Desire to urinate but i can’t

In the morning I was suddenly awakened by the ringing noise of fallen dishes on the kitchen floor.

I almost woke up and immediately realized nothing. After a short warm-up, I got out of bed, put on pants, but I didn’t find T-shirts, and I recovered in the pants only in the kitchen. There she stood with her back to the door and made coffee. The only clothes she wore were just my shirt, but she almost didn’t cover her delicious ass. My eyes stopped on this beautiful frame.

The day before I was with my mother in the hospital where she was hospitalized. This girl is the nurse of the same department where the mother is treated. We were acquainted with her since her mother often goes there. We talked for a long time, and when she said that the shift was over and that she was about to leave, we went out together and reached my house. I invited her to come in and she agreed. That’s why she turned out to be with me. All thoughts. [ read the story ]

Everything began to flow again in the measured rhythm of loneliness, in anticipation of the return of Vova and Sveta. I didn’t even think that Sergey, who would call me from the pool. And what was my surprise when on one of the incoming calls to my phone, I saw his flashed phone number.

– Yes, – in a voice that was hoarse with emotion, I answered his call.

– Hey. – answered his voice in the receiver.

– Remember me? – his voice betrayed no emotion.

– Are you free tomorrow at twelve?

– Free, I replied, correcting him.

– I’ll pick you up – he pretended not to notice my amendment. – Nice to spend a couple of hours with you.

– Well, my voice seems to have even given out. [ read the story ]

Spring! The beginning of spring always gives me conflicting feelings. Love, joy and sadness. The sun shines brightly, and on the street is a mash of snow. I was going to meet Anton. It took about two weeks from the last and so far the only meeting. He called and offered to meet. I just had such an opportunity and I immediately went on the road. What will I give today? I felt a slight jitter from the upcoming meeting. One thing is for sure. Whatever thoughts along the road would visit me – I definitely did not expect that.

– Hello! Come on in. Meet this Andrew.

Shaking hands Confused:

Presence of the third did not expect. Expected sex violated. Andrei is fair-haired, thin. Not much older than me. Manners betrayed him at first sight. They are already in the fun. Played Pugacheva. As it turned out about. [ read the story ]

The Wehrmacht quickly learns from its mistakes – in order not to freeze, in Rovno now at the garment factory they sew jackets of the type of jerseys, but the length is up to the middle of the thighs and with many pockets. In Lutsk, felt boots are hovering around – and then, many jokingly called their awards for the winter campaign of 41 years, they say, a medal "Frozen meat". A bitter joke!

They learned how to deal with the impenetrable KV-1, using instead "beaters" 37 mm its excellent anti-aircraft guns, the so-called "aht-aht". But our 85 mm anti-aircraft guns are also a great thing! I remember reading in my time the memories of one anti-aircraft gunner, so he knocked out only one plane for the war, but 14 pieces of tanks! So I am going to one tricky regiment behind Simferopol – there are two batteries of these long-barreled "tank killers".

These guns were stored in warehouses, the regiment guarded disguised warehouses NZ. But I, as commander f. [ read the story ]

It seems that the People’s Commissar of Communications Kaganovich got a light, but magical "pendal" from the Chief of the General Staff for sending the division Trubachev. The first echelon was filed clearly and without delay – he was already standing in that place that I indicated and three "ZIS-5" flew to the warehouse and back. The head of the division simply appealingly asked me to thank the one who pointed out this warehouse to us – there was a shortage of drugs in the hospital of the front, and then he scored two cars and part of them was in the other cars. So I was going to go to his wife Tolbukhin and wonderfully "give thanks" her.

I selected a part of drugs to my beauties – now you can’t buy anything in pharmacies. So I will give them this box in time, full of shortage!

In the morning the frost intensified a little and it began to snow. Soft white flakes, clinging to each other and gradually growing, lay down on red tiled roofs, bare branches of the village. [Read story]

Desire to urinate but i can't

Sweetie! Lie down comfortably, and I will tell you how our story will continue.

Today, we both asked for leave from work early and go to your Subaru in some kind of hotel. You are confidently maneuvering in the stream of cars, and I silently look out the window. Around flashing gray high-rises, drifts of dirty snow, trees, people in a hurry somewhere. For me, time has stopped. I am with you again. In private, without prying eyes, without ever meeting colleagues in our conversations. The work was left far behind, behind the checkpoint barrier. We both decided that the second time would be in neutral territory, without haste and fuss.

Desire to urinate but i can't

-Mashun, what are you thinking about? – your piercing blue eyes are distracted from the road and now look at me with interest.

-We are alone. And it makes me very happy. You are also reticent, Alexey Vladimirovich!

