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Easter is coming soon, so it’s time to cook Easter cake and make Easter cheese cake. The recipe for traditional Easter cakes has always included a large number of eggs, but I have been baking without them for several years and am very pleased.

I offer you my option of making an Easter cake without eggs, which has been repeatedly tested. But if you are afraid that you will not succeed, try making half servings, for a test, so to speak. And for those who do not eat yeast, there is an excellent recipe for a cake without yeast.

Vegetarian Easter cakes without eggs

Dough for Easter cakes without eggs:

  • 250 ml of milk
  • 50 g fresh pressed yeast
  • 160 ml sour cream
  • 140 grams of butter
  • 250 g sugar
  • 700 grams of flour (about 4.5 cups 250 ml)
  • 100-150 grams of washed and dried raisins
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/2 bottle (or 2.5 ml) of flavoring (“Duchess pearl” or any other), you can replace with a peel of 1-2 lemons and a pinch of ground cardamom; You can also add saffron or turmeric to the color.
  • bag of vanilla sugar
  • 6 tbsp. l vegetable oil


  • 150 ml of icing sugar
  • 30 ml of milk

How to cook an Easter cake without eggs:

  1. The main rule in cooking cake is a warm room without drafts, in which the dough will fit. Therefore, close the window, door and turn on the oven to warm the kitchen.
  2. First you should prepare the brew. To do this, you need to slightly warm the milk (up to about 40 ° C) and dissolve the yeast in it. Then add 2 tbsp. spoons of sugar and 1/2 tbsp. or a little more flour (from the total) and stir. Put in a warm place for 15 minutes.


Melt the butter, pour it into a large saucepan (in which the dough will resemble) and add sour cream. Stir.

Melted butter and sour cream

After 15-20 minutes, the dough should foam.

Cookies for cooking cakes

  • Pour it also into the pan with butter and sour cream and stir.
  • Add sugar, salt, flavor (or zest and spices), vanilla sugar and raisins.
  • Sift the remaining flour (about 4 cups) and gradually add it to the rest of the ingredients, stirring first with a spoon, and then with your hand. In the process of kneading, gradually add to the dough vegetable oil (6 tbsp. L.), Lubricating their hands. Carefully knead the dough, it should turn out very soft (softer than on the patties), sticky to the hands, but stick out from the walls of the pan. Perhaps you will have another amount of flour!
  • Dough for a vegetarian cake without eggs

  • Cover the pan with a lid, wrap in a towel and put on the stove, which should be warm from the oven, or in another very warm place.
  • When the dough rises 2-3 times (after 1-1.5 hours), precipitate it (knead with hands) and leave to come again.
  • Dough

    At this time, prepare the molds. You can use special paper, grease them inside with vegetable oil. But I use cropped tin cans from under canned pineapples, peaches, and corn. I cut a circle out of the foil onto the bottom and a rectangle for the walls, grease them with oil and put them in jars. Due to this, the Easter cakes do not stick to the forms and will be perfectly removed.

    Prepared forms for Easter cakes

    When the dough again increases by 2-3 times, knead it and fill the mold at 1/3 of the height.

    Dough in the forms

  • Transfer the molds to a baking sheet or lattice, cover with a towel and put again on a warm plate for proofing or leave on the table (it should be hot in the kitchen, then the dough will fit very well!).
  • After 30-40 minutes the dough should increase by 2 times.
  • Dough in forms after proofing

  • Preheat the oven to 180-190 ° C and put the baked cakes. It is better that the forms do not touch each other, leave a distance between them.
  • Small kulichiki bake 30 minutes, if more – then 40-50 minutes. Do not open the oven for the first 15-20 minutes, and then you can open, stick out a little baking sheet and turn the forms on the other side so that the cakes are baked evenly from all sides. Bake until done, which can be checked with a wooden toothpick, if there is no dough left on sticking to it, then the cakes are ready.
  • Vegetarian Easter cakes without eggs are ready

    To get them out of the form, turn it sideways and pull on the foil, which you then carefully remove.

