Dirty dozen

In 2011, the mysterious series “Teen Wolf”, based on the movie of the same name, filmed in 1985, was released. The series quickly gained popularity among different age categories and reached six seasons.

At Comic-Horse 2016, it was announced that the last, sixth season will be released in two installments of ten episodes. The second part of the final season will be released in June 2017.

The story of “Wolf”

The series takes place in the small California town of Bacon Hills. Scott McCall leads an ordinary school life: his grades are average, he suffers from asthma, dreams of getting into the first line of the lacros team. His life would have remained boring if one night his best friend Stiles Stilinski hadn’t offered to go into the woods in search of a corpse.

Friends found in the forest not only half of the corpse of the girl, but also a wolf that bit Scott. In the morning, there was no trace of the bite, and McCall began to show extraordinary abilities: heightened hearing, improved reflexes and regeneration. Stiles quickly realized that his friend had turned into a werewolf.

But they have no time to cope with the situation. New murders take place in Beacon Hills, Argents and Derek Hale arrive in the city.

Dirty dozen

First season

List of episodes “Wolf” in the first season reached twelve episodes. Throughout the first season, Scott and Stiles are trying to find someone responsible for the massacres in a small town. Friendship and loyalty – the main theme of the first season of “Wolf”. The list of episodes is small, just a dozen episodes. But the creators managed to convey that the family is not only blood relatives.

Scott and Stiles made mistakes during the investigation. In the “Chance to Start Again” series, friends accuse Hale of murder. But later they learn that it was because of him that Derek returned to the city. The dead girl is his elder sister, Laura. So Hale – a born werewolf – became a friend and helper for young friends. Together they try to find a mad werewolf.

The list of episodes of the TV series “Teen Wolf” is rather small, but the characters in the series are well disclosed. So, in just twelve episodes, the viewer is well aware of the reasons for the actions of each of the main characters.

In the list of interesting episodes of “Wolf” of the first season, you can safely add the eleventh series – “Formality”. In this episode, Scott’s girlfriend, Allison, discovers that her family are werewolf hunters. The murderer attacks Stiles’s beloved and captures him. Derek hunted by hunters. And Scott is alone with all the trouble.

Second season

List of episodes “Wolf” in the second season also stopped at around twelve. This season, Scott began his development as a werewolf, fully controlling his essence. The list of episodes “Wolf” includes a series of “Party”. Here, as in the first season, a group of people gather in one place, but the situation is out of control.

The main antagonists of the season are Gerard Argent and Canim – a mythical creature that can paralyze any person or werewolf. At the same time, Derek Hale, who became the alpha, forms his flock. But hunters do not like the fact that the new alpha draws simple schoolchildren. Confrontation between hunters and werewolves crosses the entire list of episodes of the series “Teen Wolf.”

Third season

The most successful and voluminous season of “Wolf” is the third. This season has collected the highest ratings and was praised by fans. The season was divided into two parts of twelve episodes.

In the first part of the Beacon Hills falls the power of the flock of alphas and the druid. Alphas hunt for werewolves in the city, and the druid sacrifices to Nemetona, choosing targets among ordinary people. Scott and his friends are trying to save as many people as possible, and for this they perform an ancient ritual.

In the second part of the season, Scott, Allison and Stiles struggle with the effects of the ritual. But while McCall tries to re-cope with the power of a werewolf, Allison struggles with nightmares in reality, and Lydia tries to understand what it means to be a banshee, friends lose sight of Stiles’ state.

It was his Nemeton who chose the new victim – he was captured by the ancient demon Nogitsune. For months, no one notices Stiles’ condition. But when the truth is revealed, the life of Stilinski will be at stake.

Fourth season

In the fourth season, Scott and his friends have many new problems. New werewolves arrive in the city. McCall, saving a friend from death, turns him on. Malia can not cope with their own strength.

At the same time, someone opens the hunt for a pack of Scott. A certain “Benefactor” appointed a high award for Scott and his friends.

Season five

In the Beacon Hills arrive “terrible doctors.” They experiment on schoolchildren, turning them into chimeras, and then sacrificing them to Nemeton. The victims are the friends of Scott.

Dirty dozen

The city also announced a longtime friend of Scott and Stiles – Theo. McCall gladly accepts an old acquaintance in the pack, and only Stiles does not believe Theo. In the fifth season, the flock disintegrates due to mistrust and omissions.

Sixth season

In the final season, Beacon Hills is hit by the ancient Wild Hunt. Riders erase people and memories of them. One of the first victims is Stiles Stilinski. The only person who barely remembers Stiles is Lydia.

Martin will have to convince the rest of the pack that they have lost a person who is important to each of them.

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