Early signs of ms


Every woman is interested in what signs will help to independently determine the presence of pregnancy at different stages of its development: from the moment of conception to the delay of menstruation, immediately after that and beyond.

The likelihood of having a baby both pleases and simultaneously bothers a woman. And if pregnancy was not planned, then an unexpected “zalet” can be a big problem. Even if the expectant mother is already fully prepared for such a step, she is still anxious how the gestation will proceed, if it will not be too hard for her from the very first days of waiting for replenishment.

Regardless of whether a pregnancy is planned or random, its manifestations are always the same.

A trip to the doctor is the surest way to determine pregnancy. However, there are many other signs by which you can independently determine this condition before it is officially confirmed.

The first signs of pregnancy in the early stages

  • Violation of the menstrual cycle and the delay of menstruation – this is perhaps the most important symptom, which is the reason for the assumption of conception. Repeating from this fact is only for women whose menstrual cycle is always regular.
  • An increase in size and quite strong breast soreness (it can be painful to even touch it).

Breast augmentation is due to changes in hormonal levels in the mammary glands. After all, the breast of the mother is preparing to feed the baby from the very first days of conception. Therefore, even in the early stages of women, a thick white substance can be released from the breast – this is colostrum. Darkening of the skin around the nipples may also indicate pregnancy.

Some women, being in position, do not feel any discomfort in the breasts. And before the onset of menstruation, on the contrary, they wonder why the breast does not grow and does not hurt.

  • Frequent urge to urinate, due to the pressure of the enlarged uterus on the bladder.
  • Toxicosis, that is, nausea and possibly vomiting. Full aversion to odors and increased salivation.

Changing taste preferences. During pregnancy in women it is very pronounced, especially if there is a shortage of any substances in the body. So, many pregnant women have a predilection for inedible products, such as chalk, earth, and so on.

  • Increased drowsiness, decreased activity, attention and memory impairment.

Any changes in the body and the first signs of pregnancy in the early stages of each woman perceives differently. It is important to understand that all these are generalized and averaged signs that appear in women due to hormonal changes in the body. In some women, they manifest themselves, while others learn about the occurrence of pregnancy only by the absence of menstruation (in very rare cases, menstruation can even go a few more months).

Exact methods for determining pregnancy

  • Examination of the uterus by a gynecologist, who by touch determines the presence of the embryo and its position.
  • Listening to baby’s heartbeat with a stethoscope. Starting from the 20th week of pregnancy and until the end of the gestation period, the doctor regularly performs this procedure to ensure the normal heart rhythm of the child in the womb.
  • The state of the fetus, its development and location, the gynecologist determines using ultrasound. This is the most accurate and reliable method of diagnosis.
  • A blood test for the level of pregnancy hormone – hCG, which will not only help to dispel all doubts, but also to establish the approximate duration of pregnancy.

How quickly do the first signs of pregnancy appear?

  • Some sensations may even appear several hours after fertilization. This is a slight discomfort in the uterine region, a kind of slight swelling, a feeling that something is “interfering” there. This is due to an increase in blood flow to the pelvic organs. Most women feel the uterus from the very first days of fertilization.

In the second trimester of pregnancy, hemorrhoids may appear under the pressure of a growing fetus. Some women, especially those who give birth not for the first time, encounter this problem in the first weeks of pregnancy.

  • Many suffer from constipation, or vice versa, frequent disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, the very next day, a slight increase in body temperature is possible. Because of this, a woman sometimes thinks she has a little cold.
  • In the first three months of pregnancy in women stably increased body temperature and fatigue.

Although many women in this period are really prone to catarrhal diseases. This is due to reduced immunity. Most often, patients complain of sore throat, frequent sneezing and

Sharp changes in body temperature, so to speak, throws it into heat, then into cold. This is due to increased body temperature in the first trimester, as mentioned above, as well as low blood pressure. Such drastic changes may even appear on the face as a slight reddening of the skin.

  • The so-called basal temperature, which is measured, without getting out of bed after sleep in the rectum. (Before measuring, be sure to lie at least 6 hours). If the basal temperature is consistently elevated for 3 weeks, there is no doubt that you are pregnant.
  • If you see small brownish spots on underwear, this is also one of the early signs of pregnancy. it implant selection, which are among the very first signs of early pregnancy. During the first two weeks, the embryo is attached to the uterine wall in the uterus. Some women in this period begin a little bleeding, others – it happens without a trace.

Also, a small discharge can be observed during the survival of the ovum on the wall of the uterus. Such a creamy consistency has a light pink or yellow hue. They may appear after the delay of menstruation. In this case, an urgent need to consult a doctor to eliminate the risk of miscarriage.

Discharges of this nature can be triggered by cervical erosion, which is more inflamed during pregnancy. Due to enhanced blood circulation, the lining of the vaginal part of the cervix acquires a scarlet hue and begins to bleed at the slightest contact. White discharge during pregnancy may indicate the presence of an infection or fungus.

The increased amount of secretions from the vagina due to increased blood supply to the pelvic organs. Due to the high content of hydrogen ions, which is typical for pregnant women, the future mother’s body is protected from the penetration of pathogenic microflora. At the same time, such an environment is ideal for the reproduction of fungal infections, primarily candida. To prevent fetal infection and tissue rupture during labor, this disease should be treated immediately after it is detected.

  • Insomnia. Restless sleep, frequent waking up in the middle of the night and feeling of weakness in the morning – many women say.
  • Low back pain in the form of light lumbago may also indicate future replenishment. For many women, such pains may be disturbed throughout the entire period of pregnancy.
  • Elevated levels of hormones in the blood cause headaches and migraines. This is an indirect sign of pregnancy, which disappears in most cases after the end of the first trimester.
  • Disorders of the digestive system, frequent abdominal distention and gas accumulation. In the body of any person in the process of digestion accumulate gases in the intestine. In pregnant women, this organ becomes less active, resulting in impaired peristalsis and the promotion of its contents.

This is a consequence of constipation and bloating, which is typical for pregnant women. As a result of changes in the hormonal background, the blood filling of the blood vessels increases, which leads to a slight swelling of the intestinal vascular walls.

What will happen in about a week?

The following signs confirm pregnancy in just a week (the first month). Perhaps they will be:

  • fatigue, weakness, desire to lie down and apathy are frequent signs of pregnancy. Due to increased progesterone in the blood, the woman becomes irritable, depressed and lethargic.
  • the appearance or increase in the number of acne on the face.
  • slight soreness in the lower abdomen on days when menstruation should begin. It may be tingling in the area of ​​the uterus.

