Electrolysis near me

Reward fanfic "Watch out for still water"

1. We watched "Fantastic creatures", but this is not taken into account in our work, because the second part exactly goes against the canon of Potteriana herself.

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At noon on the twenty-fifth of April I met in Hogsmeade. The village has not changed much in these nine years, all the same people, the same houses and establishments, if something has changed, I did not notice. Students slowly moved, walked in groups or one by one, laughed, wrapped in a pub "Three Brooms" and went out with the creamy beer. I was waiting for my intended student at a table in "Rose Lee Tea Bag" and read my notes to the thesis.

– Alice Carey, Master Artifactor, and you, apparently, is Hardwin Dunbar? – I immediately got down to business, when I saw a seventh-year-old standing next to him and the captain of the Gryffindor national team of Quidicus – sit down, – she nodded at the chair next to her.

– Yes, Uncle Gabriel told me about you.

– AND? – the young man looks at me blankly, – Guy, – I put the papers in my bag and focus my attention on him, – an artifactor is not the most common branch of magic in Britain. You must understand this. What makes you think that you have a tendency towards this and why do you want to develop them?

Electrolysis near me

The guy nodded thoughtfully, and then took a small feather out of his bag and handed it to me.

– An interesting thing, I stretched out loud, is the self-pen of your authorship, at the heart of the spell, potions and something from ritualism. There are a couple of mistakes, but, on the whole, with dignity. Well, you have the inclination, and desire?

– The family needs either an artifactor or a ritualist. The artifact is closer to me, ”Hardwin responds shortly, and I thoughtfully tugging at one of the artifacts on the sleeve, considering the probabilities.

A fan can hardly be held in my mind, I close my eyes and lean back in my chair.

– Suppose, I suppose, you are not ready to pass the Guild exam?

– No, I have neither books nor a teacher.

– It happens. In this case, you hand over toad. If Potions, Charms, UZMS and Numerology will "Excellent", then write me or go to the local branch of the Guild. I warn you, I rarely have been in one place for more than a month. You will become my student, you will go on an expedition with me. For example, you can live a week with the expedition to Callanish. And now I can give a list of references for the preparation and catalog of books of our Guild, order it yourself.

– So you agree to teach me?

– Let’s talk about it after the exams, okay? Now the conversation is meaningless, you can still overwhelm graduation.

– Well, thank you for your time, – the guy takes leave and quickly leaves the cafe. He is clearly angry; how is it that the best student was sent to the books, without even testing it, clearly rushing through his head. Little boy

– And why did you refuse him? – asks Gabriel in the evening of this day in the Guild. Between us is a coffee table, a porcelain tea set I bought during my stay in China, and a vase with sherbet.

– He showed me a self-recording pen made by himself.

– I also studied at Hogwarts, I managed to make such a pen at the end of the third year, and starting from the fifth, I only bought parchments. I made the feathers and inks myself. And he is a 7-year student.

– Wait, those feathers that you sold for a shekel, starting from the fourth year, were created by you?

– Amazing. Do you know that a couple of them are still alive and writing?

– Those that bought the seventh course for the knut? I guess I put a couple of weaves in there with a backlog for everlasting use.

– The Hogwarts program was severely curtailed, Alice. Do you remember astronomy? We studied the stars, their influence on the life of the magician and how to navigate.

– Oh yes, you all slept, and then you owed me for the notes!

– Not without it, – Cook takes a sip. – I looked into the outline of Hardwin and found only half of the information that we were given. Astronomy, Alice! Muggles will soon fly into space, and we study the stars in order to build horoscopes! I ask you as a friend. In the first year, you managed to find collections of laws of England, to understand all the numerous precedents and turn everything around so as not to return to the Muggle world for seven years, with Dumbledore and Dippet alive.

I raise my eyebrows in the extreme degree of surprise, did anyone really notice?

– It was noticed by everyone who knew how to look, Cary, – Gabriel looks tiredly. – My cousin says that you have become one of the symbols of Ravenclaw, Parkinson puts you as an example to all Muggle-born at our faculty.

– And, of course, this is not written anywhere, – I smile and lean back in my chair, – I do not understand you, Gabriel, and I will not pretend that I understand. All my life I live by the principle "solve your problems yourself", and the guy takes the trouble for which I am not ready. I had three students up to the forty-seventh, each of them passed the theoretical exam, I was only required to train them "in field". I do not know what to teach and how. So let’s do this. If he comes to me after the delivery of TOAD, then I will sign a small student contract. When in England – I will test. The theory will pass next year.

– Does the exam do not need a thesis?

– Only at the last stage, after the Master declares that his student is ready.

– Sorry for mistrust, but isn’t it necessary to put together a simple artifact in the test section?

– It is necessary. But this is for those who are home schooled, and a small contract allows you to pass only knowledge of books.

– Good. Thank you, Cary. Where did you find this sort of tea?

Gabriel left only at ten o’clock in the morning. And I went to sleep.

Until the nearest full moon all my attention belonged to the thesis. For the hundredth time, I made corrections to calculations, drawings, and justifications, not forgetting to track the state of two magicians and two squibs. So far, they had nothing more than a head cold, but they had to be controlled.

The eighteenth of May was fussy. Tuesday night passed smoothly, and wizards and squibs could control their actions during the full moon and were well aware of what was happening.

