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Eco-bags, paper and cotton towels and other household goods from DeLaMark

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Paper towels, kotonovy kitchen towels, bags made of ecological non-woven, recycled cellulose toilet paper here. Household goods must be safe, so we present you the best helpers. Made from eco-friendly raw materials, they are friendly to the health of people and the environment. Moreover, domestic production favorably reduces the so-called transport goods. This has a positive effect on the condition of the air – it reduces its pollution. Caring for the environment, we develop healthy environmental thinking.

DeLaMark paper towels

We all understand that hundreds of trees are cut down every day for various needs, including paper making. It turns out that we pay too high a price for the need for cleanliness and hygiene – we destroy the “green lungs” of the Earth. On the other hand, discarding disposable paper products also does not make sense. One of the simplest and environmentally acceptable solutions is to use recycled materials. Waste paper is recycled pulp, which in its hygienic and hygroscopic characteristics is not inferior to wood.

Eco paper towels

Ukrainian company DeLaMark manufactures its paper products according to strict standards of international class. This is a great solution for both the customer and the environment. Bleached without adding chlorine, but only with the help of technological processes and the action of active oxygen, these paper towels are similar to those made from cellulose and have aggressive components in their composition. The absence of any odors, dyes indicates the versatility of the product – it is suitable for people with sensitive skin, babies with allergies.

Kitchen towels DeLaMark

The best helpers in the kitchen have a variety of towels and napkins. People choose disposable paper towels or durable fabric. The first ones are advantageous in that they are as hygienic as possible: the use of disposable products is especially desirable in places of large crowds of people – hotels, restaurants, offices. But, multiple cotton towels can be washed many times, especially if they are made of quality material with a steady color. These products are more economical, both financially and ecologically: they reduce their “ecological footprint” and conserve the resources of the planet.

Wafer weaving – one of the most interesting and beneficial in daily use. Kotonovye towels with waffle cloth to wipe perfectly kitchen furniture, leaving no villus, dust and water. Sustained staining of all products DeLaMark will provide the joy of using them for a very long time. Design print on colored inserts with cotton creates a harmonious ensemble with the main background of each towel. You can choose a set of three themed towels with the same stripes and permanently decorate your interior.

Non-woven eco-bags DeLaMark

Spunbond (non-woven) is allowed to come into contact with food, so even unpacked apples or bread can be carried in these bags. The widespread use of non-woven semi-synthetic material is the agro-industry (known for the cultivation of various crops), the medical field (sewing gowns, personal hygiene products). It looks like an improved paper spunbond does not form toxic compounds under the action of solar radiation, air, water. You can dispose of it in the usual way.

Non-woven bags are extremely durable, beautiful and ecological. They can be taken on a long journey, since the spunbond can withstand repeated flexion-extension and does not lose aesthetic properties. You can tightly roll up and pack your bag in a backpack, then get at the right time – it will be like new. Flizelinovye bags of different colors, with the patriotic inscription “I love Ukraine” in English will be useful in various life situations. Walking with children, crazy shopping, going to the beach or standard shopping with a comfortable and fashionable bag is a real pleasure.

Toilet paper DeLaMark

Two-layer perforated paper has a very delicate texture, bleached without chlorine in the composition, not flavored, without dyes, therefore, hypoallergenic, non-toxic, safe for people and the environment. This toilet paper is made from recycled cellulose, however, in quality, it is not inferior to its counterpart from wood. The company DeLaMark cares about the preservation of nature, so not a single tree was damaged in the manufacture of their paper products. Like cardboard packaging, it is completely biodegradable, since it is made from recycled waste paper.

Eco paper towels

Cardboard sleeves inside each roll of toilet paper are also environmentally friendly: they can be added to compost, recycled, or given to children for great crafts — they know exactly what can be done this time! You can do the same with cardboard box. Each pack contains six rolls of paper. This amount will be convenient for home, office, restaurant or hotel. When ordering one or more boxes, we reduce transportation costs, therefore we care about our well-being and the state of the environment.

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