-Honestly, I have go. [ read the story ]

– Comrade General, Dmitry Timofeevich, are we beautiful? Just look at us, otherwise we doubt, – here are scoundrels, standing in front of me in panties and bras, well, and stockings pulled. Such a charming flock, I even involuntarily swallowed saliva.

– No, girls, you are not beautiful, – bulging eyes and open mouths. It will be necessary in these little mouths to shove my immediately risen "general". You girls are my darling, not beautiful, but very, just incredibly beautiful, you are very curly and sexy – now they just began to die from shock. Here I scared them!

They rushed at me with a scream and just kissed. Then Olya and Sveta went out, like in the kitchen, and Natasha flexed to her knees and I ended up in heaven, in the truest sense of the word – well, only in heaven can it be sweet! Natasha took in my beautiful sweet mouth my. [ read the story ]

At night I went to bed again in a trench. That’s how I wanted to take a nap in the fresh air from the heart. Under the burka it is so warm, and even near the hot half-naked Natasha, already a lieutenant of the medical service. What she is pleased with these two ruby ​​cubes in the buttonholes! And constantly thanks me.

I opened my eyes. Natasha hugged me tightly, throwing her leg over me. Both doctors are already pregnant, but I came up with something. And the clouds are bright across the sky, as if washed, like ships sailing, quietly, stately. Handsomely. What a war, then it is necessary to lie and look at the sky. And quietly, and peacefully in my heart, and the pain from my chest goes away … But it is hard for me to send people to death, but I must! there is such a word "it is necessary!"

Oh, what a dream I had a dream! But why always dreams are interrupted at the most interesting place? It was such a wonderful dream-vision. I walk across the field, and meet me quickly b. [ read the story ]

In the ears, the wheels beat in time. A lone star shines in the window. In your arms the world froze for a brief moment. He exists only for the two of us.

What clever I got in Dzhankoy both doctors. After talking with Mehlis, in the evening I was under pressure, and they unanimously accepted to soothe and heal me. Massage, just wonderful massage, vitamin prick and beautiful "dusting". They took me to a two-story house near the front headquarters, the water was connected, so my fighting friends after dinner even sometimes bathed me. It was a delight! Gentle hands washed so beautifully, I relaxed and wanted to sleep, only my "old friend" obviously wanted something else, getting a stake.

Having caressed me and allowing me to finish in it, my dear Irina Ivanovna spat into the bathroom. Looking after her, I certainly could not help but note long, strong. [ read the story ]

ACT THIRD (final)

In the toilet combined with the bathroom, I allowed myself only to throw off my shoes. Then she squatted down and, with a groan of pain and pleasure, inserted a lubricant gel into her anus, eliminating the itching and burning from scuffing from hard sex. Then she straightened the wig on her head, slightly refreshed her make-up and, standing on her heels again, in full combat readiness, she walked cheerfully to my partner, who could not be left for long. And then a twice satisfied muzhinka will either fall asleep without shame and conscience, or will go home. So the phenomenon in front of his tired eyes of the bright red knots on his heels was like never before:

– Did not get bored here without me, dear? – I asked, entering the living room with a thud of heels on the floor. – Can you finally treat a lady with your wine? Or did we drink the other day? I have something already. [ read the story ]

For some time we lay on the bed, wrinkled and wet from the “juice of passion” poured on it. The stunned shreds slowly came to themselves after the first experience of similar sex. And I just kayfovat and enjoyed relaxed, fingering the fresh impressions of the tried and tested just now. Cool was a fuck! Well done my bald puzanchik – did not disappoint my expectations. But it is necessary to approve it for the sequel What we do now:

– Dear, I went to powder a nose, and you have a rest and enjoy. Good? – I cooed into his ear and briskly jumped up to my heels from the bed, forgetting that after passionate sex my legs did not always obey me. Therefore, almost dropping to the floor, I grabbed the edge of the bed, shook my head, smiled sweetly at my partner, and went to work with long hours practiced for hours. [ read the story ]

In the army, my friend and I did not miss the opportunity to have sex, if there was one. Our barracks were heated by a local military stoker, where we often unloaded embers. Naturally, after such work went under the shower. And already there indulged in their pleasures. And once burned. Togo should have been expected, because the sense of proportion and control is completely lost. Prapor became interested in our ardent desire to work in the stoker. Labor is not easy.

And apparently, something suspected. Fuck, in short, as usual. I almost moan in voice. Did not hear how he entered. Clear, go ahead and leave. We, of course, stopped. Scary horror, what now will be with us. But after a couple of minutes, this prapor fills up with us naked and with a riser already. I immediately understood everything. They looked at each other with a friend. You do not mind asking if I suck him.

