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Treatment scheme for hemorrhoids and anal fissures developed in the clinic by Elishheh Israel Emulsion-gel Elishheh Nifedipine + Normalax

Effective with:

  • chronic hemorrhoids
  • old hemorrhoids
  • anal fissures
  • external hemorrhoids
  • hemorrhoidal prolapse
  • internal hemorrhoids
  • hemorrhoids / anal fissures in men and women
  • hemorrhoids / anal fissures in children
  • hemorrhoids / anal fissures during and after pregnancy

Not effective for:

  • rectal fistula
  • paraproctitis
  • anal papillomas
  • prolapse of the rectum or rectal prolapse (can only relieve symptoms)

Innovative emulsion-gel Elishheh Nifedipine from Israel, healing hemorrhoids and anal fissures in difficult stages! Pain and blood stops within 1-2 days, and full recovery occurs from 7 to 28 days. How it works | Instructions for use | Buy | Warranty | Hemorrhoid Gymnastics | Reviews

Hemorrhoid and Fissure Treatment One of the most, if not serious, very common problems that hinder modern man is the presence of hemorrhoids and anal fissure.

Today in Israel, in order to cure hemorrhoids and fissures, even in a neglected state, proctologists no longer recommend surgery to patients before they undergo a new, non-invasive emulsion-gel treatment. Emulsion-gel is easy to use and is designed for use in the home.

Now the inhabitants of the whole world have the opportunity to receive it directly from Israel with home delivery. The emulsion gel Elisheh Nifedipine is produced only in Israeli pharmacies to order and delivered in a package by express mail to all countries of the world. Payment for the order and delivery of the emulsion gel

Frequency Practically every person during his life felt at least once what hemorrhoids or fissure are. It is believed that hemorrhoids can be found in 100% of the population – you just need to make a check.

Causes of hemorrhoids. Poor circulation in the lower parts of the venous system of the rectum, leading to stagnation of blood.

Risk factors:

  • Sedentary work
  • Constipation (by the way from constipation there is a solution, the food additive Normalax, to soften feces. Not laxative! On the contrary, it normalizes feces)

Manifestations.If you have two of these diseases – pain and bleeding from the anus, especially if it is scarlet blood.

Diagnostics. Routine examination of the doctor allows you to make an accurate diagnosis. But you can do this inspection yourself. Self hemorrhoid test via smartphone

Diclofenac gel 1

Hemorrhoid treatment. In Israel, developed one of the most effective today non-operational methods of treatment of these diseases with Nifedipine emulsion gel.

The use of this technique. First of all, it is necessary to conduct an individual diagnosis – what kind of disease you have and at what stage is it. Then you can proceed to the treatment itself. All fissures are treated with this technique, but not all hemorrhoidal prolapses are treated with this gel. Particular success is marked by the presence of the so-called thrombosed hemorrhoids (the presence of blood clots). If we take into account that they cause severe pain, it becomes clear why the gel is so popular.

Diclofenac gel 1

With chronic hemorrhoids Nifedipine emulsion-gel can be used each time during exacerbations of the disease. After each course of using the gel, the gap (interval) between exacerbations will increase! Intervals can last for years!

There are no side effects or complications. The gel acts only on inflamed tissues, healing them.

Emulsion gel Nifedipine can be applied: Men, women, children, women in a pregnant position (the gel does not affect the fetus), women after childbirth, athletes, workers in sedentary jobs, workers lifting weights. With frequent anal bleeding, with old (neglected) hemorrhoids, with chronic disease, with irritated anal mucosa, with hemorrhoids and thrombosis, with replenishment of hemorrhoidal vessels, with external (external) and internal hemorrhoids, with anal fissures (fissures), with acute hemorrhoids, (at 1,2,3,4 stages of hemorrhoids), after surgery and before surgery for hemorrhoids, in combination with other medicines, in combination with bathing with any solutions and temperatures.

How it works?

Diclofenac gel 1

Nifedipine – a chemical that expands peripheral blood vessels and relaxing smooth muscle tissue. When applying this gel to the anus, its most important pharmacological effect is the relaxation of the smooth muscles of the anus, which contributes to a significant decrease in rectal pressure. An additional active component of the gel is Lidocaine, the role of which is anesthesia, which is important in the treatment of this problem. In addition, lidocaine increases the effectiveness of nifedipine, thereby increasing the effectiveness of treatment. As a result of the action of these components, the fissures heal quickly, the hemorrhoids go inside, bleeding stops, the pain subsides. In addition dead sea microelements complex Helps accelerate the healing process of inflamed tissue.

With proper use of the gel, a reduction in the feeling of pain occurs already in the first days of treatment. In our experience, within 14 days, 50% of anal fissures heal, and a full recovery, in most cases, occurs within 28 days from the start of treatment. Hemorrhoids heal in the first 7 days in 70% of cases! The success of the treatment of hemorrhoids and anal fissures exceeds 80%.

Instructions for use:

Treatment of hemorrhoids, fissures (cracks) and skin irritation around the anus

There are two types of emulsion-gel, Nifedipine gel. Active elements are the same for both types, the difference is only in the basis

In the composition of both gels: – Emulsion gel Nifedipine – Lidocaine – Biocomplex trace elements of the Dead Sea

1. Water based gel (yellow consistency). Water based gel is absorbed faster. In most cases, it is more effective. It is this standard type of gel that we send to all our patients.

2. Gel on a fatty basis (white consistency). Fat-based gel is absorbed more slowly. In some cases, it is more effective. Suitable for patients with chronic illness.

When paying in the instructions for payment, indicate if you need a gel on a fat basis. If not specified, then you will go standard gel water-based.

If you suffer from anal fissure (fissure), then there is no way to accurately determine how much gel is needed for complete recovery. Even if your condition improved immediately after the start of the gel application – do not stop the treatment,

Since the consistency of feces (its hardness) interferes with the therapeutic effect of the Gel, given our vast experience in treating these problems (tens of thousands of patients), we recommend taking Normalax powder together with the Gel. Powder in addition to the normalization of the bowels, increases the amount of water in the feces, thereby softens it, preventing injury to the anus. This leads to a significant improvement in the therapeutic effect of the gel in the treatment of hemorrhoids and fissures.

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