All these manifestations encourage a woman to consult a doctor or at least to do a pregnancy test.

What more to expect?

Further manifestations of pregnancy are rather unpleasant, and each woman has its own nature of flow, depending on how prepared the body is to conceive a child.

  • Frequent vomiting, nausea, chest pain, constant fatigue, low back pain, and drowsiness are the most common signs that many people have throughout pregnancy.
  • Pain in the gastrocnemius muscles, cramps, increased pigmentation, the appearance of spider-shaped veins in the chest area and nasal congestion with subsequent bleeding are unusual signs of pregnancy.

Pregnancy after ovulation

During ovulation, the mature egg is fully prepared for fertilization. It is during this period, the highest probability of fertilization.

Once ovulation ends, the chances of getting pregnant are almost nil. In medical practice, this period is called “absolute infertility.” Ovulation divides the menstrual cycle into two parts – this is the period of formation of the corpus luteum and the period of the vital activity of the egg, which lasts no more than a day. In the phase of development of the corpus luteum fertilization is impossible.

Signs of "color pregnancy"

Quite often there are cases when a woman bears a child and does not even know about it, while menstruation is on schedule. This phenomenon can last for several months, after which the menstruation gradually stops. About the joyful news a woman learns already when she is 3-4 months pregnant. Often such cases may indicate a threat of miscarriage or other gynecological disorders.

Signs of a Multiple Pregnancy

You can define this fact yourself:

  • A bright strip on the dough indicates a high level of the hormone HCG, which may indicate the development of two or three embryos.
  • Strong toxicosis is not a clear sign, since it is possible even in singleton pregnancy.
  • Genealogical history. Couples in the family who have had twins or triplets are more likely to have multiple pregnancies.
  • Doppler study, which can determine the presence of multiple pulses.
  • AFP test. If his results go beyond the normal range, there is a chance that you are carrying twins or triplets.

The first signs of the sex of pregnancy in the early stages

There are many beliefs that help pregnant women determine the sex of the child.

  1. A woman who bears a girl eats a lot of sweet. The movement of the fetus in this case is noted more on the left side. The strip on the abdomen runs from the left of the navel.
  2. During pregnancy, the boy has a frequent heartbeat in the fetus, a stir and movement of the strip to the right.
  3. A woman who bears a boy prefers more salty food.

In addition, many women think that during breastfeeding, pregnancy is excluded. But this is not the case at all! Of course, the probability of fertilization in the first six months after birth is very small, but still, there is.

Signs of pregnancy during lactation

  1. The volume of milk production decreases, since most of the body’s energy is spent on the development of the onset of pregnancy.
  2. The appearance of discomfort in the mammary glands and swelling of the breast.
  3. Milk changes its taste, as a result of this, the baby may refuse to breastfeed.

Publisher: Marianna Pavlei

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Hello I have a situation like this. With a man, sex took place in the last 2 days of menstruation. Then a week later. After the last 9 days have passed. Pace. Rose from 37 to 38.5. Nauseous start. Here I think whether she could get pregnant or just a substitute. Nothing hurts. In the lower abdomen rages. The chest has not changed. Only the color of the urine brightened significantly. Until critical days, another 2 weeks. And although the cycle loses constantly. But he carried his foreheads and vice versa. Shrinking. Could you tell me if this could be a flight? I’d love to))

Maria, 2016-01-26 20:52:12:

The young man finished in me, and I have periods? What are the chances of me getting pregnant?

Hello, can I get pregnant? On the 19th I had sex, my husband naturally finished in me, and the next day I pulled out

Hello, help me, please, my 17th day was monthly this month is now the second day of daub, what can it be, please tell me&# 128550;&# 128550;

After conception 2 weeks have passed I feel pain in the lower abdomen and the temperature rises

What is ovulation?

Almira, 2015-11-06 12:28:42:

Hello, I have to be monthly on the 8th of November. By my count, ovulation should be October 25th.

Hello everyone, I’m not much at a loss in your answer, please help. Today I slept with my boyfriend and the day I started to feel sick and pull on vomiting what it may be and what the signs of the month were two weeks ago

Elvira, 2015-09-12 14:09:48:

Hi girls, I have a question. I slept with a guy a month and a half ago, but I have monthly delays, but there are no signs of pregnancy as it is clear

Hello. I have this situation. Sexual intercourse was July 18th. July 24 were the monthly days, as expected in the 20s, lasted 4-5 days as always. August 9 was on the beach, I think overheated,

Hello! On the last day of the month, was PA, my MCH finished in me! On the third day, my stomach hurts terribly! I don’t want to get up from the couch! The discharge is small! Could you tell me if this could be a pregnancy!

Hello, tell me what to do and what to think. When I slept with my husband, it took about 2-3 weeks and my abdominal distention and during my monthly periods really hurt my stomach. what to think I do not know, please tell me ??))

I have 2 days delay and both days drop by drop on the strip pink discharge, what could it be?

Monthly came with a delay of 4 days, 1 number should have come. 1 day was a week after intercourse. Did the test, negative. Breasts began to swell, 4 numbers came months, the symptoms were as always the same. But on the 2nd day of menstruation, I began to feel sick, and my period also goes. My chest hurts so much, it hurts on my stomach, although this hasn’t happened before, because it hurt so much. And besides, the monthly go not like before. Brownish color, and some kind of mucus start, not clots, namely mucus. I do not know what it is, please tell me.

Monthly came with a delay of 4 days, 1 number should have come. 1 day was a week after intercourse. Did the test, negative. Breasts began to swell, 4 numbers came months, the symptoms were as always the same. But on the 2nd day of menstruation, I began to feel sick, and my period also goes. My chest hurts so much, it hurts on my stomach, although this hasn’t happened before, because it hurt so much. And besides, the monthly go not like before. Brownish color, and some kind of mucus start, not clots, namely mucus. I do not know what it is, please tell me.

Monthly came with a delay of 4 days, 1 number should have come. 1 day was a week after intercourse. Did the test, negative. Breasts began to swell, 4 numbers came months, the symptoms were as always the same. But on the 2nd day of menstruation, I began to feel sick, and my period also goes. My chest hurts so much, it hurts on my stomach, although this hasn’t happened before, because it hurt so much. And besides, the monthly go not like before. Brownish color, and some kind of mucus start, not clots, namely mucus. I do not know what it is, please tell me.

