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Chopped Pork Ham

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Pavel Agapkin (Kolbaskin) July 28, 2016

What is good chopped ham?

Well, of course, its simplicity, taste and guaranteed result.

As a raw material, of course, it is better to take a pork shoulder, there the fat is more beautiful, and the cut is more beautiful. You can use beef, lamb, chicken, venison, bear meat – yes, whatever!

The recipe is always primitive and tasty.

The ratio of fat and meat in raw materials can vary from 10% to 40% fat and, accordingly, from 90% meat to 60%. It’s also possible to do it without fat, but it will be rather dry and not very tasty, because the main “accumulator of taste” in food is fat. The shell is not important, even the ham, even though the tin can, even the sausage casing, if we are talking about boiled ham.

If we want to smoke and get the very “top of taste”, then you need to use a permeable sausage casing. Naturally, blued lamb or bovine beef, pork bubbles or beef circles are ideal, and artificial – collagen 65 or 80 mm.

The main thing in cooking ham track 2 points:

– mix well, “mash” stuffing;

– cook at a temperature not higher than 80

Well, it seems with the general rules everything, let’s move on to the specifics. In this recipe only pork shoulder is involved. Moreover, I chose the leanst pieces for the Birvurst sausage recipe from one shoulder cut into strips, and let the remaining fatter pieces put on this ham chopped. The fat / meat ratio was about 35/65. I nevertheless used FS No. 4 phosphate mixture in order to “uncover meat protein” and saturate the meat product with moisture, ultimately making it more juicy and tender. The fact of adding a mixture of PS also allowed me not to worry with such a high fat content to get fatty edema during cooking. Without FS and water, the ham will also work, a little different, but it will work)))

Lumpy pork shoulder – 2 kg

The pork shoulder crushed on 8 mm to the meat grinder – 2 kg

Phosphate mixture FS №4 – 6.5 … 9 g / kg of raw materials – here 28 gr

Salt nitrite in half with cooking – 20 g / kg of raw material – here 80 gr

Stuffing mixed with water, spices and salt, well otmassiroval “before the appearance of” white filaments “and stuffed into the shell. Put it in the refrigerator overnight for precipitation (recovery, destroyed during packing of connections between the components of mincemeat).

The next morning put in the oven 80

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Hope July 28, 2016

Oh, Paul, this ham and without water with phosphates is tasty))

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alex-bez 01 Aug 2016

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Collagen supplement reviewssser776 02 Aug 2016

You need to warm it up, you can only hang out for two hours at room temperature, or you can hold it in the oven with convection for 30-40 minutes at a temperature of 45-55 degrees.

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Eugeny Aug 02, 2016

Pavel, I am plagued by vague doubts, why is the product without the extract in the salt that is sufficient for the formation of ham taste, is called ham? For the formation of taste and smell "ham" it takes time and I became convinced of it myself. Ham, this is a product with a certain taste and smell, typical of this particular category of products, ham can be boiled, smoked, dried, but it is always seasoned in the ambassador meat. I understand that you can swell flavoring – "ham" and voila, we have a product with a similar taste and smell, and yet I would like to hear the opinion of the technologist on this issue, maybe I don’t understand something?

Although I read a lot of books and concluded that it takes time to make a ham, and just like that, just salting the meat with chunks and massaging it and boiling it, we get a tasty sausage like balykova or meatloaf, but not classic ham.

I would like to understand the dependence of technology and the name for the product called "chicken ham" leads me into a light stupor.

What is your opinion on this issue?

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Pavel Agapkin (Kolbaskin) 13 Aug 2016

Eugeny , here in the title "ham" there is a misunderstanding. After all, ham can be whole-focus (whole-muscle) – this is what you are talking about, there is ripening – fermentation and various heat treatments – and hot smoked (ham Tambov and Voronezh) and smoked and dried cured ham. This is all called ham.

But there are also chopped (restructured) hams – various types of hams in shells, forms, canned food – and this is also ham, American "ham" eg. Well, chicken, duck, goose ham, as well as pork, calf, horse in this class normally exist and people like their juiciness.

