Diabetes Cinnamon

How to reduce sugar in diabetes with cinnamon (Ceylon)?

It is known and scientifically proven that the main healing properties of cinnamon act due to the presence in its pharmacological composition of biologically active components such as: cinnamyl acetate, proanthocyanidin, brown aldehyde and brown alcohol (cinnalmaldehyde). Useful properties of cinnamon are described in many scientific works and books. The components listed above, acting in a complex in the blood of a person, do truly miracles, namely, they reduce cholesterol levels, which helps to get rid of blood clots in vessels, and also reduces the body’s sensitivity to insulin, and ultimately, in a short time, reduce blood sugar levels.

Of course, if you have high blood sugar and you are already hooked on a diet (limited sweet and flour), you need to lower its level so as not to move into the next highest category of patients with this insidious disease. For this, there are a number of products that have already become legendary, which also included cinnamon (Ceylon). She convincingly proved its effectiveness in the treatment of diabetes and in the group of legendary remedies for the treatment of diabetes rightfully occupies a leading place. According to experience, if a complex approach to this issue is to improve the functioning of the liver, it is correct to take a set of plant components, the carbohydrate process improves,

In diabetes mellitus type 2, the sensitivity of tissues to the action of insulin decreases and so-called insulin resistance appears. Insulin is synthesized in the initial stages of the disease in normal or even elevated amounts. The diet in some cases helps to bring it back to normal and stabilize carbohydrate metabolism with a decrease in sugar synthesis at the liver level. Over time, however, insulin secretion decreases, and this leads to the need for injections. In people older than 40 years, type 2 diabetes in 90% of cases, in the absence of correction of cell sensitivity to insulin, complications of diabetes occur in the vessels,

Obviously, diabetes mellitus type 2, is equivalent to the same as the 1st one requires constant monitoring by an endocrinologist. However, recently, the same endocrinologists, more and more often prescribe only natural drugs to reduce sugar. For several years, our diabetic clients regularly buy from us and use cinnamon to reduce sugar, and also as a means to prevent diabetes complications. It is no longer possible to cure type 2 diabetes; however, it is more rational for the body to control glucose levels with natural means, because with regular use they are safer than chemistry. In addition, regular consumption of cinnamon in food significantly contributes to the reduction of cholesterol in the blood, which reduces the likelihood of a heart attack, atherosclerosis, stroke. Stimulates the brain, dilates blood vessels.

Diabetes Cinnamon

And in conclusion, we present the opinion of leading experts in this field of doctors, Amy Campbell and Joseph Mercolll (leading nutrition experts, members of the American Diabetes Association). The results of their studies, which were conducted in 2003, were published in the journal Diabetes Care (Diabetes Care). The essence of the research was to monitor 60 patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (they included half of the men and half of the women). They were divided into three groups in which they took 1, 3 and 6 grams of cinnamon (Ceylon) daily, respectively. Cinnamon Bala in the form of capsules. The study lasted 40 days. The result was stunning. On the 40th day of the research, the glucose level in all men and women who received cinnamon, decreased by 18. 30%. At the same time, for reasons that are still unclear, only in the group where 1 gram of cinnamon was taken every day, the improved results achieved daily remained in the blood for another 20 days after the end of administration. In the course of the research it was also established that all the observed decrease in the level of triglycerides (lipids) in the blood and "bad" cholesterol. The duration of this effect was much longer and lasted for 60 days after the end of taking cinnamon.

In any case, if you want to check the effect of cinnamon on yourself, you must remember that cinnamon is a relatively safe product. However, it must be borne in mind that in some people it can cause allergies, and using it in BIG QUANTITIES can cause ulcers in the mouth and be toxic to the liver. Best of all, after consulting with the attending endocrinologist, start by taking 1 gram of cinnamon daily. At the same time follow a diet and daily record indicators of sugar levels. After a month, increase the dose to 3 grams with constant monitoring of sugar level. And thus, to establish the optimal dose of daily intake of cinnamon for your body. If side effects occur, discontinuation should be discontinued, although this is unlikely at low doses.

And finally, one gram of cinnamon is 1/5 of a teaspoon, three grams – 1/2 teaspoons, six grams – a teaspoon with the top.

To achieve a greater therapeutic effect, we recommend using Ceylon cinnamon.

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Diabetes Cinnamon

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