Luba, the problem is that the symptoms of the approaching menstrual period and the symptoms of pregnancy are similar. But if you hope that your answer to your question is here, that, yes, you are ironically pregnant, then nothing)))) do a test, donate blood for hcch.

tell me

I want this to be a delay due to pregnancy. You are welcome. Really want to. I do not want menstruation. (((

Lena is 35 years old, 2015-03-22 23:03:44:

I’m waiting for the baby too. but dare to go to the pharmacy and buy a pregnancy test. I’m afraid of something unexpected. Now 2 days delay has passed and this is the first time ever. tried in the middle of the cycle. in a day .. I got 4 times in a month. after the PA, it also became a birch and stood 5 minutes. then diaphragmatic breathing. before .. took a warm shower. to disperse the blood immediately strong became white discharge. for 3 days all the time to the toilet like. pulled the stomach and in general the back hurts all the time. dizziness, headache pain in the legs and weakness. taste preferences have changed. and dramatically in a week. I don’t want coffee at all .. (I drank coffee all the time) .. I want berries. and acids (jam from currants, tomato juice). I wanted fatty fish and eggs. I can not believe that for 1 n time. and after a long break. in 2 years almost. menstruation was stable. and they always were. there was no such thing. not yet. but I will wait another week. I hope that in a week they will not.) I have to say practically nothing to menstruation. even travel and drastic climate change. Well, it is difficult to influence if you are not yet (from the age of 40) and you have not suffered serious inflammations of uterine cancer, etc., and you are not fond of artificially produced hormones.

I had a pc with mch and he finished in me, then after 4 days the cd began with a delay of 1 day. Only 3 days passed instead of 5 days. After that, nausea attacks began, the lower abdomen hurts, it happens and it tingles, it starts to eat a lot of especially salty. Abdomen grows, sluggish condition. Tests show negative. I hope that pregnant all the same.

Marina, 2015-03-19 17:34:41:

glove turns nauseous breasts sore getting on the whole sometimes strong appetite and menstruation go say it could be pregnancy

Lariska, 2015-03-15 00:01:26:

I also wanted to sleep terribly. At work, she simply poked her nose in front of a computer monitor. Fortunately, on Medynskaya 9, right next to the work was the clinic where I turned with dizziness. There I was delighted))

Karina, 2015-02-18 14:13:51:

Hello everyone, I am only 16 and we and our beloved guys decided to have a baby, but after three days nothing happens after the birth only in the sense of incomprehensible sensations, it means that I am pregnant or not who I can say I don’t have any signs of pregnancy but we guys think that I’m pregnant and what sensations should be

Hello, the same thing hurts me, lower abdomen, but the test does not show only negatively. u already a week how do i feel no matter? I would like a kid of course but don `t know what happened to me

Stonestone, 2015-01-19 15:15:54:

I have the very first sign

girls help. ms started

Hi girls. Can someone

Kristina, 2014-12-16 21:13:24:

Girls, please tell me. this month, immediately after ovulation, my chest and lower abdomen began to hurt .. I suffer from PMS, but usually a week before the CD, and this time it started in 17

Sternbeard, 2014-12-15 10:45:27:

I have been sick for two days already and my mouth has been foolish and then I can recognize my weakness, I have an urgent urine

I have been sick for two days already and my mouth has been foolish and then I can recognize my weakness, I have an urgent urine

What does nausea and circling mean

Hello, tell me please, on the 4th day of the month was PA he finished in me. On day 3 after I was very sick and dizzy, very

Hi, my chest hurts and my loins are very up to menstruation for another 5-6 days. PA happens every day my husband has been cumming for 1.5 months already. I don’t feel sick to eat constipation my appetite can it be a pregnancy, this is very urgently waiting for an answer.

Violetta, 2014-11-20 23:57:11:

Hello everyone * I want to know that this is a pregnancy or a disease! On the 17th I was at the gynecologist, she said that I was ovulating, and the fact that I am healthy, until that day my boyfriend was finishing up two days, and they decided to try this day , after sex, I lay down for at least 20 minutes and bathed but didn’t go to the toilet, woke up in the morning because I wanted to write, and picked up brownish excretion, but they were only half a day even less, there was no such thing, I started to ache as if before a month, but not so much, a little belly swelled up I go every hour and a half two, already tired) from yesterday, my nipples started to hurt if you press and your chest is pretty strong but not chest, and constantly the temperature is 37, it just feels bad, it hurts all the muscles, some weakness, mom thinks she could catch a cold, but what the feeling is somehow strange in the lower abdomen, it seems that cd will not go, and cd should be 27

Girls, everyone likes. Och I want lyalechka, sexual intercourse was 3 days ago, after how many days to do the test. Please answer very necessary.)))

Hello last PA was 3 days ago and since yesterday evening there was a strong nudity and was vomiting, please tell me what it means

Jannet, 2014-11-07 14:53:10:

Hello, I have three four days as I had to appear monthly, but instead my breasts swelled and my nipples hurt. The test showed two stripes, although the second weak strip was noticeable. Often I go to the toilet for a small appetite excellent. Do you think I’m pregnant. My husband and I are 6 months old waiting for my pregnancy, but she still didn’t come. But up to several days before menstruation, such symptoms are what I wrote above .. And now there are sharp pains and there are no months for a few days

Hello, my husband and I are trying to 5 months

Hello everyone, a little. It hurts the lower abdomen and is a little sick. I also have a chest showing inside the nipples where the pigment circle. What was this pregnancy but was a medical abortion 4. A year ago


Anastasia, 2014-10-20 11:24:56:

Can the loins hurt in the first days of pregnancy?


I have 6 months no monthly. There is no vomiting, two weeks of hunger, fatigue, and no desire to lie down. But the lower abdomen hurts, from inside is pushed, and the tummy grows tell me what to do. Thank you all for earlier !!