On Saturday winter evening, I planned to meet with Artyom, waking up in the afternoon, I shaved my legs, did a pubic hair removal, and inserted an anal plug, smeared with warm grease, she easily entered me with a pleasant pain, stretching my hole.

I put on a light make-up, evened out the complexion with a toner, slightly tinted my eyelashes and eyes, put on a pale pink lipstick. With each new stroke, I turned more and more into a nice girl with a bunch of dirty thoughts about tonight. I applied make-up with one hand, and stroked the other side with the other, leading my ass on a leather sofa, making the cork move inside me.

Failing to finish painting lips, I finished my palm and smearing sperm over my cock and thighs, I finished painting myself. In the mirror I saw a beautiful girl with plump lips and big eyes with which the desire to be a submissive slut and Fr. [ read the story ]

Sly these SS inventors – the first caches were successfully hidden in the ruins of an old water tower, next to a huge forest belt. The German sappers are obviously handy guys – they have arranged everything so well. The lever turns and a part of the wall moves away – it is on hinges, steps go down. Yes, everything is done from the side of the forest belt, and you will not immediately notice and pay attention. Uncle Viti’s strong rechargeable flashlight lit up the entrance for us, then the cremal track turned – the teeth clicked on the guide rail and everything was closed. It became a little scary, but Zhora confidently led our small detachment down – that is his will power and confidence. Yes, this is caches!

Everything is upholstered with a planed board, ten stove benches, a bunch of sheets, as Uncle Vitya explained – to wipe the weapon from grease. Op-pa! – Yes, and here are excellent Sturmgever-43, a prototype of the famous Kalashnikov. To [ read the story ]

I love it when adult mature men fuck me. Such under 50 or already over 50 with beer belly and already loose bodies. I’m just thrilled to see how they want me, how their already sluggish segments swell and pour strength from the lust of my body. Because I only meet with these for sex. It is desirable family, exhausted life and lost the thrill of sex with his wife or his wife and mistress. As a rule, they start looking for something such that returns energy to their tired libido and revives the taste for life. This is how I offer myself.

Another puzatika I, as always found on the network. The little man slightly over 50 with a bald spot also slightly over 50% wanted for the first time to try something new. We quickly made an appointment. I rented an apartment for a day and began to prepare myself and my body for consumption. [ read the story ]

After all, little to get a puppeteer. It is equally important that he agreed to work with him. Himself, and not under pressure of circumstances. Getting pleasure from the process, but not serving a duty. Only in this case, you can reach a full understanding and excellent results. Stepanov then expressed a desire to work. There on the street some old man turned: "Young man. " Stepanova, for a moment, fifty-seven. Not a boy. Although yes from the height of the years lived by this scientist, he is a young man. Okay. What to find fault with? Well, called young and called. Here still, you see, in the near future, he will indeed become young when he is hooked to some poor thing. Why poor thing? So after all, with these people obsessed with their work, they will shove an object into some ass.

But I liked this option – the Crimean Front. Complete idiocy – having. [ read the story ]

– Get settled, – invited Gabriel, pointing to the bed.

I obediently lay down, putting one of the pillows scattered on the bed under my head.

Gabriel inserted the disc into the DVD player, laid down next to me. We began to watch the movie.

Gabriel appeared on a large plasma screen, wearing a mesh t-shirt. There was a tall, short-haired girl with him, obviously an ex-boyfriend, she forced Gabriel to do all sorts of exercises. Soon they moved to the main thing. A member of the girl was in the mouth of the guy. Gabriel sucked with pleasure, smacking sweetly. After some time, a member of the trainers moved to the lover’s anus. Shemale sucked him in with frenzy, and he groaned and rolled his eyes …

At that moment, Gabriel took my hand and laid it on his dick. I already thought nothing of excitement. My hand, as if living his own. [ read the story ]

I noticed in our area a beautiful mature woman whom I had never met before. I thought that she was new to us, because of the “older” ones I looked at everyone and knew everyone in the face. Such is my flaw.

I am a student, I finish, and I will soon be twenty-two years old, I do not disdain to earn money on weekends. I love music very much and I am well versed in recording technology and software for it. A normal guy, physically well built, but, of course, not an athlete, but without a belly. Is that the sides are a bit. I, like everyone, have flaws. I am bisexual. I can be a full-fledged man, if I like a woman, but I can also act like a whore, if there are conditions for this. I don’t mind taking a member in myself, although this rarely brought moral satisfaction, which I valued above body. I also have a passion for mature women, and I, etc. [read story]

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