Causes of salt addiction

The face is the most visible part of the human body, therefore it is not surprising that it is up to him to take care with special care and regularity. But even an abundance of creams, a healthy diet and the habit of visiting a cosmetologist does not mean that the acne on the face will not visit you.

General description of the problem

Subcutaneous boils do not manifest themselves immediately, and the beginning of their formation a person notices by a small seal under the skin. It gradually increases in size, and the pain is felt only when pressing on the hillock. As soon as the growth process stops, the subcutaneous neoplasm on the face begins to fill with pus, which causes the person to urgently squeeze out a hated pimple.

In the case when acne pushes appear immediately in the amount of several pieces, the body temperature may well rise.

Thus, it responds to a strong inflammatory process and gives a command about the need to take the necessary treatment measures.

Provoking factors

Without knowing why there are painful acne under the skin of the face, getting rid of them correctly and for a long time will not work. Cosmetic products and extrusions not only will not help, but will also aggravate the situation, leading to the formation of multiple scars, pigment spots and an extensive inflammatory process.

As a rule, acne on the face is a consequence of the abnormal activity of the sebaceous duct. But why they do not perform their functions fully and in the right mode?

The reasons here may be different:

  • Impaired separation of fat;
  • Clogged streams of the sebaceous glands themselves;
  • Wrong material exchange, occurring in the blocked glands and contributing to the onset of the inflammatory process;
  • The activity of skin bacteria;
  • Abnormal work of the gastrointestinal tract, its disease in the chronic and acute stages;
  • Too fast growth of hair follicles;
  • Disorders in the endocrine system. If this is the case, acne is not scattered all over the face, but only on the chin.

Modern therapeutic techniques

The most correct thing is to start treating acne by establishing the cause of their appearance, which is done in a medical institution.

Then you may be recommended to heal a cosmetological problem on the face using these techniques:

  1. Ozone therapy, since it is ozone that is afraid of red subcutaneous acne. With its help, it is possible to relieve pain, relieve swelling and stop the process of inflammation, restore collagen and elastin production in proper quantity, prevent scar formation and pigmentation;
  2. Elos-technology – the effect on acne blue light pulses, promoting active cell renewal and narrow pores. The procedure does not cause dryness of the dermis, does not make it irritated or overly greasy.

Nontraditional therapy

If you do not have the opportunity to establish the causes of the formation of subcutaneous acne in the proper order, then you can try to cope with a cosmetic defect on your face with the help of such home techniques:

  • Regular saline compresses. For them, a concentrated saline solution is made, in which pieces of cotton pads are moistened. They are superimposed on acne for 5 minutes, and the procedure itself is repeated only after a couple of days;
  • Daily baths with the addition of sea salt;
  • Red purulent tubercles permissible to burn with iodine. Remember that this procedure can leave behind dark and long-lasting blemishes on the face;
  • Hidden acne is locally and neatly treated with tea tree oil;
  • Red skin blisters on the face have long been treated with pieces of baked onions, which are attached in the right place with a patch. The application should be done at night, and removed only in the morning;
  • The pulp of the agave leaf, superimposed on acne, perfectly relieves inflammation and pulls pus out from under the skin. It is applied locally and fixed for the night with a plaster;
  • Washing with soap on the basis of birch tar perfectly disinfects the dermis on the face and makes it not so greasy and problematic;
  • Acupressure on acne homemade mask of white cosmetic clay helps to quickly cure tumors. For its preparation, the powder itself is combined with the pharmacy tincture of calendula to obtain a creamy mixture, a little lemon juice is injected into it, and all this is distributed over the acne.

Preventive action

Painful subcutaneous acne that appeared once on the face should not be considered a problem of three days. It indicates abnormal metabolism, malnutrition, and even hidden diseases. That is why for an explanation of what is happening you need to contact the doctors.

Having got rid of a cosmetic defect, of course, I want to prevent its return. What do you need to do so that acne never hurts and inconvenience?

The following general recommendations can be made in response to this question:

Causes of salt addiction

  • Avoid drafts that trigger subcutaneous boils;
  • Use high-quality cosmetics, and in the cold season do not forget about special protective equipment;
  • Do not neglect the elementary rules of personal hygiene, remove makeup before bedtime and wash more often;
  • Do not touch the skin with contaminated objects and hands;
  • Pay due attention to the quality of decorative cosmetics;
  • Review your diet and analyze your current state of health;
  • Give up the addictions and habits of squeezing acne.

Causes of salt addiction

The best thing you can do for the beauty and health of your face is to consult a professional dermatologist, a beautician, or simply your doctor.

He will advise which specialist you can turn to for targeted help, so as not to harm yourself, not to waste time, effort and money.

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