I could not delete my post to add something, so I copied it! I had a sign that I did not regard as a symptom! I wanted blood. yes, it is blood. Meat with blood only ate (although squeamish and never understood it) the husband pretended to say that he would soon start living animals to cut and drink blood. (by the way, after that he drove me for the dough))))) I waited so much for this that I didn’t understand when I really had to rejoice and not panic, but the men feel) and more, in the next cycle (after as I already learned about pregnancy) my period went back, I was examined, they did not find anything terrible, it is weak to God! Once again the apchs are on you. ))))

Girls, and I had a strange story, now I’ll tell you it! Two years was hindered at the baby, so wanted, there was no strength. with the husband tried as best they could, calculated everything, were examined. Well, everything is within the normal range. and baby is no and no. and here in the next cycle, for 2 weeks before the monsters the chest began to hurt, the discharge, the terrible zhor attacked, nausea and

Girls!! For those who are not planning a pregnancy and are afraid of her like fire, I want to write about my false experiences! Thank God I’m not pregnant! The guy and I are great, love each other, but we don’t want children and cannot afford financially. Yes, first of all I do not want. Neither to give birth, nor to bear, nor to nurse – it’s too early for me, my time has not come. So here. About the signs. They were a bunch! And the stomach ached and pulled, and the chest swelled and ached, not like before menstruation before, and the back in the loins ached without ceasing. The most interesting thing is that it all started much earlier than PMS: in about two weeks. I was terribly afraid: I prayed to all the saints, sobbed bitterly. Tests showed negative, but they can lie. My body really scared me. The only thing left"on my side" – this is intuition! Intuition, dear, indefatigably reassured that this can not be that you are still young, did not reach your mother)) thanks to her for it, at least something soothed me)) while the body persistently frightened me with pregnancy, not letting me sleep and think about something else. Monthly gone! I am extremely happy, I bought condoms and enjoy life without unwanted pregnancies and abortions) Girls, what I want to say. Our body, an infection, is unpredictable and often misleads us. I want to say one thing: do not suffer like me. Be protected. Do not torment your nervous system. If you do not care for the children and you want to live with a nice for yourself – do not risk. You can certainly make a medical abortion, now it is not a problem, but who wants to take such a sin on the soul. Anyone who wants to get pregnant – healthy children, not wanting – good luck and take care of your health

Good day, we want a baby, the first PA was a week before Oh, the second one was 1 day before Oh, the third was a day Oh, the next day after the supposed Oh, the chest started to hurt, the loin was aching so it couldn’t lie down, shot straight, and the temperature (T) from that day holds

hello please tell me who knows. A delay of 4 days checked 2 tests and both showed a second strip of spruce ate. can it beat pregnancy.

Please tell me what it can be: breasts and nipples have been sore for 2 weeks already, there is pain in the lower abdomen, as if something is stretching, until a couple of days, for the last six months there was no pain at all.

Hello .. Tell me please get in the hot water after sexual intercourse (it only takes two days) can I be pregnant?

Dear girls, future moms! I also have B. symptoms every month, but there are none. It seems this self-suggestion affects the body. Till M. 4-day. I am waiting for a gift from God! Good luck everyone!&# 128591;&# 128118;&# 128077;

Hello .. Tell me please get in the hot water after sexual intercourse (it only takes two days) can I be pregnant?

Deprived of his girlfriend, after that the sick is not 1 day. Is it worth worrying?

Hello! The loin is sore for a week. Months came a little nauseated that this might be necessary!)

Tatyana, 2014-07-25 17:50:17: I will scare you, Dear Tatyana. It may still be uterine fibroids.

And I’m still consuming (constipation) until now, is it possible pregnancy? Or not?

Hello! I have such a question, before the menstruation the loin was very sore, the menstruation went for 4 days, then it wasn’t, but with the PA there was a brown discharge and it went on for 3 days, now I feel nauseated and I don’t want anything sweet and fruit. and more .. Before the monthly days for 4 and after them I apologize ()

My chest swells a delay of 20 days.

Karinochka, 2014-09-15 13:16:02:

monthly must have been

Hello, help, please tell me if I am pregnant or not. I really need to worry. My back hurts. I can’t sit on the spot. I cannot weariness. I’m drowsy, I don’t eat at all, I often go to the toilet. Very often, my stomach hurts. Food tastes have changed. I can feel nauseous from smells, even nauseous moods change dramatically for tearfulness, but yesterday I checked it at night, and the test showed one strip and today’s periods went what could it be? :, (:(

Girls, in general I’m 22 years old. There was unprotected sexual intercourse and three times in a row my young man had finished with me. The last time I did not immediately

Katerina 89, 2014-09-10 16:42:46:

Hello! My chest is bleeding, the delay in the Ministry of Education is already three weeks, the test does not show anything, is this a sign of pregnancy?

Hello, I could not get pregnant for three years, but I noticed that for the month of August there were no periods, and today

It was still a week before menstruation, the day before yesterday was ovulation, sex was 3 days in a row, but today I left in an ambulance from the fact that I lost consciousness, and the pressure was normal, my throat and nausea, what could be ?!

Mom twice, 2014-09-07 16:43:53:

As it was terribly strong for me, I wanted to eat and sleep too. and acne gone others – not as usual. but I don’t want a third one). I don’t know whether it’s flown or not, but as I know that I’m writing to you, I will definitely write to you.

Hello, I am 19 years old! Monthly patients should have gone on September 1, but no, tell me, am I pregnant?

Hello. I have twice a month went monthly at the beginning and at the end. It becomes bad from a small dose of alcoholic drinks, often the stomach hurts, the temperature, the back, fatigue, the change of food hurts. Tell me please

On day 3 of menstruation there was unsafe sex, cycle 28


I have signs of being pregnant, at work I get tired very quickly. Nausea, my stomach hurts, sleepiness tends to, and I have more hard work and my monthly periods should go through

should be monthly August 29, 2014 they are not present. and today, September 1, well, my chest hurts and my stomach is tough

I bought an electronic test and set it up to six days before the month. He didn’t show me. I’ve been trying to pull out for a week. There was a discharge of brown. Yesterday until the month four days left, it could be

Hey. I have this situation, the delay is already 5 days and there are no symptoms that they will be gone. Almost every day a headache and nausea several times a day, but so far there is no vomiting. And periodically, the lower abdomen aches a bit, but not for a long time, just a couple of minutes, and then lets go. I did 2 pregnancy tests, one showed a positive result, but the strip was pale, and the second after 48 hours was negative. Tell me, what could it be?

Please tell me, the day after the end of the month was interrupted sexual intercourse. cum on pubis, but there was a lot of sperm! a week later, she had abundant white lingering discharge, frequent urging to the toilet, headaches, noticed that she had shaken pereolitically, now two weeks had passed until her period was still 9 days, I often go to the toilet, I feel lower back pain, it starts at night vomiting, that this self-hypnosis, or all the same signs of pregnancy? the chest is not swollen, but the labia are swollen.

