Eczema Essential Oil

Oregano ordinary

Perennial herb that is used in traditional medicine as an expectorant, secretory, carminative, bactericidal, antihistamine, diaphoretic, sedative.

Useful properties and contraindications of oregano are well studied. The Latin name “origanum” came from the Greek language and translates as “the joy of the mountains.” In ancient Greece, grass was treated with toothache and headache, used as an antidote for poisonous animal bites and poisoning, for healing wounds. In Russia, it was affectionately called “motherboard”, “swan”, and also called “grass of love” and often used as a love potion, they made kvass from it. And in Europe, grass was made from aromatic beer.

Features of the plant

Growing area

Oregano, or oregano in natural conditions is found everywhere, throughout Europe, especially in South and Central. Its homeland is considered the Mediterranean basin. In Russia, the grass does not take root only in the Far East and the Far North. Oregano loves dry and floodplain meadows, valleys, and the slopes of beams; it also grows on forest edges and glades, in scrublands, at the edges of field roads.

Botanical description

Oregano ordinary. Botanical illustration from the book “The Bilder ur Nordens Flora” by K. A. M. Lindman, 1917–1926.

Oregano does not like clay, acidic soils. On these soils, it almost does not grow or develops weakly.

  • Root. Creeping, with many branches.
  • The stalk. Up to 90 cm high. Upright, with four sides, branched on top, green or purple.
  • Leaves . Oblong in shape, pubescent, at the top of the stem, the tips of the leaves are pointed, 2 to 4 cm long, darker above, lighter below.
  • Flowers Grow in the form of inflorescences, sprawling panicles. Flowers are small, pink-purple.
  • Fruits. In the form of a calyx with four nuts, brownish in color.

Eczema Essential Oil

If you rub flowers and leaves of the motherboard, a pleasant, expressive smell appears. Herb has astringent, bitter-spicy taste.

Growing and harvesting

It is recommended to harvest the plant after the second year of the growing season, then the content of useful substances in the leaves and flowers increases.

  • Growing up. Motherboard refers to unpretentious plants. It can even be grown in boxes on the balcony. It is well acclimatized in the garden plots, in the garden, it is not afraid of drought and frost, it can grow on any soil, with the exception of damp places, acidic soils. It is necessary to plant grass in a sunny place, it is possible to sow both in spring and in early autumn. You can prepare seedlings, sowing seeds in March, then there is a high probability that the mother will bloom in the first year. If the seeds are sown immediately in the ground, flowering will be only next year. During growth, oregano should not be poured with water or, conversely, overdried the soil, otherwise the content of essential oils will decrease. At one place the grass can grow for a long time – up to 25 years.
  • Collection The tops of the stems, along with the inflorescences and leaves (height up to 20 cm), are cut with a knife. The grass blooms from June to August, but experienced herbalists recommend collecting the motherboard at the beginning of the mass flowering.
  • Making oregano essential oil. To obtain the essential oil use fresh raw materials, which are processed using hydrodistillation.
  • Drying Rough stems are best to break off, because they have the least valuable substances. Dry oregano in the open air, but in the shade. It is important that the plant does not fall under the open rays of the sun and does not overheat. It is necessary to dry at a temperature not higher than 35 ° C, otherwise useful substances will evaporate.
  • Storage Dry raw materials are packed in thick canvas bags, wooden boxes. They are stored in a dry and cool place. The motherboard also needs to be kept separate from other herbs, as they can absorb its scent. You can thresh dry motherboard, pulling out all the coarse branches. The threshed grass is placed in glass jars, tightly closed. In this form, it can be stored for 3 years.

In Russia, oregano for industrial purposes is cultivated a little. But, for example, in France and the USA – this is a popular agriculture, which is used in the food industry and pharmacology.

Healing action and application

For medicinal purposes, flowers and the upper leaves of the plant are used. They are used to treat a number of chronic and acute diseases as a tonic, tonic, sedative, anticonvulsant.

