Caffeine makes you gain weight

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There are new people in our forum and they have questions where to start. Very often taken for granted and tested on themselves untested methods of losing weight. "drink some juice, eat one buckwheat or rice and

Once again I want to say such methods to lose weight is impossible!

Let’s reason logically. You want to deceive your body, but your body has a thousand-year memory in the form of genes and instincts. Nobody managed to deceive the body, it is necessary to be friends with the body, to listen to your body, and not your petty desires.

Today to your attention I offer article Lucy Bill:

Hunger the body – gain weight.

Have you ever wondered why you are gaining weight again after successful weight loss? It’s not about lack of will and self-discipline. You are a victim of your own physiology. It makes you gain weight as quickly as it has declined. In order not to gain weight again, you need to know the physiology of your body and how it works. Following the recommendations of many popular diets leads to the fact that the weight is again restored as a result, and it becomes even harder to fight it. Do not obey diets that lead to a weakening of the body.

Caveman and you

Our body is amazingly designed. From the food consumed, it releases energy and beneficial ingredients. Food that has not been converted to energy is stored as fat for further use. This is good, as fat reserves will save you in case of famine. Like most mammals, people with a good layer of subcutaneous fat can live for weeks without food. If you do not eat a few hours, you can fall into despair, but in fact the gap between meals can be quite long. You may become weak and sleepy, but you will survive. So, long live fat, protection from hunger! But what if hunger never comes? If you eat more than the body requires for life support, fat will accumulate. Today, many of us do not have to fear the lack of food, but our physiology remains the same. It differs little from the physiology of our ancestors, cave dwellers. Our modern genome, the original human genetic code, is almost completely identical to what it was 40,000 years ago. We use mobile phones and computers, cars and airplanes, but biologically we differ little from the people of the Stone Age. Cavemen knew a feast or famine. When it was possible to kill a mammoth, the whole family or even a whole tribe ate tasty food, providing them with high-quality protein, fat, B vitamins and minerals necessary for survival. Meat provided all this in a bioactive form better than any other product. In scant time, cavemen ate berries, fish, plants, until they managed to kill the game again. In times of hunger, the caveman’s metabolism slowed down to save energy. Whenever possible, his body increased fat, even while eating a meager amount of food. Why fat? Because it is a more efficient fuel than muscle. The more fat accumulated, the longer a caveman could live during a famine. When he and the other members of the tribe ate the game, they consumed it in abundance and abundance. The body of the cave man was wisely arranged. He knew that hunger lay ahead, and prepared for it. All the food eaten was turned into fat in case of famine. The body easily tolerated transitions from excess to hunger, which ensured the survival of the species. Your physiology is structured exactly like the physiology of a caveman. The body stores energy and accumulates fat when it feels that there may be a lack of food and nutrients. It stores fat when you overeat. It turns out that in the body fat accumulates at the same time as a result of malnutrition and overeating. Solving this dilemma is quite simple: eat enough food each day to provide yourself with energy and nutrients, but no more and no less.

Caffeine makes you gain weight

More about metabolism

The initial level of metabolism is different for everyone, and the reasons for this may be: – Age. The initial level of metabolism gradually decreases with age along with a decrease in activity and a decrease in muscle mass. – Paul. In women, the level is usually lower than in men. – Sleep. Over time, lack of sleep leads to a decrease in metabolism. – Physical activities. Systematic exercise increases the initial level of metabolism. – Nutrition. Prolonged malnutrition reduces the initial level of metabolism. – Thyroid hormones. A decrease in thyroid function leads to a decrease in the initial level of metabolism.

Caffeine makes you gain weight

Hungry metabolism

Our ancestor, a cave dweller, encountered daily difficulties, that is, could not always count on the next meal. In lean times, his body automatically switched to a hungry metabolism. The same happens with your body, but it does not lead to anything good. The trouble is that our body goes into a hungry metabolism at the wrong time. We do not starve. We want to lose weight! Most people experience a hungry metabolism when they follow a strictly restrictive diet for several weeks or months. Few people are able to withstand such a diet for a long time. When they cease to follow this diet, they begin to catch up. Cookies, pies, buns and sweets appear in the diet. The situation is aggravated by the fact that the body switches to emergency mode and begins to store fat in anticipation of a new hunger strike. The vicious circle is extended if we again go on a strictly restrictive diet. Instead of this modern form of gluttony or hunger, it is preferable to have a balanced diet according to the weight loss system at the same time as exercise, proper consumption and a positive mental attitude. Such a system involves a soft, gentle and healthy approach, so you can stick to it all your life, and not just to quickly lose your weight.

Suppose you abandoned a strict diet and following periods of compensation. However, you may develop a hungry metabolism. And this is how.

Receiving a signal of hunger from your stomach, corresponding to the indicator 0, you know that it’s time to eat. Do not skip meals. If you do, then give a signal to your body about the lack of food, and he will begin to store energy. This will accumulate fat. If the time has come to eat, and you are not hungry – that is, your stomach has not reached the state of 0 – you can skip the meal and not fall into a hungry metabolism. If you are hungry, be sure to eat.

Caffeine makes you gain weight

Development of individual hunger scale

Scale of hunger – a numerical system designed to help a person assess the degree of hunger of his stomach at any time. The individual hunger scale is so important for losing weight that it may seem strange to you how you still did without it. So how is the scale of hunger. The hunger scale can be any number system for counting the degree of hunger and filling the stomach. The lower value of the scale expresses the physical sensations caused by bouts of hunger, the highest – unpleasant or even painful sensations from filling the stomach.

Our hunger scale is measured in numbers from 0 to 10.

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