefruit, lavender oil, jasmine, bergamot, verbena oil, juniper, sage, pine, cypress. Therapeutic class: adaptogen. Aphrodisiac. Historical data & unusual action: in the east patchouli is used for migraines, headaches, vascular crises. Powerful antidote for poisonous snake bites. Eliminates bad breath. It was believed that patchouli develops intuition, allowing you to predict what will happen in the future and avoid trouble. Powerful erotic stimulator. It is often said that oil patchouli to attract money. Psycho-emotional correction: tones, gives a surge of strength, vitality, optimism. Antidepressant. Activates intellectual activity, imagination, intuition. Eliminates obsessive thoughts, expectation of failure. Domestic use: Patchouli – a smell retainer, a valuable component of perfumery, gives an “Oriental” direction to a bouquet. Used for flavoring alcoholic beverages. It is used as a wardrobe fragrance and moth cleaner. Repellent, eliminates burning, swelling, pain when insect bites. Storage: in a cool place protected from direct sunlight. Keep away from children and open flames. Shelf life when packing is sealed is more than 10 years.

Methods of use and average dosages:

• Inhalation: hot (7-10 min) – 1 к; cold – 3-4 minutes; • Aroma smokers: 5-8 k per 15 m2; • Aromamedalons: 1 to patchouli; • Rinse: 2 to with 0.5

Precautions and subjective feelings:

It is undesirable to use patchouli in the first half of pregnancy (increases the tone of the myometrium). When gastritis and peptic ulcer do not take orally. When applied causes a slight wavelike sensations of heat and cool (1-2 minutes). The reaction is natural.

Patchouli essential oil is one of my favorites. Awesome scent! Slightly tart, mysterious, exotic. But, I bought it not only for the sake of flavor.

There are many reviews on the Internet that patchouli oil helps to bring hair in order. I started experimenting, added oil to shampoo and masks. Now I use patchouli only with wheat germ oil, I liked it so much most, my hair looks very beautiful, stopped falling out, a beautiful shade of hair appeared.

I have no problems with my face, but I can recommend them to burn pimples.

Oil helps with headaches. I found it out by chance. My head ached and oil muffled the pain.

Patchouli oil is effective – aphrodisiac, when I want to arrange a “romantic” evening, I add one drop of oil to wine and a few more drops on napkins, it is important not to overdo it, styx has this oil very concentrated.

There is such a belief that patchouli oil has the property of attracting money. I can not argue for everyone, but I dropped a drop in my wallet and the results are there.

In general, a decent, healthy, sensual oil. Here you can read all Reviews for patchouli butter

The advantages of the essential oil of the Austrian company STYX Naturcosmetic:

– 100% pure – 100% pure. Free from impurities, thinners, preservatives;

Essential oil for hormones

– top quality according to the classification of the international standard GMP;

– the oil is made from natural raw materials, non-toxic;

– fully meets the requirements of natural products ORGANIC;

– oil made by "cold distillation". For oil quality this is especially important. Remember that any heat treatment of the oil leads to the destruction of its medicinal properties.

– in dark glass with dispenser;

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