    Removing the foil from the Easter cake

    High cakes are better to cool on the side of the towel, turning from time to time, then they are not deformed. And when they become lukewarm, you can already put it straight.

    Vegetarian Easter Cakes

  • Make a glaze – for this you need to mix powdered sugar and hot milk. It should make a thick mass. (See 6 more glaze-free recipes for eggs without eggs.)
  • Cold butter cakes with glaze and sprinkle with multicolored powder immediately.
  • Easter cake without eggs

    Usually, the cake is eaten the next day, but it tastes best in 2-3 hours after cooking. From this amount of products, 7 Easter cakes of various sizes were made – small and medium.

    Vegetarian Easter cake without eggs in the cut

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    Bon appetit and happy Easter!

    Juliya the author of the recipe

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    Comments (155) on "Easter cake without eggs"

    Thank you so much! Let’s bake tomorrow.

    Julia, homemade sour cream fit?

    You know, from home did not try. The dough may be worse, because it is very fat.

    Always such awesome recipes, thanks Julia))): *

    Julia, and you can not put yeast?

    And how do they fit you?

    And without yeast, absolutely nothing, or can something be replaced? We do not eat yeast for a long time

    If you have a starter, you can try it, it should work, but the process will be slightly different. The bread and bread on sourdough is excellent, but I didn’t try to make Easter cakes on it.

    the process of kulich on sourdough takes 4-5 days according to a certain pattern. I found the recipe in the old Italian monastic recipe book. I changed the flavors and flavors of their panetton under our cakes and it turned out great. But then again – from Tuesday to Friday, the fermenting process of the leaven is going on, so that then, on Saturday early in the morning, knead and the ferment has enough strength to raise the whole fat and sweet “report”

    2 years ago I also cooked kulichs on sourdough according to our Russian monastic recipe, I started activating sourdough in the evening, for the next day’s lunch the kuli were ready. Sweet dough with butter and milk rose perfectly with a lot of dried fruits and nuts. With yeast do not compare of course!

    And without yeast, you can? And thanks for the idea with the mold! ))) How all prsoto and brilliant!

    Albina, do you mean on sourdough? You can, I have already written above, but I have not tried. Somehow try and be sure to lay out the result.

    Did you do with flavoring or with zest?

    If you use dry yeast, how much to put them?

    1 sachet (11 g) of high-speed, for example SAF-MOMENT. If the usual dry, then a little more (Vrindavaneshvari below wrote that you need 2 sachets of 7 grams).

    Thank! everything worked out! and without yeast, on old kefir +

    Olga, you have made excellent cakes. I can not believe that sourdough. And for a long time coming up?

    I used old-aged kefir instead of milk, and my leaven is always fresh,

    Olga, and how much sourdough did you put in kefir? Rye or wheat? Thank.

    Are tea glasses just cups or glasses? Dough kneaded. Now in thought that under the form to use.

    Juliya Thank you so much! I used to bake using another recipe, but this time you made 2 mixes (one added turmeric for yellow). It turned out just great, soft, fluffy and golden! :)) Accept my bow! :))

    Thank you, Elena. I am very glad that you liked the cakes. And you take my bow

    I wanted to write to you immediately after cutting the cake, but there were some minor problems with the Internet, so I am writing just now! THANKS A LOT. I first cooked cakes, last Easter I was left without them at all, since I was already a vegetarian, this time I decided to take a chance, and my risk was justified! very – very tasty !! real cakes, I was delighted! Thanks my you there is no limit! though it didn’t happen without incidents for the first time)) overheated milk – as a result, the yeast fermented immediately, the dough did not rise, then added more dry ones – and it went) Thank you !! Thank you! and not only from me, but also from relatives, from whom I protected my sweet creations, because they had their own)))

    Thank you very much, Ekaterina, for such a wonderful review! I am very pleased that you liked it and everything worked out despite the incidents!

    Julia, please tell me. Can I replace sour cream with kefir? I want it to be less fat. I’m going to try out your recipe this year. I bought a silicone mold specifically for the cake.