Ekaterina, 2014-08-28 17:06:01:

I think that I am pregnant, sick, tired, and the test shows negatively (tell me what it is.

Krestina, 2014-08-28 16:14:42:

Help me please! I have this situation. On August 11th, the critical ones began on August 17th. The last 3-4 months cycle is stable. the husband really wants a child and since August 23 we have a stable sex life almost 2 times a day. Is pregnancy possible? There are no symptoms. thanks in advance for your reply

Hello, I am now on the stimulation of pregnancy, the PA was on the days of conception and I hope on the day of ovulation (I went to look at ovulation, the doctor did not see, she said to go to have sex) and now there are 3 days left until her period, pulling in the lower abdomen, my chest hurts, The test does not show, not nausea, what could it be, what would you advise to do?

Tatyana, 2014-08-27 02:20:01:

Interesting that you

Already literally a week after conception, drowsiness and nausea are light and tingling in the stomach, the back ached, I thought I was pregnant, and yesterday (that is, on the 13th day after conception) the menstrual periods began. offensively. although I read that some of them still have some time. Suddenly my case is one of those?

Hello) the second week of myasiaus is gone, every morning there is a slight pain in the stomach, but then it passes. As if I’m not ready for pregnancy, I hope that the menstruation will begin, but they don’t exist, the symptoms are only pain in the lower abdomen and back pain, and the body temperature is 37.3, the test has bought electronic ones, but I haven’t tried it yet. I hope that the menstruation will begin, what will you advise?

for sure. and I have exactly the signs. I will be a mother)

Natusik, 2014-08-14 23:33:18:

Hi, I’m new here. Help figure it out I do not know what to think. in June, she stopped drinking Diana-35 (she drank them for more than a year and took a break once) in June and July there were monthly periods, but in August there was a delay. on the 2nd day she passed the onalisation on B. -retretsitelno and the tests say the same thing, the delay is already 5 days, the lower back is pampering, the abdominal distention and I just want to sleep terribly all the time, don’t feel sick and the chest doesn’t hurt ( only for 3 months I felt nauseated and everything) I still want to love but it all scares me so scared I fear what kind of nebud (((How do you think such symptoms are similar? Tomorrow I stomp to the genecologist. scary (((

My situation is as follows. There was a delay of 2 weeks. Monthly passed as usual. For almost a week, she had shot out, but in a strange way her chest, ovaries, and back ached in a strange way. In general, everything is like during menstruation. So I think that this may be, I will go to the doctor only on the next one.

Hello Engaged in unprotected sex with her boyfriend, after the morning already began to hurt the stomach, not only from the bottom, but even higher. Nausea, but not always, closer to the night, vomiting was five times, the stomach does not go away for the third day, if only it calms down after vomiting for two minutes. The temperature is a little higher than usual, sorry (I was still panos2 times). Because of the pain in my stomach I can not sleep, I do not get up from bed

Good day! Girls, please tell me. The delay of 4 days was, on the second day I made two tests both positive, barely barely visible pink stripes, yesterday I did and today are negative. And now allocation, as if monthly, but never such were. Pink, and now I can not understand, I’m pregnant or not.

Tatyana, 2014-07-25 17:50:17:

I have a month now

The girls I had two weeks of delay did 4 tests the first test on day 2 after the delay showed two stripes! and all ostolnye too positive! Today was the doctor said that it is difficult to say I am pregnant or not, but Uzi said early to do. my back hurts and pulls my stomach before the expected date when the menstruation had to go, my chest was full and I was very sick, although I had never had such periods before, I was calm! How do I know if I’m pregnant or not?

Early signs of ms

Catherine, 2014-07-11 16:55:33:

Please tell me if I take birth control pills what percentage of what I suddenly get pregnant (with my husband do not want children yet)


Girls hello everyone! I have such a situation. Not long ago she was in the hospital in genicology, she was given a drip, after that she did the ultrasound, the doctor said that now all the propensity to conceive a child! She came home and immediately told her husband about it. the husband said that you should not waste time and start working on

but I have a strange story .. I felt that I was pregnant, I recovered, my lower abdomen was round, my chest increased, I did a lot of tests, everyone showed that there was no pregnancy. in the hospital they said no. I went to another hospital and they tell me that the term is 2.5 months. For me, it wasn’t a surprise, nooo. how they didn’t see it in the first hospital (and I went there many times) and why the tests themselves were so.

I had sex with my husband during menstruation. He finished me. The next day I did not have monthly! Send only a day! But a little! Already a week has passed there is a brown discharge. And the chest hurts kind of swells! Am I pregnant or not? I just really want to have a baby! I have one, but I want a second one.

GIRLS BUST swollen SUCH SITUATION BUT how strange ONE MORE TO ANOTHER WEAKNESS The JAR throws in a cold, smell reacts PULLS underbelly, STATE AS IF YESTERDAY dough was chilled / NEGATIVE .CHUVSTVUYU that something is wrong.

Inna, 2014-06-22 08:48:36: Of course it is possible, the body of each is individual. My friend had no signs at all until the 5th month (except for the delay). Do the test

Natalia, 2014-06-21 18:29:43: I wonder how you thought about pregnancy in general? Not finished, even during menstruation. funny straight. is it like from the air or what?

Pa was May 23rd and now the month has passed exactly, but the monthly ones do not go. although no sign of pregnancy

Natalia, 2014-06-21 18:29:43:

My boyfriend left me virginity during the ministry, but did not finish. Is there any chance that I could get pregnant? Some signs are the same

I am 16 and today suddenly my lower stomach got sick from 2 of my sex 11 days have passed and today it has just started to hurt. It hurts to walk. I’m afraid that mom will ask what happened. What do I do? I am trying to lie so that the pain has gone through the loss of appetite

I had critical days, ended and was PA, two weeks later there was a sharp pain in the lower abdomen and an hour later bloody

I’m 16 and I think I’m pregnant, I don’t know what to do. Tell me that do not be, please.

Simonochka, 2014-06-09 14:34:35:

Girls, I’m not waiting, I really want a baby, up to 3 days M, was PA to O several times. Oh, it was May 31, the third day pulls the stomach, and occasionally shows a little, dizzy, I want to sleep and eat)) I have no UTB in general. When do testik ??

I have a nausea, drowsiness test I tried 2 Anya the strip was hardly more visible today was a little a month so that pregnancy or not tell me!