The rest of May, I tracked the condition of the patients very meticulously. They had to move to the Guild hostel for the purity of observations and pass a couple of tests.

The sixteenth of June took place without the influence of the ritual, and even so, the Lycans were more peaceful and quiet than before. The results of numerous checks revealed a very unexpected result. What used to be a gene mutation at the cellular level, gradually formed into a more stable state. Simply put, with a probability of sixty percent regular use of the ritual will make of them werewolves, and the descendant will be born werewolf. But this is not conclusive.

Hardwin came to the guild on July 1st with the results of the exams. I was just collecting things to return to Nippur, my thesis was mailed to the Ritualistic Guild.

– Miss Carey? – he quietly called out to me, collecting personal items from the desk secretary.

– Oh, Mr. Dunbar! You did come, it was joyful. Two months later, it seemed to me that it was worth giving the guy a chance, so what are your goals?

– I read what you recommended during a personal conversation.

– I do not understand anything. I am confused in terms and concepts, and there is no one to ask advice.

– And you still want to learn from the Artefactor? Ritualists in England a lot.

– Yes. I want to learn from you.

– Then sign the contract – a sweeping flourish of the pen – great. Look here, this is a pair of notepads – one of yours, one of mine. In my writing a question, I write the answer. This is the first. The second. Here is a list of references in addition to the one I told you. Third. A list of artifacts that you should be able to create by the end of next year. Now, about your questions, if you do not understand what electrolysis is, the substitution reaction, etc., then here is the fourth list of books. Questions?

– Great, – I nod, look at the door, and the former student hesitates, – something else?

Hardwin quickly out and almost slam the door. Probably, I talked too little with fellow students and the current generation of British magicians to understand the reasons for their actions.

I shrug and finish the charges.

I have not so many things. Two bags and one backpack. Well, first in Nippur, leave there all the materials, books and a couple of souvenirs, and then we will wait for a message with the date of protection.

And just closing the door behind me and throwing the bags, I felt how tired I was. The light colors of the hall relax the eyes, a light breeze blows the face pleasantly, and I understand that I have returned home.

The first day of waiting, I dedicate to the fact that I put first order in the house, then in the private rooms and arrange all the materials in the library. On the second day, I first go to the market for shopping, because there are only bread crumbs left in the house, then I go to the local branch of the Guild, where I look at the bulletin board and as a result take an order for a self-playing flute. In the evening I bring the finished artifact and, along with the receipt of payment, I receive a letter from the Guild of Ritualists that the theoretical part is credited and they are waiting for me to demonstrate at the nearest full moon. Likana volunteer they will find.

Electrolysis near me

I have thirteen days to prepare, only I have no desire to prepare. I want to be lazy. I wonder what is Tedas doing now?

Tedas heller was thereby "krovnik"I sent a part of my research on the problem of lycanthropy. We met at the general assembly of all the Guilds, which takes place every five years. My friend from China brought us together. Talked about the compatibility of Blood Magic and Artefacts. He explained why blood binding does not always relate to the section of magic that he studied; I explained the fundamental difference between runic artifacts and others. We drank, danced, talked on more personal topics. We agreed to meet again, because the next day we both had to get up early and went away. Imagine my surprise when I met Tedas at a conditional gathering place for members of an expedition in one of the far corners of Africa! After that, we had a very tumultuous affair, which brought both not only sensual pleasure, but also good exercise for the mind. I used it to construct a couple of experimental compasses, we divided the profit from the patent in two, he brought to mind some of his developments for some organization. We didn’t break up right away, just once we realized that for each of us work comes first and not the other person.

Frankly, this reason was the only one in all my breaks. Maybe I didn’t communicate with those men, but they were all set up for a family with a patriarchal structure, but I wasn’t ready for it. And the moment they started sending signals for possible engagement and limited my freedom of action, conflicts began. As a result, the relationship broke up, and we remained good if friends.

However, Thedas was a pleasant exception. To begin, at least, with the fact that he lasted not for a month and a half, but as many as three, and finish with his empathy. Upon close acquaintance, it turned out that Heller is a weak empath. He senses the emotions of not all the people around him, but only those he focuses on. He was pleased to be with me, talk, communicate and have sex, it is interesting to study me and my reactions to various situations, to have fun traveling with me on an expedition. And then his attention was captured by another talented witch from "necro" and he broke up with me. Agnes threw Tedas a month later, falling in love with his student, and six months ago they had a wedding.

Heller was busy trying to get permission from the Guild to test a new method of dealing with lycanthropy. It was a long time. The Blood Guild is one of the most bureaucratic organizations on an international scale, for the simple reason that in half of the countries it was banned and in the rest of its activities it was controlled by the Church. In order to become a Master, it was necessary to pass a theoretical and practical exam, as well as a law, examination of the Church and pass an interview. The second smallest guild. Only the Necromancers are worse off, they are taken there only if there is a gift, and there will be about ten of such people for the entire population. After the war, however, they have replenishment and now they have five Masters and twenty Disciples, but it is doubtful that in the near future new carriers of this gift will appear.

As a result, until the sixteenth, I sat in Nippur and worked on orders, sometimes getting out to the sea to rest and swim. Protection was even easier than I expected. Three hours of preparation, one night vigil, a couple of dozens of questions, several tricky moments from the examiners and at ten o’clock in the morning I was given a diploma of the Master of Ritualism, I signed a deed of gift for the ritual and we disagreed with each other.

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