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Eugeny Aug 19, 2016

But there are also chopped (restructured) hams

Pavel, this is understandable, but it seems to me that the meaning of ham is "ham flavor". I reviewed a few old prescription books, and something I did not come across ham from chicken, beef, duck and

Here take the recipe "homemade ham" and "imperial sausage" technologies are similar, you can safely change the name.

I don’t understand something, of course, it turns out to be delicious, no doubt, but for my taste it’s meat roll or sausage is so tricky.

I would like final clarity or it is not present production, and who wants it and calls its products? I bow to the latter.

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idea_generator 11 Sep 2016

Today was the first pancake. It turned out ugly, but tasty!

It began not without incident. He made fleshemassa before bedtime, and after reading in another recipe about 10gr of pepper, nadrobil 10, but he guessed to pour only 8. I didn’t pay attention that there was 5 kilos in that meat recipe, and I only had 1.3. When I understood the mistake, my mood dropped a little, but it was decided to finish it. The second problem was the collagen film. For some reason, I decided to wrap the whole mass in one roll, and it turned out that it was not easy to roll a 1.5-pound ingot. The netting was also impossible to wear because of the diameter, and when tying, one end was burst. But these are all obvious jambs taken into account for the future. There were no special problems with the oven – as it turned out, the thermostat in it is quite accurate. The only thing that the temperature in the loaf hung at 68, but this was attributed to the thermometer error (68-69.). I cooled it in a bucket with water in the bag, but the water still flowed into it, which made the film completely peel off, which is good, the smell was not very pleasant when cooking. He was afraid to try first, he distributed to his relatives the first slices, but enthusiastic exclamations were encouraging. It turned out really tasty. Pepper is not as much as I was afraid (although 8 grams instead of 3 hehe), but the taste is spicy. Garlic for the first time did not put, but next time I will definitely.

It turned out without edema (or I did not notice it), but I added phosphate. And so, the mistakes are taken into account, next time I will try to avoid them =) As they say, now I’m in)))

Message changed: idea_generator, September 11, 2016 – 20:52.

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Pavel Agapkin (Kolbaskin) 11 Sep 2016

I would like final clarity or it is not present production, and who wants it and calls its products? I bow to the latter.

Now at the factories the owners and tastes sooo very different go out at the factories of the Gostov sausages. So to talk about homework, because we are not limited to anything here at all)

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Crom Sep 19, 2016

I made a sausage ham, but some kind of problem got out.

the meat was different, beef-pork-lamb-goat,

goat meat 0.5 kg

Beef and half pork cut in small pieces the rest in a meat grinder 4.5 mm.

Added nitrite salt 10 g per kg + normal 10 g per kg, water 15%

and also added Kremlin sausage seasoning

in between batches the whole stuffing was frozen

It turned out 3 loaves of collagen film and a large beef curd sausage

now the problem: one loaf specific edema, the second loaf burst, the rest is ideal.

I usually had no problems with ham. I made it from pork with a small addition of beef.

Can you tell me where is the error, maybe you do not need to add citrate, or a lot of water?

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Zeus Sep 19, 2016

may not need to add citrate, or water a lot?

I add a drop of water just to knead the meat and bring it to a sticky state. And phosphates and citrates are not needed here at all. It’s better to make some kind of meat, because they have different temperatures of readiness. A dry ambassador, pieces somewhere 100g, salt only nitrite no mixing is necessary. After salting, cut the meat into pieces of the required size. After I add all the spices to the meat and mix well, put the box into a tight vacuum package, brew it and then beat everything well with a hammer for meat without thorns. But of course you don’t need to be very zealous tvovat, all with a sense of mery.Na production for this use special machines are called Poltermaschinen not massager, do not know how on the Russian, poltern it beat izbivat.https: //

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Bee happy 19 Sep 2016

If you had minced all the meat finely, then even + 15% of water would be a bit much. This is under the condition of the ideal, paired condition. You have half the raw pieces, respectively, less free protein.

Use phosphates or reduce water.

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sser776 Sep 27, 2016

All as a prescription, only 80 mm polyamide casing. The taste of sausage otpadny. Well, once again I am convinced of the beauty of this shell, the edema has not yet been with her. Well, a number of lettuce from green tomatoes (although one got almost red), in some branch the recipe was super!

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