Chakras out of balance

Understanding and working with chakras is the key to healing your fears and limitations, opening up the possibilities of your life and releasing the spirit to achieve your dreams.

Chakras are not physical objects, they have no material form, it is part of the “subtle anatomy”. Nevertheless, they have a considerable impact on the human body, as they embody spiritual energy on the physical plane. Every thought, experience, every action is saved somewhere in our chakra system, so that we can have our own perception of life.

Each of the chakras is endowed with its own, clearly defined functions and is a window into the energy level, which has a direct impact on a person’s life, health, behavior, abilities and relationships with others.

Chakras out of balance

The perception of reality is the result of how you define your experience that has affected you in the past. Then we transfer these preconceived ideas or ideas based on past experience into our present life. You might think, “What is so bad about this?” Sometimes it is nothing, but this system of assessing your existence, depending on the perception of past experience, can significantly limit your creative possibilities. That is, for you it is not a pure and undistorted experience, but changed under the influence of past experiences.

Understand that your sensations are a constantly changing phenomenon. For example, two people may participate in the same event, but it is unlikely that their attitude to this case will be the same. In fact, from time to time, perception can be completely different.

If it helps you to relax from the thoughts of everyday life, then you are satisfied. But if you see something as a threat, even if indirect, then perception can limit your life.

Suppose you have had two or three painful experiences for a short period of time. The perception of this experience can be so strong that you are out of balance. This fear starts to close other possibilities, because you expect that the new experience will have the same negative result. These views are deeply rooted in your chakras.

Thus, within your chakras, there are some pretty strong feelings that have arisen over the course of many experiences. As a result, it prevents you from focusing on real experience and you lose other opportunities in your life.

Chakras can also influence the decisions you make in your life. Consciousness owns only about ten percent in the decision-making process. The subconscious is associated with the chakras and relies on the perception of every experience you have ever had.

Very often, before you consciously look at the situation, the perception inside the chakras in accordance with the subconscious mind has already filtered out information that the consciousness does not remember, thus greatly influencing the decisions you make. It is important to recognize that what happens as you live is not just a process of thinking. You can only hold a thought for a limited period of time, but your perception is constantly working behind the scenes, changing your life.

Chakras affect you in many ways, but how your perceptions stored inside the chakras can limit you, your life and the possibilities that will be presented are important.

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