    July-miniature, I think, is better for the first time to cook cakes on sour cream (15%) and exactly according to the recipe. Experimenting with the dough for cakes, I changed the ratio of products in the recipe, until I got the best result. But I did not try to replace sour cream with kefir.

    Hello Yulia! I want to bake cakes for your

    Coconut oil aha

    Good afternoon, Angela! Kulichi turn out sweet, but not much. Then add 300 grams of sugar, if you like more.

    Thank you, Julia!

    Julia HELP mi How many cakes from this amount is obtained? I need a maximum of two – small.

    Natalishna, from this amount of dough, 7 small Easter cakes of various sizes are made – molds-jars from under the olives, corn and peaches. On the third photo below they can see everything. Try to make 1/2 servings.

    Julia, thanks for the recipe, I will definitely try to make a cake without eggs. just tell me, is there any difference in the use of dry and pressed yeast? I only have dry ones, if I use them, will the dough rise just as well?

    Opali straight failed middle. Julia what did I do wrong? It tastes great

    Natalishna, I think, were either not long enough in the oven, or batter.

    So I, too, now thought that perhaps the dough was liquid, because they had fallen in the oven, slightly rose from the spread and the baaaaa-bah to the bottom. Put the second time dough, let’s see

    Julia everything turned out this time, the only thing turned out to be a low cake (I made a portion for one cake),

    Natalishna, I am glad that the cake turned out On health!

    Julia, can you tell me if you can bake (and knead) these cookies in the bread maker?

    Daria, you can in the bread maker. Just make sure that the dough is soft, but not liquid.

    And here, the opara approached the eyes, and after kneading the dough rose very poorly … In the oven, they barely barely approached a bit. Can. I made a cool dough, sort of soft, and then I read the comments that I had to sour not fat, but I had 25 percent ..

    Hello, Julia! The dough should be sticky, maybe it was really cool and because of this bad fit. Either the yeast was not very fresh …

    put kulichiki in the oven. I baptize my fingers. After 40 minutes I will report how everything turned out.

    It turned out awesome! Many thanks, great recipe!

    Christ is risen! Julia baked cakes for your

    Angela, it’s hard to say why this happened. Perhaps the dough stood when it came 2 times, so the third time it didn’t fit well, or the dough in the tins was in an insufficiently warm place, in a draft. In the oven, Easter cakes can fall off, there is a dough that stood when it came to, it was thin, or the shakers were shaken while they were put into the oven.

    Coconut oil aha

    This is a crime against the figure to spread such recipes! For the first time in my life I baked Easter myself according to your recipe, I’m afraid that I will eat my own face while I wake up, it’s impossible to break away from them. Replaced the yeast with a glass of homemade sourdough, it got a little longer, but the result is worth it! Thank you so much for the recipe.

    Maria, please share the homemade leaven recipe. I also refused to use yeast, and everyone loves baking at home. I really want to find a good, proven recipe for homemade leaven. Happy holiday!

    We have proven starter recipes on the forum: classic rye and wheat.

    I would like to share the recipe for the brush on the top of the cakes, found on some. one

    Oksana, thank you very much! Cool fudge!

    This year I tried your frosting. It is great. Thanks you.

    Ah, Julia))) I wrote a review last year, but I can not help it, such delicious cakes turned out))) Thank you once again from me and my family)) You are a sorceress!)))

    Thank you, Elena! I am very pleased!))

    I did it on sourdough, I also added kefir, (as someone has already mentioned here) and some milk. Everyone who tried it – everyone liked it. I would also like to thank you very, very much for your site. No one could even guess that these Easter cakes without eggs My mother says that she bought in three places of Easter, and also delicious, but my best! and the husband, even the store ones (whom we were treated to), did not eat, but preferred mine. So to you, Julia, a low bow from me.

    On health, Oksana. I am very glad that the recipe came in handy! It’s great that you bake on sourdough!

    Oksana, could you share in more detail the process of cooking Easter cakes on sourdough? I want to try to cook, but I do not know how much to put the yeast instead of yeast.

