Compatibility 16 people

The impact of each zodiac sign, under which a person was born, no longer goes unnoticed. It can concern all spheres of its activity, Expressing in specific features, the ability to think outside the box, possess individual qualities and

People born under the zodiac symbol of Virgo are distinguished by critical thinking and poise. They, as representatives of the elements of the Earth, possess mundane properties, which allows them to live in harmony with themselves and realistically perceive relationships with representatives of other zodiac signs.

Every man and every woman falls under the protection of the Virgo zodiac sign if they were born from August 24 to September 23. The elements of the earth element allow these people to be maximally adapted to the real reality. In addition, Mercurius, as a sign patron of the Dev, helps them to take into account all the smallest details and rationally assess the current situation.

The man, as well as the woman, representing the sign of Virgo, endowed with the power of the spirit. Due to the powerful internal energy, these individuals are more prone to self-knowledge, which in some way complicates their compatibility with other signs.

Dev representatives take a very responsible approach to any task. They expect the same from other signs (Taurus, Capricorn, Scorpio, Leo, Libra, etc.). These are strong personalities. They try to treat others with respect and fairness. In return, they DO NOT expose impracticable demands – it is enough to be honest with the maidens, and not to abuse their kindness, disposition, love.

In general, if to describe the sign of the zodiac Virgo, then a woman and a man under his protection is the embodiment of pure love and kindness. I sincerely forgive all the insults, these people always lend a helping hand. When it comes to the fact that, for the sake of the happiness of a loved one, Virgo must sacrifice her own interests, then at any moment they are ready to give up their gain. That is why they are always painfully experiencing betrayals, which also complicates the compatibility of this symbol with representatives of other zodiac signs.

The compatibility of Virgos with other zodiac symbols

Knowing the characteristics of Virgos and representatives of each of the 12 zodiacal signs, one can assume what their compatibility can be in general. But more often than not, people are interested in the field of love. And below we will give a brief description of couples, where one of the partners will be a female Virgo or a male Virgo.

A woman who came under the patronage of the Virgin, but can not get along with the representatives of the characters:

Such couples are very ambiguous, as the signs listed above in the face of their strong representatives, unlike the Virgo, will be persistent, shrill, emotional, beyond Demanding. Men will seek such a lady for a short period of time. As a result, rather than receiving indulgence, they will give up their attempts to conquer her heart.

Guys, whose sign is Capricorn and Gemini, will be at different levels with girls both emotionally and in terms of perception of reality. Therefore, the long-playing this union is unlikely to be.

At the same time, the compatibility of girls under the auspices of a feminine sign will be good with signs:

Partners in such unions understand each other well. Mutual feelings and a great desire to live in the arms of their beloved will help them overcome many situations in life. Men (Taurus, Leo or Scorpio) will be able to advice a loved one to compromise. At the same time, the Virgin will be patient. This will give them a great chance to create a strong, happy family.

Male Taurus and Scorpio with the Virgin – The most optimal tandem of compatibility in terms of love. Their marriage promises to be durable and happy. Both partners will arrange each other, which will favorably affect each of their areas of activity. Sometimes such marriages still break up. This can happen after a rather long period, when Taurus / Scorpio and Virgo will no longer have a strong passion.

A marriage in which a man will be a representative of one of the symbols will be excellent:

Compatibility of such a relationship literally rolls over. A man, whether it be Libra, Pisces or Virgo, will be a great pair for a girl whose symbol is Virgo. He will strive to make the world around him better. As a sign of gratitude, the woman will create a Favorable home environment and will become a real keeper of the hearth. At home, these people will always reign in a cozy atmosphere. By virtue of the fact that the Virgo woman and Libra / Pisces / Virgo man become very close to each other, they will go hand in hand through all the trials prepared by fate, remaining loyal to their partner.

The strong half of humanity under the symbol of the Virgin will be able to get along perfectly if the girl becomes their partner:

Such marriages are distinguished by the strength of their relationships and the reciprocity of feelings. Therefore, partners will be able to live together for a very long time. The difference in the characters of both to some extent will set the tension, however, for such couples it will even be on hand, so that the relationships are NOT boring.

Man-Virgo and Virgo / Scorpio / Taurus marriages are held together in mutual love, sincerity, and mutual understanding. Like no one else, understanding and knowing the wishes of a loved one, both will try to exert maximum efforts for their implementation. On these qualities and this union will be built.

The average compatibility of the signs of the zodiac in the guys of this symbol, as well as girls on the sign:

Between these people there is always hope to build a strong, happy marriage. They can learn mutual respect and humility, but not everyone will tolerate monotony. For example, the Virgo guy and the Capricorn girl / Libra, due to the difference in character, will be loyal to the shortcomings of the beloved, his mistakes, and easy selfishness. But, the lack of thrills will affect the relationship rather negatively. Therefore, partners (especially Capricorn, Cancer) of THESE unions Must learn not only to keep silent, to forgive, but also to talk about missing feelings if they want to live with the person for the rest of their lives.

Strange as it may seem, such Virgo-Libra, Capricorn, Cancer or Pisces marriages are the most common. But not all of them live a decent family life.

Compatibility 16 people

Absolutely NOT compatible are couples where a man represents a feminine sign of the zodiac, and a woman:

As a rule, in such unions, the Virgo man is very petty. This concerns the financial, household, business sphere. It is this quality that compels girls (Leo, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Gemini) to abandon a person, even if they greatly love him.

Compatibility 16 people

And if with the other representatives of the horoscope this man can still hold out for a while, then the girl Leo will be too tough for him. Ardent, passionate, She will not make concessions to infringe upon her interests. Leo, as a representative of the element of Fire, is very energetic. They do NOT like the moralizing of such men, and marriage will fail.

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