Brushing dogs teeth

Small funny creatures with red spots – breed of dogs welsh corgi. Although these animals have been known for a long time, in wide circles this breed has not received distribution. If there is a need for a devoted and cheerful friend for the whole family, it may be worth getting to know this dog better?

Brushing dogs teeth

It is not known when the dog of the Welsh Corgi Pembroke first appeared. During its existence, the history of occurrence has acquired a huge number of legends, so now it is difficult to say which of the options is true.

One of the versions suggests that the first puppies were found by children who were herding cattle. The little shepherds decided that it was a little fox and brought them into the house. Parents told the children that these were dogs and that they were presented by elves. Children grew up, and puppies grew up with them, learning to feed animals. This legend of the appearance of the corgi is very beautiful, but has no relation to reality.

More credible is the version according to which the breed is a descendant of the Lundehund who were brought to Britain in the 9-10th centuries by the Vikings. These dogs were distinguished by large ears, set in a special way, which protected the auditory canal from moisture, wind and other environmental influences.

The dog of the Welsh Corgi Pembork breed (the last name is given in honor of the county in which the first puppies were bred) was created to help people feed the cattle. For a long time, dogs with the most pronounced herding qualities were selected. Since the work for which the breed was bred required a certain set of qualities, the selection was rather tough.

In official exhibitions, the breed of dogs Welsh Corgi appeared only in 1925. Although the pembork and cardigan outwardly differed quite strongly, in exhibitions they were listed as a single breed. This situation persisted until 1934. It was then that the British club decided to isolate the Welsh Corgi lines into different breeds: the pembroke and the cardigan. In addition, it was decided to stop the tails of the Pembrokes, which made even more differences in the appearance of the dogs of these breeds.

Despite the likely common ancestor and high similarity of these breeds, their distribution in the world is not uniform: the pembroke is much more popular than the cardigan. Probably, it had an effect and location to the breed of the royal family. Since 1933, when the Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies were donated by the Duke of York to his daughters, the Queen is a fan of the breed and later the best expert.

Brushing dogs teeth

Quite small, energetic dogs whose main skill is to graze cattle. The breed of dogs is a Corgi characterized by an oblong body with coarse thick hair. The undercoat is soft. The head and tail shape are like foxes.

Breed standard

Breed dogs welsh-Corgi cardigan, as well as the Pembroke, has standards for all indicators. Thus, the height of the animal at the withers should be 27-32 cm. They weigh 11-17 kg.

Color can be any, with spots of any color or without them, but white color in any case should be on most of the body.

The shape of the head is close to the fox. The skull is flat and wide. Weakly expressed the transition from the forehead to the nose. The narrowing of the dog’s muzzle is observed towards the nose.

The front paws are somewhat curved, they are round, large, but compact. The tail of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi was arrested, the cardigan – long, fluffy, lowered in a calm state.

The breed of welsh corgi dogs and their characteristics are an important part of the knowledge about this animal. Without studying the nature of the breed can not be decided to take this animal into the house.

Welsh Corgi – cheerful, optimistic dogs, absolutely loyal to their pack. Despite their small size, they are strong creatures, whose bones are able to withstand the strong embrace of the crowd of children. They are great friends for kids and for older children. Corgi gladly run with the children down the street or at home.

Some individuals may be more dominant than is acceptable, but with proper upbringing, this does not turn into a significant problem.

Since the Corgi breed of dogs is made for grazing, these animals tend to gather in one place everything that moves. Even puppies, these dogs can bite the owners for the heels in order to make them move to where the animal needs. Proper training can help cope with this habit.

Despite the stubbornness inherent in all herding dogs, welsh corgi puppies are very well trained. In addition, they get along well with other pets. For a more prosperous cohabitation to acquaint the pet with other animals is necessary at the youngest possible age.

The breed of dogs Pembroke Welsh Corgi is characterized by excellent guard qualities. Its representatives are mistrustful of strangers and will certainly begin to bark as they approach the house of strangers. Far from being the largest dogs, they always protect their families, even from the aggressor, which is much larger than them. The males of this breed may be particularly aggressive.

The breed of dogs welsh corgi presented to the world of zhvotnyh with excellent health. They have strong immunity, do not have the indispensable chronic diseases that accompany the breed. Hereditary diseases were not open either. However, there are a number of diseases to which this breed has a certain tendency, so you need to be attentive to all the symptoms that may indicate one of the following diseases:

  • Epilepsy.
  • Obesity.
  • Glaucoma.
  • Degenerative myelopathy.
  • Crude eczema.
  • Corneal ulceration.
  • Difficult childbirth.
  • Progressive retinal atrophy.
  • Dislocation of the lens.

Content Features

The breed of dogs welsh-corgi is characterized by a rather small growth, such pets do not require special care. The paws of these animals are short, but they are quite sporty and bright. In this case, a large number of loads of dogs do not need. This makes it possible to get this breed as a sports people, leading an active lifestyle, and calm homebodies. The dog easily adapts to life in the city, feels great in the limited space of the apartment. Even animals get used to the climate quickly, however, due to the thick undercoat, dogs tolerate colds better than excessively high temperatures.

Despite the lack of need for high physical exertion, dogs of the Welsh Corgi breed need regular walks. And walks can be both long and active, and quiet half-hour around the house.

Pet grooming is minimal. It is necessary to comb the dog not too often, but regularly enough to prevent the formation of tangles caused by loss of the undercoat. It is especially important to pay attention to wool in autumn and spring – during the molting period. Be sure to brush the dog’s ears and teeth. It is necessary to bathe an animal in process of pollution, applying only special shampoos.

Corgi puppies are very unpretentious in food. They easily get used to dry food and natural food. Nevertheless, experts recommend to give preference to natural food. In addition, round-the-clock access to fresh water is required. This is especially important if the dog eats dry food.


Finding a Welsh Corgi nursery is easy. There are a lot of them both in our country and abroad. There are a large number of private breeders who offer promising puppies from excellent producers. It’s hard to say how much a Corgi dog is. The price of a particular puppy depends on many factors: on the gender of the puppy, on the status of the parents, on behalf of the nursery, and so on. Puppies brought from abroad will cost an order of magnitude more expensive than dogs from the litter of domestic producers. Given that this breed is generally not cheap, the cost of individual representatives can be very high. More or less the average price – from 40 to 70 thousand rubles for a puppy. The price below this threshold indicates a low quality individual. Much higher will be the price of puppies from manufacturers-champions of the world.


This breed has only the best and optimistic reviews. The breed of dogs welsh-corgi has a lot of advantages, such as endurance, high adaptive qualities, excellent health, visual appeal. Loyalty to children and animals makes this breed especially attractive for families with children. Good learning, obedience, intelligence, sociability, self-esteem. A pembroke Welsh Corgi dog has a sense of tact and a sense of humor, which is not often seen in animals.


Like other animals that become the center of the family, this breed is very easy to spoil, which spoils the character of the dog. For this reason, it is very important to properly educate and train a pet. It is also desirable for the owners to undergo training in order to be able to properly prioritize the family, which the dog perceives as its pack. In addition, like Welsh Corgi, similar breeds of dogs by physical characteristics tend to be obese. Animals elongated in length, it is especially important to monitor the weight. Excess weight causes spinal problems.

Do not forget that any dog ​​is an individual. Despite the many standards and descriptions of the breed, it is your puppy that may not meet all the expectations. However, any pet needs family and love, regardless of its nature.

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