Cabbage benefits

Cabbage shredder electric household – an extremely necessary device for every modern housewife. After all, with its help you can quickly chop the required amount of cabbage of any quantity to cook borscht or soup. Also, the above device in the kit has several other tips for rubbing and cutting vegetables. In addition, some manufacturers offer their customers shredded cabbage with the function of chopping vegetables in mashed potatoes or slicing french fries. Read more about the above device.

Types of shredders

It is completely different with the electric shredder. This device is used by housewives to cut cabbage in large quantities.

Electric shredder for cabbage is made of several types. Each of them is designed for a specific type of work. So, there is a shredder for cabbage electrical household and industrial. The latter, in turn, are divided into several types:

  • device for vegetable base;
  • shredder for processing vegetable enterprises;
  • device that is used in the agricultural field.

Industrial shredders are distinguished by the following features:

  • have a relatively large weight (about 30 kg);
  • excellent power (up to approximately 1.1 kW / h);
  • vegetable cutting is carried out with a thickness of from 0.5 mm to 5.5 mm;
  • possess sharply ground stainless steel knives.

In one day, workers use an instrument to cut about 500 kg of vegetables. This is a very profitable device for enterprises with large scale production.

Electric shredder for cabbage: a brief description of the device

  • basically has a plastic case;
  • knives made of stainless steel;
  • the container for the rubbed vegetables is included in the package;
  • availability of a switch to control the speed of the device;
  • besides cabbage, it also perfectly cuts other vegetables;
  • has a function that allows you to grate beets or carrots;
  • the device is easy to use;
  • does not take much space.

Features of the choice of the above device

Experts advise to pay attention to the following characteristics of the device when buying it:

  • Functionality (types and number of attachments – depending on the purpose for which you want to use it).
  • Power device.
  • It also matters what material it is made from. High quality electric cutting necessarily has knives that are made of stainless steel, they are very sharp and do not get blunt during operation.
  • Existence of the button of blocking of automatic inclusion.
  • Producing country.

Overview of famous brands of the above device

The modern market of household appliances has a wide range of their choices. Well-known global brands advertise their electric shredders as the highest quality product. But what should an ordinary buyer do? How among the multitude of devices to choose really the right thing? So, a brief overview of the above special device for cutting cabbage:

  1. The ETM-2M electric shredder from Belvar is distinguished by the following features:
  • the device has various functions of cutting (large or small slices), shreds (medium, large or small), can rub vegetables;
  • there is a nozzle for slicing French fries;
  • has double electrical insulation device;
  • all metal wheels;
  • 130 W – power device;
  • knives move in the vertical direction;
  • has a prefix churn;
  • Belarus is a producing country.

2. Electric shredder for cabbage “Smile SM2711” has the following characteristics:

  • a universal device that not only chops, cuts and rubs vegetables and fruits, but also makes mashed potatoes;
  • on the pulse mode, this device works (only when pressing the button, the device turns on);

3. Moulinex Fresh Express Cube S s Stick cabbage shredder has the following features:

  • 280 W – device power;
  • has 5 different nozzles for cutting, rubbing (small and large) and shredding vegetables, including for french fries;
  • there is a compartment for nozzles;
  • France is a producing country.

Cabbage shredder: price in Russia and Ukraine

The cost of the above device depends on the number of nozzles and the functions it possesses. Cabbage shredder in Ukraine is sold at the following prices:

  • The electrominker “Belvar ETM-2M” costs approximately from 1079 UAH, the same device, but with a grater – about 1829 UAH.
  • Electric cabbage shredder “Smile SM2711” is sold in stores for 2150 UAH.
  • The Moulinex Fresh Express Cube S s Stick electromoking device costs around UAH 2442.

In Russia, the cabbage shredder electric “Smile SM2711” costs 4614 rubles, and the Belvar ETM-2M electrolinker costs 3640 rubles. The same device, Moulinex Fresh Express Cube s Stick, is approximately 7990 rubles.

The advantages of the above device

A shredder for cabbage (a vegetable cutter electric, in other words) has a number of preferential characteristics:

    • quite simple and easy to use;
    • has low power consumption;
    • it has high productivity (sometimes more than 250 kg of vegetables per hour – depending on the model of the device);
    • greatly facilitates human labor and saves time;
    • is a compact device and does not take up much space.

    Cabbage shredder electric household: reviews

    This electrical device is a device that has its own buying points. Experts advise, before you purchase the above device, you need to accurately determine:

    • what power of the unit is needed;
    • what types of cuts are needed.

    Cabbage benefits

    The buyer has the opportunity to buy an electric shredder with a special capacity where the sliced ​​vegetables are placed.

    Feedback from experts draw attention to the fact that, after all, a shredder of a famous manufacturer is the key to the quality of the device and its knives.

    Cabbage shredder electric household is a universal device that is simply a magic wand for modern housewives. In addition to the function of grinding this vegetable, this household unit in most cases has nozzles to cut the other vegetables. In addition, this electric device does not allow injury to the hands of its hostess, perfectly saves time, prevents the onset of tears from the smell of onions, helps to make the dishes very beautiful.

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