    For two years I have been preparing Easter cake according to this recipe. My liking is that now only such a recipe is favored by us.

    Just wonderful

    On health, Vrindavaneshvari! Thanks for the feedback! Great you come up with

    Julia, help please! I am trying to bake cakes … I made everything according to the recipe, only yeast added dry ones,

    Alena, try to put the container with the dough in a very warm place and so that there are no drafts. You can also add more yeast (dilute them in a small amount of flour and warm water and knead in the dough). You didn’t make the dough too cool? Did your opara foam?

    Opara froze, but not like you have in the photo,

    Thank you so much for the recipe! It turned out wonderful Easter cakes. Soft, ruddy, fragrant. The husband refused to wait all day until Easter and half already ate the bright holidays to you! Thank you

    Eugene, thank you! Delicious Easter cakes you get! And you with the upcoming Easter holiday!

    Hello Yulia! Thank you so much for the recipe for a cake without eggs. The fact is that our daughter is allergic and therefore she never ate Easter cakes at Easter. And about a miracle, with the help of your recipe we baked the most delicious cakes. No eggs. My daughter ate with great pleasure. The first cake in her life. Thank! Thank! Thank you! With Christ’s Resurrection!

    Alena, and how many dry yeasts have you added to the dough? I also do it with dry yeast, and even without a dough, I just sprinkle them into the dough. For the first time, I added one pack of yeast, and the dough went very hard. Now I add two packs, and the dough rises perfectly. Try Alain, this is somewhere 14 gr. My Easter cakes are also the most delicious, so everyone says. By the way, yeast-free cakes with soda are also excellent.

    Thank you for your advice!)) I added one bag (11 g), as Julia wrote in the comments. Probably it was necessary to add a little more truth. Or maybe the yeast was not very high quality. Unleavened cakes, too, will definitely try)) Only I have cakes associated with this slightly sour taste, which is given by the yeast, so I did not dare to bake them according to the yeast-free recipe, fearing that I would get an ordinary cake)

    Thanks so much for the recipe !! It turned out very tasty)

    Julia, thanks for the recipe. Incredibly delicious kulichiki turned out to be tastier than that of mom and mother-in-law, and they cook classic, of course, with eggs. Thank! Now I will bake this recipe every year. Christ is Risen!

    I want this year to bake pasok (I mean Easter cakes) for Easter. Julia, the question about the density of Easter cakes, they are quite fluffy in the photo, but I like dense, even a few gley paski. Do they taste like sweet ordinary pasca or fluffy buns?

    Viktoriia, cakes are not as fluffy as a roll. It tastes like paski. You can make them “heavier” by replacing another part of the milk with sour cream.

    Hello. Tell me, please, how to transfer the whole cooking process to the bread maker. There is no time at all, but I really want a homemade Easter without eggs. Or just a recipe to put all the ingredients, like in bread?

    Good afternoon, Olga! You just lay everything for bread, and raisins in a dispenser, yeast can be taken dry. And you choose a program so that there are two breakouts (Main or Sweet bread), and the crust is better than light.

    Actually. I can not believe that there will be a flavor and taste like Easter. We must throw your recipe. Thank!

    And why I do not see my comment on the site – did not reveal?

    Tell me, please, can I replace milk with something? For example kefir, syrovatkoy or diluted sour cream ?? Milk daughter absolutely can not …

    Oksana, it is possible. Thinned kefir or sour cream, too, I think you can.

    An unmatched recipe. When I was still not a vegetarian, I baked pascans as usual, with eggs, but without eggs it turned out to be equally tasty, and even, probably, even tastier !! Thank you very much!!

    Julia, I want to bake, only 50g of yeast per 250g of milk, not a lot of yeast for so much milk?

    Alla, the liquid in the recipe is not 250 g, but almost 650 g. This is normal for such a number of products. If the yeast is strong, it can be slightly reduced.

    The girls above wrote that dry yeast needs 2 sachets of 7 g each (with one sachet the cakes are not good), and one sachet just replaces 25 g of fresh ones.