There is a possibility of pregnancy

Hello my dear. I had all the symptoms, but every time I’m mistaken, maybe I’m suggesting to myself? And this month, all one to one, waiting again

If there are all signs of pregnancy, but the ultrasound is not visible, a high probability of ectopic.

the stranger, 2014-05-28 08:19:14:

Delay 2 weeks afraid to do a test

It has been 2 weeks after conception, all the signs are there, but this has already happened and was not pregnant, now at 2 the sicker is worse, especially in the evenings, I cannot sleep on my stomach, my chest swelled. What to do and what to think I do not know! (

1 day delay, not clear condition. Chest hurts, mood swings. Could this be a pregnancy?

Today was with my husband for an ultrasound. They said that she was not pregnant, but there were all the signs, even the brown discharge and nipples were aching. The husband says she is a fool and does not know nichrome. What should I think? By gynecologist just signed up.

The pharmacy sells grass. HORSE UTERCA is a very good herb. It helps to get pregnant.

Hello everyone) today is 7m days as a guy in me "put a stick"=) 19-20 numbers should have gone CD, but today it is already 24 numbers, but they are not there, the underbelly pulls a bit, swells up, does not get sick, and vomit just a little bit at night but I do not vomit, everyone started to shake me, for example my best friend, she shakes me the 2nd day, but I quickly leave and start laughing with her, and the guy so I got him at all, did the test but not what, but still early too, what do you think? Am I pregnant or not?

Hello, I’ve been delayed for two weeks already, my chest hurts a lot, my lower stomach is very strong and it draws, all the tests are positive, but the fact is that the second line is not very clear, she went to her doctor, she looked at me until she could see , here on Monday for an ultrasound. I really want that there was a little tot. Do you think I might be pregnant?

girls, help! May 5 was sex, May 25 should be critical

Hello everyone, I really want to get pregnant all the signs are the same 10 days delay plan to know the blood for confidence because 7 years does not protect and then you can’t even believe it honestly thank you very much for the advice God forbid how everyone has said it will be good luck to everyone

We plan about a year of pregnancy. All as not get it. This time, what happened to me exactly 13 days after the monthly period, they whispered me like cigarettes as headstocks. And now all these weeks and a half I feel nauseous, sleep endlessly, very weak. And the stomach pulls 5 days already. Until the month three days more. How I want them not to come. I pray to God to give happiness

Valentina, 2014-05-19 13:34:15:

Today, I also have today, the 30th day of the cycle should be like today, but I really hope that these animals will not come anyway. So my husband wants to let my husband initially, as if not in a hurry in terms of the child, but when he began to comb it, that there are signs, that he was already quite confident in his pregnancy, he had completely changed. He became even more direct to pay more attention, on his heels comes after me every minute afterwards, I love you, I love you, my eyes began to sparkle. Tauya’s joyous walks saying that maybe now you’re really not alone. So funny, I tell him the impression as if I’m not pregnant, but you. So girls if they tell you that they don’t think about it yet and everything like that is just words. )))

Hello girls! My husband and I have been waiting for a miracle for almost 2 years and nothing happens !! Could you tell me some poses are there !! have already tried everything that is possible and there is no result. we really want a child and now we only hope in God.

monthly periods were from April 20 to April 24, after on the 16th day of the cycle, I began to drink duphaston, I drank for 9 days a test

chest hurts, touch hurts, lower back pulls, drowsiness, fatigue, no appetite at all, lower abdomen hurts, menstruation is still

Valentina, 2014-05-15 07:01:48:

Girls hello everyone !! I want to share one so to speak advice !! My mother recommended me this way, in general girls if you want to quickly get pregnant, do so !! Immediately after sexual intercourse, usually some immediately run to wash themselves, but you can’t do this if you want to get pregnant, so after the PA you lift the legs to the top so to speak so that your butt is extremely high, in short you get up on the shoulder blades. If someone seems to make it difficult you can lean on the wall so much easier, but I personally got up on the shoulder blades. So girls are the secret and the secret is that thanks to this position the sperm flows deeper and there is a very high probability that if after each PA you will do it you can quickly get pregnant !! This is exactly the method that my mom got pregnant with me. She was prompted by her friend and it helped !! I myself use this advice and can have a small life in me, because the delay and some sort of dreary condition makes you nauseated, or the heartburn is probably shorter all together. In general, the girls wish you all get pregnant soon! Good luck to all!!

Plan plan vagnit, appointed femoston cut the package at the same time 4 days, 2 test buli poddozryl tolі yes only tol n, scho robiti. Chi mozhe buti vagіtnіst.

I can suggest an excellent and inexpensive recipe for stretch marks. enjoyed herself! 1 tube of baby cream + 1 plate of tablets mummy. in the pharmacy took. Mumie husband pound to powder. mixed in an old cream jar with baby cream and smeared tummy every evening! The result – no stretch marks!

Hi everybody! Before the delay, I had two things, according to whom I already knew that I was pregnant: 1. blood from the nome went twice (so it was with mom with me))) 2. the herpes on the lip jumped (it was the same with the best friend during pregnancy), although there has never been such. The doctor explained a strong decrease in immunity in the early stages. Toxicosis in general was strange, I seized it, if we do not eat on time, I will die all day, and we will eat – everything is super. Accordingly, she gained 33 kg, but she safely dropped everything. I wish you all the best in fulfilling your desires.

During sex hurt lately in a place where the hips

The 1st day of the delay, the chest aches like before menstruation, nauseated, and I constantly run to the toilet. but sex was unprotected only immediately after the last menstruation, then interrupted. I wonder whether you are pregnant?

Last month was from 9 to 14 April. PPA was before menstruation every day and after from the 14th. April 20 was daub literally half a day. And then the pains in the chest started, not to touch the nipples, the breasts swelled and increased, and from 3 to 7 May there was a temperature

Valentina, 2014-05-08 15:27:47:

It took two after conception, my chest swelled and it was painful to touch, put on my face and fatigue. a menstrual days 10 days

I have all signs of pregnancy, but the test shows negative! how can this be explained.

I’m also waiting for the test to be done))) In general, they say if the point bands are weak this is already a pregnancy, but if the period is already more than 4-5 weeks and the point bands are weak – this could be an ectopic pregnancy. Be sure to go to the doctor

Veronica, 2014-05-05 20:08:00:

I have no particular signs

tingling lower abdomen, irritability, tearfulness to menstruation for five days, I am pregnant.

