Broken middle finger

Many centuries ago, long, well-groomed nails were a sign of the nobility of the class. After all, only representatives of the nobility could afford not to engage in manual labor. Thus was born the belief that a broken nail is a harbinger of the deterioration of material well-being.

Nowadays, you will not surprise anyone with the presence of manicure and long nails, but superstitions on this matter still remain.

The shape and color of nails, for example, can tell about the state of health and character of a person. The bad habit of gnawing nails, according to our ancestors, is a constant companion of energetically weak people, who in life are haunted by failure and disappointment. At the same time, a young lonely girl constantly breaking nails are a sign that it is time for her to get married.

Why break a nail on his left hand

To break a nail on the left hand – a sign as a whole is quite good. This means that all the obstacles to your success have disappeared. Nothing will prevent you from now implementing your plans. But there is a reservation to accept: if you notice a small white speck on a broken nail, get ready for unexpected situations in your business.

If several nails on the left hand were spoiled at once, you are too impatient and want to get everything at once. Do not count on quick results. To get what you want, you will need a lot of time, hard work and effort.

It is important to note that the interpretation of omens will differ, depending on which finger you broke the nail on.

Broken nail on the thumb of the left hand predicts an unexpected, but very pleasant meeting. Perhaps you have been waiting for this meeting for a very long time. In addition, you will find a successful completion of all cases.

Breaking a nail on this finger is a good sign for those who have recently been harassed at work. Your problems will be solved very soon in your favor. Your work will be appreciated. Your opinion will begin to listen. Conflicts with superiors or colleagues will be settled.

Your risk will be justified. You will have the opportunity to get a large amount of money without much effort. If you are planning to go on vacation – you will find a lot of positive emotions and joyful moments.

This finger with a broken fingernail warns you of a very favorable period in your life. You are waiting for good news, gifts or winnings, professional growth and promotion on the career ladder. In private life, too, will come a bright streak. Lonely will find their love, and family will come to an understanding.

Break the nail on the little finger of his left hand – to change. This may be a marriage, a device for a promising position, relocation. Your financial situation will soon improve, things will go uphill.

The luck has broken the nail on the right hand

When a person breaks his nails – this is not a pleasant phenomenon. But if the nails break on the right hand, in addition to the discomfort, this also carries a bad omen.

Signs in this case foreshadows you continuous failures and the collapse of all plans.

If you managed to break a few nails on your right hand, then the negative meaning of omens is magnified at times. This may mean that you have chosen the wrong path and you urgently need to change something in your life.

In order to determine why the nail on the right hand is breaking, it is important to take into account on which particular finger the nail breaks down.

If the nail on the thumb of the right hand has broken, then omen promises you big problems. The case you started is doomed to failure. Fortune turned away from you and in the near future the situation is unlikely to change for the better.

As the nail on this finger is spoiled, so your reputation may be damaged. You risk losing credibility in the eyes of colleagues and loved ones. Problems can affect the sphere of personal life. You occupy a losing position in some important matter.

You will find a difficult road. The business trip will be accompanied by many obstacles. A trip to rest – minor troubles, which will knock out the ruts and spoil the impression of the whole trip.

To break a nail on a ring finger of the right hand – to conflicts with relatives. A sign promises a misunderstanding in relations with relatives – discontent, reproaches and offenses.

This nail on the right hand breaks down to losses. You risk losing a large amount of money. It may also portend a serious quarrel with a loved one or close friend.

The value of fingers in the esoteric

Each finger, in terms of esotericism, has its own energy value and sphere of influence.

Thumb symbolizes the mind, the intentions of man, his stubbornness and willpower. This finger is an indicator of human vitality and energy, which characterizes his goals and desires.

Forefinger responsible for power and influence on people. With this finger we give orders, as it were, indicating what we need. We also threaten them if our will is not fulfilled. This finger symbolizes the leadership qualities of a person, his determination and control over the situation.

Middle finger personifies the life of a person, his fate. This finger is responsible for the personal qualities, spirituality and purpose of the person, as well as for his conscience and moral principles.

Ring finger – a symbol of the sphere of heart affairs and health. Not for nothing on this finger to wear a wedding ring. He is responsible for relationships with loved ones, family affairs, love and loyalty.

Broken middle finger

Little finger responsible for unexpected twists of fate, gifts and surprises. This finger is identified with changes, fateful events. It is also an indicator of your sociability, friendliness and openness to the world.

White spots on the nails: the meaning of omens

Often on the nail plate you can see small white specks of different shapes. Doctors claim that this is due to objective processes occurring in the body. And superstitious people, in turn, attribute their specific meaning to the white spots on the nails. Many people will be connected with this phenomenon, therefore it is important to take into account on which finger the white mark appeared.

On the thumb white spots portend profit. It can be a valuable gift or bonus. Another value signs – getting a good promising position with high wages.

On the index finger – to anguish and sadness. Also, this sign indicates loneliness and the need to care for loved ones.

Broken middle finger

Middle finger may be covered with white spots before a major purchase. Omen promises joy. The more spots appeared on the nail plate, the more joy awaits you.

On the ring finger Markings warn of trouble. These spots can talk about serious discord in the family up to divorce, problems with self-realization, financial difficulties. To avoid problems in the future, you need to urgently cut off this nail.

Broken middle finger

White specks on the little finger Herald mutual love, strong friendship or a pleasant journey. The mark on this finger can be a precursor of a meeting with your soulmate and even a quick wedding. However, such specks may appear and subsequently experienced stress from a conflict situation.

It should also be mentioned that the appearance of white markings on the nails of a sick person indicates his speedy recovery.

Three specks on different nail plates of one hand foreshadow great success and luck in the started business. The same three spots on the nail plates of different hands – a bad sign, signifying the onset of problems and troubles at work.

What day do I need to cut my nails

Folk omens can tell us even about which day of the week it is better to cut your nails in order to attract good luck into your life or to get rid of urgent problems.

Before you begin to do a manicure, you need to consider that cutting nails on different days of the week will have its special meaning.

On Monday, putting your nails in order, you can get rid of longing and sadness, get rid of all the troubles that have been tormenting you lately. Cutting nails on this day also contributes to improving male and female health.

Manicure on Tuesday It will also help attract fortune to your destiny. You will be able to quickly reach your goal and clear your mind of sad and disturbing thoughts.

On Wednesday nail cutting will help you make an important decision that will play a key role in your future fate. So you get control over the situation, get rid of the accumulated negativity and stress.

Having a manicure on Thursday, you quickly come to your goal. This mainly concerns your self-realization in business and professional spheres. You will gain confidence in yourself, faith in your own strength.

On Friday nail cutting helps to preserve youth and beauty. However, in an effort to rejuvenate the main thing – do not overdo it. Continuous processing of nails on Fridays can lead to depletion of the vital forces of the body.

A haircut on Saturday will help to establish a personal life. This day is the most favorable for nail care.

On Sunday, on the contrary, it is not recommended to do manicure. This day should be devoted to rest, cleansing and filling the body with energy.

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