    Good day! I made Easter according to your recipe 2 times and finally made sure that yeast should be 2 times less. And by the way checked on other recipes. There, too, without eggs and yeast less than 2 times.

    How did you get convinced? Ready paski stink yeast? I will put all the products according to the recipe, but I have already reduced the sugar in the cream in “Napoleon” … Such a savory turned out! Also, Yulia expressed the type of “what did you give in the recipe so much sugar to the cream?”

    Hello, your site is a miracle! Thank you for the good deeds that you are doing!) I was very interested in your recipe-free egg, I really want to bake tomorrow, but I only have homemade thick sour cream. I read in the comments that it is not very good, then can it be diluted slightly with water or milk to a liquid consistency? or what advise? thank you

    Laugh, you can dilute it with milk, or even better with kefir / yogurt.

    Thank you, Julia! Bright holidays blessed to you and delicious cakes!

    a testochko beautiful. I kneaded it, it began to stick off both from the pan and from the hands .. I got worried. She set and waited. All as written. An hour later, the dough remained the same. Not at all. I read that you need a warmer kitchen and a place to heat up and you can still mix a portion of yeast. She did it all. The dough has become much softer and stickier to the hands. I was delighted :) set wait. It took almost an hour, I look, and the dough never comes up … what can I do? Is there any option that it does not rise so, will rise in the oven when baking? If not, is it possible to fill out a form higher than 2/3 with such a dough? So that was not flat I will be very grateful for your answer!

    Angelish, and which yeast did you use? And did the brew? It shows immediately whether yeast is working or not. If it is foamed, then everything will be fine, and if nothing has changed, then the dough will not work. How is your dough now, did not fit?

    I put the dough in the oven, how it came out :) because the hostess: you can throw out so many products :) in the oven, they rose))) and now they are beautiful) I will buy molds next year! It is important! And then I later two batches of your other recipe Without a yeast! After the temple I will write what they have turned out)))

    Thank you for sharing such secret things as culinary art!

    Hello. I want to add about yeast. I have been baking sourdough bread for a few years now and I rarely use yeast in baking. Easter is one of these rare occasions. A standard pack of raw yeast is always immediately, while soft, I divide it into 6 parts and put it in the freezer. One piece comes out less than 20g. My trembling is “Lux”. Here on this piece today I made the dough to 1.5 liters. milk Everything rose perfectly. Baking came out very lush and tasty. I didn’t regret the muffins either (0.5 l of homemade sour cream, about 50 ml of sunflower oil and a glass of sugar) So, in fact, the amount of yeast can be reduced if they are good. And yet, someone above asked what is different from the dry from the raw. I do not like dry yeast. With them, baking always smells and turns out not so tasty.

    Paski turned out delicious and airy, but with a strong smell of yeast. What did I do wrong?

    Julia, cakes are just delicious. Very tasty . Cooked on sourdough, everything turned out. Thank you so much for such a wonderful recipe.

    Julia, thank you for the wonderful recipe! Everything turned out just super, very tasty! All the holiday!

    Thank. Everything turned out very tasty!

    Thank you from one more happy little man!))) For the first time I had my own desire to bake cakes. This requires a special attitude. And this page came first to me and I didn’t even want to look for other options. I got 14 little kulikov tricks. Fragrant, ruddy, wet inside (as we like), the tip is flat. The only caveat – it was possible to put the dough in the molds a little more, almost half of the form, and so had to cut the paper form. I am delighted and everyone who tried it, too!

    Lily, I am happy that you decided to cook and the cakes turned out tasty and beautiful!

    I try to make the kitchen very hot while lifting dough, I close the door and the oven is on. Then the dough fits very well! I remember when mom baked cakes, it was just impossible to be in the kitchen, it was so hot, and she had the most delicious cakes

    Yulia, I sincerely want to thank you for this wonderful recipe! For the second year, he helps me to delight my loved ones with delicious cakes! And this year I decided to take a chance and replace the yeast in this recipe with home-made sourdough, on which I often bake bread. I thought for a long time how to adapt it, how much starter to add. Generally very worried

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