Good luck to everyone, girls) I’m waiting for myself for a week or not))))

Girls!! Hello! I have such a story! Before conception, I already had a delay of 2 weeks! After conception, the temperature rose to 1 day

Hello everybody! In general, everything strangely turned out that I had pain in the breasts. I thought before the menstruation that the tummy would come would ache just like it had 2 drops before the menstruation and I thought everything was wrong, my little sister said you were flying, I didn’t believe it because my husband and I they didn’t protect themselves for years and then decided to do a test and a little surprised two strips well, the second one isn’t very visible I will go to the doctor what he will say

Alexandra, 2014-04-25 14:38:27:

My first signs were nauseous, it was not at all, the loins were terribly painful. The lower abdomen also hurt. Well, I went to the ultrasound. I was told that I was not pregnant, tests showed positive 10 tests and all positive

Hello girls! I want a second, before the arrival of the month 5 days, I do not want to come. from the first, my chest hurt badly and there was bleeding on my underwear, and I slept like a polecat in a burrow and at night beat me

Anastasia, 2014-04-20 20:22:55:

Hello! so strangely my chest does not hurt at all, only my nipples are itched, my stomach is swollen but not sore. Three days disturbed headaches, the pressure tormented. In the toilet I run often. In the morning, nausea. In a week, a month should come, if they don’t come, then I will do a test. In general, I want a baby :-)

Valeryna, 2014-04-18 15:45:54:

I’m waiting too. when it will be possible to make a test. We already have two boys))))) I would like to dilute this men’s company) to the red days for the whole 8 days. my chest aches a bit, no more symptoms are observed. eh. would rather find out) Good luck to everyone)))

I have sore breasts and swollen, there is a discharge from the breasts sore back sometimes nauseous hunting salty can I am pregnant tell me I do not protect very much I want a baby

Tatyana, 2014-04-15 15:38:53:

I’ve gotten at all cool with pregnancy … before that there was a false pregnancy, but immediately after it turned out, it turned out that there was no pregnancy, but I really wanted a baby. So this time I had a strong constipation, although before that, when it was not there, I read on some website about glycerin candles, and decided to buy it. I went to the pharmacy, but they were not there, then I was offered other candles and said that they could not be pregnant, I said that I was not pregnant, but I bought 5 tests for sure … but when I came home in the evening, I immediately did a test , to my surprise, it was positive, and the second strip began to appear immediately …. I also did 2 tests in the morning, and they were positive … so the first sign for me was constipation, then delay, my breasts swelled and all the while nauseated.

Hello everyone, everyone is asked but Not who Does not answer

Elizabeth, 2014-04-11 08:11:55:

It is said that the second ghost strip (made at 12 dpo and 4 days before the CD) does not yet speak about pregnancy, but I felt that this was not my case. There was and is abdominal distention and immediately (by 6 dpo) tension in the chest appeared, short-term pain in

Hello, for example, on the third day of conception. I don’t need to wear tight pants; everything pulses there

Sanya and how are these tests called? Tell me please

Hello everyone!) My cycle is not regular, so it’s not particularly steaming) but! My chest usually hurt before menstruation, then it passed and the menstruation came right away, but this time they didn’t come, and my chest stopped whining, then I thought about it! , and there are two strips of pale, almost fell on the floor (we did not protect for 5 years and nothing came out) from surprise well, I think probably the term is very small. I made 2 more tests with greater sensitivity and two strips, I thought it was a week 2. I went to the doctor, and there 7 weeks like that and no symptoms except breast))))))

Svetlana, 2014-04-09 09:19:06:

Girls, I, too, could not get pregnant for a lot of time where I just didn’t receive treatment, which I didn’t give up. And you know, it seems a little strange, but in Kamyshlov she went on a tour of 4 churches, and immediately after that she met a man she had dreamed of all her life, so many people envy us and immediately got pregnant. So, here it happens in life

Nastena, 2014-04-08 18:09:10:

I had sex with my boyfriend 10 days ago, but they should have come 3 days ago even though I have constant delays, does my head hurt, am I pregnant?

Early signs of ms

Hello to all! For 5 months, my symptoms were deceptive. Everything is like with Pregnancy, but alas, a mistake. So much want

I underwent a full examination in the perinatal in January. The results of the tests are excellent. The doctor rightly said that you can already plan the child. she recommended to stop drinking them from the first of February, stopped in April, planned to take ber, but her husband did not wait for April and decided at the end of February they wouldn’t protect themselves after 6 days (March 2) the months came I thought that it was an implant bleeding that supposedly starts on 6 12 days after conception, after the test, the second weak streak showed all symptoms of ber-ti including morning sickness and severe chest pain right up to tears and the lower abdomen along the uterus all the time increased in size (did three ultrasounds

girls, and I have this situation, with a guy at the end broke! I immediately to the bathroom, everything is there

hello! exactly one month has passed since i could get pregnant, but neither vomiting, swelling of the breasts, or darkening of the nipples, as well as particular fatigue, made the test negative, but the belly slightly swollen below. Is it possible that the pregnancy started without any signs?

And I run a lot and the chest hurts and the basal temperature is always 37.3, and the stomach

I recently had such a garbage. I tried the pose 69 with the guy, then I laid down on him and didn’t put the head of his penis in myself. I just held his head on my vagina. I could say nothing. And so 2 days have passed and I feel uneasy. I eat a lot, do not vomit, I have fatigue, I gave up all diets, well, I can not hold back. Once, even when I was in the shower, I wanted milk, I went out into the corridor with a soap head, went and drank the milk, my mother was shocked. Steadily I want a tasty one (very much (and I would have some kind of weight. Can I be pregnant?)

Maria, 2014-03-31 13:27, 2014-03-31 14:31:25:

Hello))) My first thing started, duck is a brown vaginal discharge, which I then decided to check the test, showed positive. There is no sensation in the lower abdomen and in the chest too. Tell me what to do? Go to a gynecologist to consult or what? All this after my menstruation began at week 3.

Hello! My husband and I are planning a third child, we have 2 twin boys, we want a girl. Cycle 24 days cd 2

Today is approximately 8-9 days after the alleged conception. For several days I constantly want to sleep, and by evening, there was discharge even with blood, an ovary, lethargy. Until PMS 18 more days. I am pregnant? Tests are still negative (((

Nadezhda, 2014-03-28 16:17:37:

There were 2-3 month periods but not the usual (not much) stomach, swollen and troubled vomiting, sleepiness and lethargy are felt, humor often changes to tearfulness .. I live sexually regularly without protection but my husband is not "spits" Is it possible to be pregnant?

