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If someone dares to expand the imaginary unity of his “I” at least to duality, then he is almost a genius, in any case, a rare and interesting exception.

Tulpa (ustar.-bord. Imaginary Tian) – in Tibetan Buddhism – the materialized embodiment of thought, in modern psychiatry – mental disorder, manifested in the form of controlled hallucination, more precisely, pseudohallucinations. For hickey, a way to make friends with your favorite chan from a fictional universe. Further, we will talk about the latter understanding of the term, relating to Tibetan Buddhism a little less than nothing.


[edit] What is it?

This is a voluntary way to go.

Tulpa is a self-perceived hallucination that interacts with some or all of a person’s feelings. You will be able to see, hear, smell, and touch (of course, without the feeling of density, but more on that below) your Tulpa, just like any ordinary person. Tulpa is a caused hallucination, a separation of your own consciousness in the form of some autonomous (and with the efficient use of a very active) entity. Totally intelligent creature and assistant. The purpose of the tulpovoda is to translate fantasy into living matter in all five senses. [one]

Somewhat later, however, with the advent of punitive psychiatry, this phenomenon was simply an epic definition for the diagnosis of SCH. And they write this abbreviation as a diagnosis so that the patient, for the sake of medical ethics, even having taken possession of his own medical card, could not understand what exactly he was ill with. But there are a few significant differences.

Imagine, anonymous, you’re lying on the couch, watching anime, and next to you is your imaginary girl. You can see her, hear her, talk to her, she will answer you, you can smell her and even touch her. And it will not be just a log, the girl will be endowed with her own consciousness and intellect, or rather, it will be a breakaway part of you. And not only a girl! Tulpa can be a dog, a stone, but at least a Pokemon – it all depends on you.

From the point of view of modern psychiatry, Tulpa is definitely a mental disorder, a kind of split personality and hallucination. But this is not a disease, because the disease is something that interferes with the life of the sick or interferes with others. Tulpa does not fall under the definition of disease. Although it is worth noting that psychiatry is such a science that even a completely normal person can find cockroaches in his head. Since, as one very famous writing psychiatrist once blurted out, referring to the classics, the first stage of schizophrenia can be easily diagnosed to any more or less enthusiastic person.

Deal with assholes

In addition, if the tulip is described in its own works, then with a particularly sensitive reading they (just like the classic software) can be put on the brains right in the process of reading along with the whole set of their own specific abilities. There were precedents.

From the occult point of view, this is a kind of succubus, so be careful, Anon. Although recent studies have shown that in fact Tulpa-chan is the most common lyarva. Only homemade.

Hikke-otaku and other escapist create for themselves Tulp mainly as a natural continuation of escape from the real world. If you are a trumpeter, then this is for you! Armor is also a concern, as it turned out – to a much greater extent. It is not for nothing that at the time of this writing most of the tulpreads are listed in the / mlp / Harkáč section.

[edit] Tulps in modern society

Sap, anon! The fact is that there is one Tian … and the one drawn, and besides, imaginary …

But I have an imaginary girl. We drink tea with her and chat about nonsense. I used to be too lazy to brew tea, and I drank the tea-colored swipes of tea with a smack of paper, but now I learned how to make wonderful tea. For her. For her, I’m learning to cook. We fall asleep with her and wake up together. Sometimes we walk through the night streets and parks. When I feel bad, she comforts me. When I put my thoughts in her mouth, it’s better for me to consistently think about something, come to some conclusions, make decisions, the ability to self-criticism appears. No living chan can make me break up with my imaginary girlfriend. Never.

Back in 2007–2008, the so-called “mental thoughts” phenomenon was known, which the hypnotists filed with clients and which were mainly used for carnal pleasures. According to the thought-books, a whole book was published, which was torn into quotations and eventually turned into one of the manuals, about which below.

However, it was in 2009 that an epic thread appeared in Nulchan’s shelter, where the anon told the Goddess EXTREMELY alive in his imagination. Matter and mental abnormalities helped to achieve the effect, so everything turned out so easily and naturally. But the story itself would not be so epic, if not for the consequences.

Or rather followers. One of them appeared in Tirech’s shelter and told how he achieved the same result without substances, training the brain and constantly practicing dialogue and “visualization” (as the adepts call the process of obtaining stable hallucination). IchSH, in the end, he turned out to be so thin a troll that he gave hope to hundreds of Hickey who, naturally, could not do anything. This does not mean that the whole story is a fake, but it is difficult to get a more or less useful result for a healthy person.

Deal with assholes

The second anon, already known for its ultrachikkovaniem and living in a 24/7 pantry, went on the road to Omsk, appearing in bb. The section was read for a long time by its taren trip reports about the air battles of sausage pies and about the space BBPE, Kladovka himself eventually went completely, but achieved the result.

After that, there were a lot of discussions on different vats, but it wasn’t delivered anymore. Sawed cool, there was an exchange of experience. There have been varying degrees of success with anons, but everyone cannot be trusted.

The next significant event was the story of another adept (Shizo-kun, his threads can be found below) at the end of 2010. Despite the fact that he looks like a graphomaniac, he wrote everything quite plausibly. The thread began with a description of how the imaginary Tian tried to kill him. Believe it or not – your choice, but this is really possible. The subject was obviously a little gone, and even before the attack he drank a lot because of life failures. In addition, the patient did not hesitate to engage in sex with her, which clearly goes far beyond the creation of an assistant and can have unpredictable results. All this served as a catalyst, and he made his own cuts with a bottle, broken in an attempt to fight off the creation of imagination. However, after a while they did make peace.

The whole paste was transferred to the section that appeared after this on the nulychan – / _img_tan /. This place has become a haven of interested individuals. Before the wipe, a new pasta of new and simply imaginative pastel was full of good fit. Epic are the stories of Kun, who imagined an entire university with classmates and lectures, Kun, who again rushed to the barricades, delighting the trip reports present, and also Anon, who began to look at everything that happens from an unscientific point of view. He believed that such imaginary entities are quite real, and all the tricks just pull them out of the atsral.

Attempts were also made to systematize the accumulated knowledge, several guides were written down, but soon they were abandoned in favor of a single theory – “it is necessary that the roof be pulled down”. After that, the board died away and somewhat moved away from the materialist point of view on the phenomenon.

On other boards, threads with discussions appeared again, delivering a little less. In the course of such discussions, the fact of trolling from one of the first practitioners became clear.

In 2012, in / sn / sosacha anon threw in a manual for creating a pulp, found on one of the foreign tanks. It turned out that there, too, are digging in this direction, but they get burned out in a healthy way. ChSH, it was in this manual imaginary Tian was mistakenly named tulpa, which became its common name. According to mana, it can happen to any person, as the exercises are provided various stages of image processing in the imagination. Similar manuals were sawed in / _img_tan /, but, in the absence of a significant number of proofs of the possibility of this, everyone went to shake off, somewhat skava idea. Therefore, after the translation of the full man collection, the creation of a tulp was perceived as something new. Oldfags were observed in the amount of three and a half, so everyone was fuck.

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