Check your sweat

And here’s another guessing from me :) But only, probably, she is not an amateur. ;)

In the box lay an album with pictures. when I saw the picture on the cover of the album, I started, a cold sweat broke through me, and my breathing quickened. It was a drawing of a white horse on a grassy field. And I knew this picture, but I could not remember what it means, and it hurt me. I opened the album and took out the drawings. It was a regular album of 36 sheets. In it were landscapes and portraits, made with watercolor. … Nine drawings looked quite like living ones, it seemed they were ready to leave their glittering surfaces at any moment. The drawings were cold to the touch and it was a pleasure to hold them in my hands. Suddenly, I realized that once I had the exact same album. I started laying out the portraits on the table in front of me. … In one of the portraits, my breath stopped for a second, and my heart nearly jumped out of my chest. It was me. I recognized myself and, looking at the drawing, I had the feeling that I was looking in the mirror. … All the portraits in the portraits were familiar to me, and well, I suddenly realized, I remember them all with all the strengths and weaknesses, I know what their strength is and how you can beat them. Because they were my relatives. I lit a cigarette from a pack lying on the table, leaned back in the chair and tried to understand everything that I remembered. They were my brothers, these 8 strange people dressed in strange costumes …

Aquamarinka. Just guessing.

And I do not want to peek. : /

DHQ This is Roger Zelazny "Nine Princes of Amber".

Professor, I warned that this guessing is NOT an amateur. ;).

* It just became interesting to me how our forum treats fiction.

Read Zelazny. But so, I do not remember the memory.

I am more familiar with Ray Bradbury. It would probably guess. And so, in my childhood, I loved fiction very much. =)

By nature, the Professor was a mediocre man. He didn’t stand out from among his peers, except for a heightened propensity to analyze. And he spoke like a normal, middle-illiterate major psychoanalyst. But when, in front of him, the prospect of becoming a chief psychologist opened up, he noted in his career, one very important pattern. The people love it when the psychologist stands out not with his mind and beauty, but with some noticeable flaw. For example, chrome, humpback, tongue-tied, bald and

We cannot wait for favors from nature, said the Professor. And he ordered to establish in Wonderjok the most favorable atmosphere, taking into account the season, local conditions and the needs of the forum population. The forum enthusiastically set to work. Spent a Saturday. Moved the counter plan. On the initiative of the guards, six months before the due date, they created an atmosphere of kindness and benevolence ahead of time. Life has become better, life has become more cheerful – said the Professor. Sociologists have calculated that according to the number of degrees of kindness per capita, Wonderjoki surpassed Europe and came close to New Zealand. Although sociologists thought the wrong degrees, philosophers unanimously declared that the pole of kindness, as the classics had predicted, had moved to Wonderjok. And nothing, it does not mean that we are lagging behind New Zealand. We do not lag behind. Although we have less degrees of kindness per capita than ours, our degrees work better, because they serve not the creeping farmers, but the labor forum members.

When the Professors got rid of, the excesses in the field of relationships were corrected. We cannot wait for favors from this. as her. Yo Mama. I say from nature, said the Consultant. It’s time to take over Germany. Psychoanalysis likes a good attitude. And they installed brutal kindness, replaced by philanthropy and even more brutal kindness. All the negative emotions Vonderjoktsy gave the enemy, and instead of aggression began to radiate, only positive. After the Consultant was eliminated, a normal melancholic atmosphere was established by itself, replaced by depressions, turning into aggression and now into tears.

AquaMarinka, please do not prompt. Maybe Nata, still guess. And then she, something is removed from our game.

Pretty close in meaning.

Do not be offended by a girl, this is a rather obscure piece. =)

Check your sweat

And it is written about Khrushchev and Stalin.

The most interesting thing in this assumption is that this work remains relevant today. So, it is not a bobble, but on the contrary, recognition. =)

Ah, I thought, Nat, that since you taught all the Chichikov jackets, you know absolutely everything.

Hello! :) I want to ask you another guessing game! I believe that many will have it in the teeth. :)

– Tell me, who lives around here? – asked the girl. “In this chamber, the Doctor waved his right hand in the air,” lives one Poludurak. Shaped Fool! And on this side, – and he waved in the air with his left hand, – the Moron lives. Became them, communicating with Durok. Bring someone you want. Both are crazy. – Why am I going to go crazy? – Girl babbled .- I am. I’d rather not go to them. “You see, this cannot be avoided anyway,” said the Doctor, “for we are all abnormal here.” I’m crazy. You’re crazy. “Why do you know that I’m not normal?” – asked Dvochka. “Because you are here,” the Doctor said simply. “Otherwise, you wouldn’t get here.” Although this answer did not quite suit the girl, she could not refrain from further questioning. – Why do you know that you are crazy? she asked. “Let’s start with the patient,” said the Doctor. “Let’s take a normal patient, not an abnormal one.” Agree? – Of course! – said the girl. “So,” continued the Doctor, “the patient cries when he is angry, and is silent when he is happy. He, as we agreed, is a normal patient. And I? I scream when I’m pleased, and keep quiet when I’m angry. Conclusion: I am not normal. – Do you shout? In my opinion, this is called jubilation, – said the Girl. “Let them be called anything,” said the Doctor. “Will you go for a walk in the park in the evening?” “Oh, I would really like,” the Girl said, “but I wasn’t invited by anything else.” “So until the evening,” said the Doctor, and left.

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