Here I also have zhor and sleep fell in the first week after conception, a little bit lower, in the area of ​​the uterus, makes itself felt. Waiting already, when can the test be done

Hello! tell me what’s wrong with me? In the initial period of menstruation, I did not take a contraceptive pill. Monthly passed. sexual intercourse occurred. After the Act, I did not take pills for 24 hours. Then she began to drink pills. Then 3 days saw pills. on the 3rd day I had a lower abdomen and pain when urinating. Chest hurts. Is pregnancy possible? The test shows a negative result. what should I do? take further pills? or stop? Is pregnancy possible?

I’m afraid I’m wrong girls. So you want to believe and scary)) The delay is only the second day and some kind of daub. The stomach aches a bit, and yesterday the chest was tight and could hardly fit in a bra. I want cookies and chocolate)) I have been watching for 2.5 months, listening. The first 1.5 months after the expected conception nausea was, but now there is no way how it was. The chest then increase, then deflate. The first month was normal, the second is strange – the first day of blood was not. The test was done about a month ago – showed nothing, an infection!)) The whole body became hypersensitive, and then I am very psyched, then affectionate like a cat))

Hi, tell me please, all the signs of pregnancy are there, but the test shows one strip, what does this mean?

How to get rid? What should I drink? What medicine please tell me? (((

very interesting. on my

I just recently lost my virginity, my period came on time, but with strange things: I was sick and too much blood, whether it could be a symptom of pregnancy

Please tell me if the nausea in the first half of the day, which begins after a meal, then passes, but not every

Girls or how to tell future mothers congratulations

Tell me some of the most, the most signs.? And then I looked at the snowboard and they really are, pain in the lower abdomen, straight twisting, shrinking, and then it seems like nausea but doesn’t tear, Drowsiness doesn’t pull on the turnover longer for, I do not get tired. Although I am an athlete and I get tired a lot.

hi girls) I really need your help, please tell me, three days ago there was sex without a condom and it lasted all night, and the next day the pain in the lower abdomen began as with M, fever, drowsiness, and terrible tiredness, what could it be? maybe just a cold?

my body temperature lasts 37.2 – 37. for several days now, but there are no signs of a cold. I feel good. Monthly should seem to start in two days. Can i be pregnant

Tatyana, 2014-02-04 18:03:13:

Hello girls! Tell me if I can be pregnant, if according to my calculations today is 8-9 days after the PA. the chest hurts, the stomach is swollen, the loins terribly ache, I feel drowsiness and fatigue. everything is as before monthly but they are not there, the cycle is not regular. but in the basal temperature two days ago showed 37, and already two days 36.7. can this be pregnancy? I haven’t done the test yet, I think early (

You can do the test from the first day of the delay. Eveetest

I have absolutely all the signs, but the test is still too early to do! We wait, hope and believe :)

affected by vaccination. 2013-12-07 19:34:33:


Hello girls. We are planning kiddies. Monthly should come tomorrow. My stomach hurts, and what is most interesting is that I started a thrush from yesterday. I can not understand from what, and whether it means that I am pregnant. Tablets take until you come monthly fear. Tell me what to do, how to be?

girls, tell me who is more experimental – if there were signs a week after a possible conception – the breast became denser, the nipples reddened, the stomach somehow began to contract a little – and then these signs weakened after another 5 days – what is it? It’s still too early to do a test Clearly yesterday "pregnant" chest was. and today – like, softer. Although something was pricked in the stomach now. In general, may signs subside?

It seems we will have replenishment again. The chest does not hurt yet and even at least a week before the emergency days. But the stomach hurts, as if I am going to give birth, already for a couple of three days, in the mornings, if I do not devour something, then turn it inside out. And she became lazy, even the most disgusting. All to the point, as with our bastard. Probably, let him prepare for the fact that he will no longer be the only one :)

Hello. I want a baby too. But I do not know. up to monthly 5 more days. Her chest began to hurt on the second day after intercourse. Loins pulls. what could it be?

Hello girls, I’ll hold you all, I also have some signs, but I doubt it would be desirable that the signs came true my hopes I’m waiting for a 13 years old child and hope this time my dream will come true

Me from 6 days after conception on cucumbers pulled !! I went to the store for meat, brought home 4 cans of cucumbers! And the most offensive is not the taste that I wanted. I wanted salt, but they are pickled)) then asked my sister to drop by the market to buy me

Nadia, 2013-07-31 09:24:20:

but I don’t know some symptoms, but I’m not sure yet, but I would like to)

Hope 2013-02-18 11:29:39:

I can say that I knew from the first day that I was pregnant. I do not know how to explain it, but I felt it all. And then she began to ache a bit, because this is the second pregnancy, then when I did the test, I already knew that I would see two stripes there. In general, everyone has their own signs, someone becomes nervous, someone has taste changes. Everything is individual, but I want to say, listen to yourself, intuition will not deceive :)

Everyone has different taste preferences. Now I remembered the topic, I was already in the hospital with a girl, she had chalk in her bag, a simple chalk chalk. She ate him, so crunching them so temptingly that all four of us then in the ward asked her for a piece and ate. And the truth was delicious :) That’s what it means not enough calcium for pregnant!

Elizabeth, 2013-02-11 16:27:59:

My first sign was breast tenderness. And as it tingled in the stomach. But the salty one never for the whole pregnancy has not drawn. And they say, pulls on salty, then pregnant. I, the whole pregnancy, on the contrary, leaned on the sweet. Whom that!

Natalia, 2013-02-09 13:00:48:

We plan the second baby. Now somewhere 8-9 days after the alleged conception, began to ache a little chest. So I want to hope that everything turned out. The test is probably still too early to do, although with the first, on the 9th day already showed the second strip. Keep the cams for me girls! And all those who are waiting too, good luck!

It is good that now there are tests that determine pregnancy within a week after conception. Even if the weak second strip – most likely it is pregnancy. Good article. I didn’t suspect some signs, although I read and remembered, they were! and skin rash and stomach ache.

It is interesting to hear who had the first signs. Let’s share, girls. I had a terrible sleepiness, I just slept on the go. And then the toxicosis began, tormented me for up to 12 weeks. I didn’t know how to live with him, I slept and waited for the evening to come, by the evening I let go only.

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