Can’t warm up

The flame of a candle shines quite nicely, but trying to keep warm with it seems insane. Meanwhile, just as a light source, a candle is an extremely wasteful device. But as a room heater, it may be useful. Under a number of conditions.

California inventor Doyle Doss (Doyle Doss) and his company DOSS Products offer the original Kandle Heeter system, that is, the “Candle Heater”.

This strange-looking candlestick, says its creator, may be indispensable when disconnecting electricity. Its height is about 23, and its width is about 18 centimeters.

And from its appearance the upturned pot over the candle draws attention to itself. The main highlight of the system is hidden in this pot (and it is in the “past life” as a flower pot).

This pot is not simple, but composite. It is made of three pots of different diameters, nested inside one another and connected by a long metal bolt, on which a whole pile of washers and nuts are strung (the hole in the bottom is usually already in the pots).

This intricate combination of ceramics and steel Quad-Core is called, and it is designed to trap the heat from the candle. But why?

An ordinary candle, burning in the room, gives off heat, as it seems, quite a bit. But the point here is that its hot “exhaust” simply goes up and quickly disappears with ventilation.

Meanwhile, the amount of energy in the candle is not so small. Moreover, with a hot stream of combustion products, most of its energy content goes away, and only a smaller one goes into the light.

The labyrinth cap over the flame collects energy and carefully accumulates it, heating up quite strongly (the central core is especially hot). And then this heat is slowly transferred to the air by the entire surface of the ceramic radiator.

The pots also help trap soot from the flames, which favorably affects the cleanliness of the ceiling.

The inventor emphasizes that one such device in no way will save you in the winter when the heating and electricity are turned off, but, on the other hand, it is better than nothing at all.

In addition, although this simple design is designed primarily for emergencies (and not only at home, but outside it), a mini-radiator candlestick can slightly reduce the cost of heating a room, adding a little warmth to a room occupied by people, while the house is “adjusted” by thermostats to a lower temperature. Here, however, still need to calculate the cost of one joule in the candle.

The heater is also equipped with a top-mounted stand that can hold a pot of soup.

Can't warm up

Before the fresh Kandle Heeter can properly heat the room, you need to wait for the residual moisture to evaporate from the ceramics. It may take 3-4 hours, notes Mr. Doss.

But then the owner of this thing can fully enjoy the soft heat, issued by the heater for a long time. It is necessary to store the unused device in a plastic bag so that moisture is not absorbed from the air.

Doss writes that a 4.25 ounce wax candle contains about 1 thousand British thermal units of energy. In terms of customary values, this is approximately 120 grams and 1.1 megajoules.

If we consider that such a candle burns for 20 hours or a little more, then it turns out that its energy production is 55 kilojoules per hour, which corresponds to a power of 15.3 watts.

Can't warm up

However, according to some sources, the total “useful output” of a wax candle of this size will still be higher. Closer to 3 megajoules. That will give an average power of about 42 watts. And if we carefully “look” at a paraffin candle, then perhaps we will find even more potential heat in it.

However, the exact number of heat of combustion is not so important. It is clear that such a candlestick cannot compete in the power of household electric convectors and oil radiators by 0.5-2 kilowatts. As long as there is current in the outlet.

Can't warm up

On the other hand, even in the presence of a kilowatt heater, you can hardly burn for a whole day without a break if you don’t want to go broke on your electricity bill. And Kandle Heeter, as already mentioned, has more than 20 hours on one candlestick. The only important condition: it can not be left unattended. Still open flame.

The American innovator believes that such heaters should appeal not only to people sitting at home, but also to those who rarely show themselves there, preferring traveling far from the bustle of civilization. Kandle Heeter should be a simple and cheap alternative to primus and other kerosene. And someday he can save the life of a person who, say, by car in a snow trap, in a blizzard.

Finally, this tiny firefly is just cute. “Kandle Heeter should remind us all that once we (people) were sitting in caves at night around the fire and telling each other stories,” says the inventor.

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