Chinese medicinal tea

Chinese medicine preparations – natural and time-tested.

Chinese medicinal tea

We bring to your attention a wide selection of Chinese products for your health and beauty.

We chose Chinese medicine products not by chance with our specialization:

  • we all know that Chinese medicine has deep roots, the recipes of the oldest Chinese healers that use and sow the day are very popular, have long been known for their effectiveness.
  • Chinese preparations contain components of mainly natural origin, such as cordyceps, lingzhi mushroom, golden root (Rhodiola rosea), goji berry and

Treatment with Chinese drugs at all times has been and remains effective.

Chinese dietary supplements – effective health support

The modern rhythm of life, more than ever, requires us to constantly be in excellent physical shape. And in order for everyday tension and stress not to undermine health, preventive measures are necessary. Various bio-additives to food help perfectly in this, for example, bads for the whole family – universal Chinese dietary supplements suitable for everyone and everyone.

The range of Chinese drugs

In our online store "ChinaDoctor" You will find the best that Chinese medicine offers today in conjunction with the most modern biotechnologies: both perfectly balanced, restorative buds, and drugs that purposefully solve certain problems:

Chinese medicinal tea

Systematic treatment with bads, or rather, regular intake of dietary supplements, is something that will help you forget about real, chemical drugs, as it will prevent a lot of unpleasant diseases.

Cordyceps – a drug that grants the joy of life

Among the most proven drugs for the comprehensive prevention of various diseases and the restoration of health, we can note the amazing Chinese mushroom-parasite Cordyceps.

He is highly respected by the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom, and in many other countries of the world. In our store you can purchase it in its natural form (it looks like a root), in the form of an elixir, and also in capsules. Preparts based on this amazing fungus are presented in the Cordyceps section.

Preparations for potency: life in its entirety

Chinese medicine is traditionally famous for its ancient recipes from various ailments in the field of the sexual sphere, increasing potency in men.

Chinese medicinal tea

Among the long range of male and female potency enhancers, we are pleased to offer you Viagra tablets, as well as a whole group of drugs to increase potency.

The uniqueness of the Chinese tablets to increase potency is their dual effect. When a single dose, they cause an erection at the right time, usually exerting its effect for another 2-3 days. When systematically taking the bada to increase potency can have a lasting therapeutic effect and restore natural potency in 90% of cases.

Drugs to increase the potency of the bada help a man to feel his worth, to regain confidence in himself and all the joy of a full-fledged sex life. In addition to restoring a persistent erection, Chinese medicines for men prolong sexual intercourse and make sensations brighter during intimacy. They are suitable for men of any age.

As for women’s drugs, in our store you will find an impressive list of female pathogens. With these means, the woman is ensured to reach hitherto unknown.

Chinese preparations for women’s and men’s health

Women’s health is so fragile that we could not leave without attention.

In our store of Chinese drugs you can buy such popular preparations for women’s health in Russia as: female stick (chop stick) "Yujingxiang"Chinese tampons on herbs "Clean point" (Wedge Point), female suppositories "Xiaomi Shuang" etc. With regard to men’s health, we have in our assortment both Chinese firming pills and effective remedies for the treatment of prostatitis.

Means for losing weight – faithful helpers of your beauty

And, of course, we could not forget about such an important aspect of the life of any person as his figure, the bodily expression of the inner world. Your loved ones may say as many times as they like that they like you, but we know how we like ourselves!

The range of slimming products in our online store is selected so that anyone can choose what he likes. We have the means like "passive" losing weight that requires a minimum of effort, and "active" – the application of which will take you some time.

Chinese teas – enjoyment and benefits

In addition to high-quality bad, we offer Chinese teas – BaBao and other medicinal teas – exquisite compositions from tea leaves of different varieties and other healing herbal ingredients.

The magic power of Chinese tea lies in the fact that, being a gastronomic pleasure, it at the same time has a mild stimulating and harmonizing effect on the body.

Like all Chinese medicine preparations containing various natural herbal ingredients, Chinese teas are also varied in composition, among them purely specialized Chinese medicinal teas, for example, the well-known tea "Shenshitong" for the treatment of urolithiasis.

Chinese teas are able to keep you in excellent physical shape, promoting weight loss, cleansing the body, stimulating potency and performance.

Online store "ChinaDoctor" – take care of your health with us!

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