Chakra for teapots

As experience shows, the word chakra causes most people, regardless of their native language (if it is not Sanskrit), distrust and rejection. I do not know whether this is due to its sound or lack of understanding of the meaning, but the fact remains. For seven years now, I have been trying to help people understand what lies behind this mysterious word and how it relates to our daily life.

Chakra for teapots

Chakra translated from the language of Scripture – just wheel. This is a very capacious symbol indicating a rotational movement. In this case, we are talking about the rotation of energy in human energy centers, which is easy to detect with a simple pendulum. The best is the movement of energy in a clockwise direction. The amplitude is also important – the larger the circle, the greater the amount of energy in the chakra.

The number of chakras varies in different systems, reaching three thousand. In this case, the main chakras are considered to be seven. They are located along the spine from the coccyx to the crown. The outermost chakras have one exit each, while the others have two exits – front and back. Thus, therapeutic effects with light, color or stone are possible on both sides.

It is not necessary to remember the original names of the chakras, since there are more understandable names adapted to European perception, indicating their location: 1 chakra – the root (muladhara), 2 chakras – sexual (svadhisthana), 3 chakras – the solar plexus (manipura), 4 chakras – heart (anahata), 5 chakra – throat (vishudha), 6 chakra – frontal (ajna), 7 chakra – coronary (sahasrara).

So, in more detail about the methods of exposure. Light therapy – light therapy is the oldest treatment method known to mankind. What could be better and more natural than sunlight? For millennia, people enjoyed sunbathing. Only in the last century it became aware of the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, and scientific thought began to look for ways to protect people from them.

The modern phototherapeutic device Bioptron of production Wollerau, Switzerland does not contain the ultraviolet part of the spectrum and is absolutely harmless to health. His invention by the Danish doctor Niels Ryuberg Finsen was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1903. The original device was very cumbersome. Currently, there are 3 modifications of the device: a large one – with a light filter with a diameter of 15 cm., A medium one – 11 cm. And a small one – 5 cm.

In addition to exposure to light, with a set of seven interchangeable color filters (they are equipped with medium and small devices) you can influence the chakras with color. Since the ideal vibration of each chakra corresponds to the color of the rainbow, you can never go wrong by choosing red for the first chakra, orange for the second, yellow for the fourth, green for the fifth, blue for the fifth, blue for the seventh and purple .

In the absence of the device Bioptron at hand, you can saturate the chakras with energy, just by coming into contact with a certain color. Combining colors in clothes and in the interior according to our taste, we unconsciously engage in color therapy. Unfortunately, in the event of a complete blockage of any chakra, a person excludes one or more colors from his life, thereby cutting off his own path to healing. Check your wardrobe!

Chakra lithotherapy is a huge topic that only a few lines will be devoted to in this article. The easiest way to rely in choosing a stone for the chakra is its color. However, this principle does not always bring the desired result, since it is also necessary to take into account the physical and chemical characteristics of the stone. It is very easy to harm yourself by choosing the wrong stone, because its vibration will immediately affect you.

Chakra for teapots

I strongly recommend that when planning to purchase jewelry made of stone for yourself or to someone as a gift, you should certainly consult with the lithotherapist. With a professional approach, the energy status of a person, the physical condition directly related to him, as well as astrological aspects are taken into account. If the choice is made correctly, you will get a reliable friend for many years.

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