  • What is useful oregano? The most valuable in the grass is thymol, geranyl acetate, carvacrol. In the upper leaves a lot of ascorbic acid, it is much smaller in color and very little in the stems. It also contains tannins, free spirits, flavonoids.
  • Oregano from cough, inflammation of the throat and mucous membranes of the mouth. The herb is effective in ARVI, flu, bronchitis and pneumonia, and acts as an expectorant. Also, her decoctions can gargle, make inhalations for pharyngitis, laryngitis, hoarse voice. In stomatitis and gingivitis, the motherboard acts as a natural antiseptic, promotes rapid healing of wounds on the mucous membrane, eliminates unpleasant smell from the mouth.
  • In diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The use of herbs oregano is effective in atonic constipation, when the peristalsis is disturbed, the susceptibility of the nerve endings of the intestinal mucosa. Broths and infusions of grass increase muscle tone of the intestine, gastric secretion (increase acidity), normalize appetite, relieve intestinal spasms, promote the removal of gases, help with inflammation of the gallbladder and biliary tract. Oregano well disinfects the digestive tract, acts as an anthelmintic, stimulates the pancreas.
  • With skin diseases. Chronic dermatosis, eczema, diaper rash, purulent inflammations, boils are well treated with lotions from the decoctions of the motherboard. You can also take a bath with the addition of decoctions.
  • When nervous disorders. Essential oils of the motherboard act as a sedative, have a slight sedative effect. When neurosis, stress, convulsions, epileptic seizures, insomnia, depressed, increased sexual excitability is useful to drink tea with the motherboard.

In addition to traditional medicine, oregano is used in the food and perfume industry, in cosmetology. It is also an ornamental plant and decorates with its color and odor household plots and front gardens.

Use in gynecology

Oregano – female grass. It is used to treat gynecological diseases. What is important to know?

  • Oregano during pregnancy. It is strictly prohibited decoctions for use inside and douching. This will be explained by the fact that the grass tones up the smooth muscles of the uterus, this can lead to its contraction and miscarriage.
  • Oregano with the delay of menstruation. Broths and infusions of herbs provoke menstruation with their delay. Self-treatment is not recommended for menstrual cycle failures. It is necessary to undergo an examination and find out the reason for regular delays.
  • With painful menstruation and in menopause. Oregano acts as a sedative, relieves spasms and pain, levels the emotional state during menopause. Oregano is often used in gynecology in the component of fees, which usually includes: nettle, knotweed, elecampane, radiola, yarrow, dogrose.

In the people it was believed that the female herb can not drink to men. It was believed that men lose their potency during long-term use of oregano. This opinion remains at the level of myth. The effect of herbs on sexual potency has not been proven.

Medicinal forms of oregano

On the basis of oregano prepare decoctions, infusions, teas, essential oil.

  • Decoction. To prepare the broth will need: 1 tbsp. spoon of oregano and 200 ml of boiling water. Grass insist 30 minutes, filter, take before meals for ½ cup.
  • Infusion. It is recommended to insist the motherboard in a thermos so that the grass retains the essential oils. For the preparation of infusion take 2 tbsp. spoons of raw materials and 2 cups boiling water. Insist 3 hours, take 4 times a day for a tablespoon before meals. Store infusion can be 2 days.
  • Tea Dried flowers and leaves of oregano are added to ordinary tea, which gives it aroma and improves its taste. You can make tea with oregano and thyme. Sometimes erroneous information is found that oregano and thyme are one and the same. They belong to the same family, are similar in their chemical composition and healing properties, but still they are different herbs. Chamomile and sage are also added to the herbal mixture of thyme and oregano.
  • Use in cooking. Dushitsu is often referred not to medicinal herbs, but to spices that enrich culinary dishes with exquisite flavors. In popularity, it is inferior except marjoram. Oregano is especially esteemed at home – in Italy. Here the herb is used as a seasoning for meat, tomato sauces, added to soups, spaghetti, pizza, vegetables. The unique taste creates a mixture of oregano, basil, thyme (thyme) and rosemary.
  • The use of essential oil of oregano. The oil may be colorless or have a yellowish color, it has a strong smell and spicy taste. Carvacrol, which is contained in the essential oil, is a natural antibiotic and also has antihistamine properties. Essential oil is used to treat skin diseases, in cosmetology, with nervous disorders, respiratory diseases, and as an anesthetic for toothache.
  • Baths. They are used for nervous disorders as a sedative, as well as for skin rashes to relieve inflammation and itching. For the solution you will need: 200 g of dry raw materials and 3 liters of water. The grass is brought to a boil and left in a water bath for 20 minutes. Then filtered and poured into a bath with warm water.

Motherboard is often part of the chest, diuretic, diaphoretic, lactational, carminant fees.

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