Books to help you find yourself

We often want to change our lives, but sometimes we lack something, and we cannot even understand what it is. But in our age of accessible information it is not at all necessary to “reinvent the wheel” yourself – you can take advantage of the experience of people who have already traveled this path and achieved success. We offer you a selection of seven useful books on self-development.

Books to help you find yourself

1. Tina Silig, “Make Yourself”

This book will be useful, first of all, for those who want to create their business, support and develop it: “Do it yourself” not only contains practical advice, but also helps you learn to think in the right way – just like real entrepreneurs think. The book teaches not to accept difficulties, such as lack of start-up capital, as an insurmountable obstacle, but to consider them as an incentive for self-improvement, as milestones on the path to the “self” that you want to become – a successful, self-confident person who sees the opportunities offered him around the world, and can apply them at their discretion. No idea? The book will help her find. Are your hands down? The book will tell you where to get the energy and enthusiasm needed to start a business career, and how to use your imagination to the maximum.

It is noteworthy that the author of the book, Tina Silig is a practicing entrepreneur, in addition, she reads a course on entrepreneurship and innovation at Stanford University: her hobby is a non-standard approach to business in general and thinking in particular. By the way, many of her students did not listen to the course, because they understood what to do and left the university to start their own business – now they have become successful entrepreneurs.

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2. Kelly McGonigale, “Willpower”

Kelly McGonigal in her book helps to cultivate and strengthen willpower, her technique is suitable for each person. The reader is offered a ten-week course in which he, by performing practical tasks and following the recommendations indicated in the book, will be able to better understand his capabilities – in other words, realize that he can do anything he wants: to get rid of his bad habit, to create his own business, do sports or find a job that will be loved. Strictly follow all the recommendations is optional: you can find and apply in your life a technique that is right for you.

Books to help you find yourself

In addition, the book can teach to keep yourself in hands when it is especially difficult, and to manage your emotions and desires when necessary. The technique has already helped many people gain success, and Kelly McGonigal’s training courses, which served as the basis for the book, have been awarded numerous prizes and awards.

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3. Les Hewitt, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen “Whole Life”

Often the main difficulty in achieving their goals is the inability to prioritize – to set a goal for themselves and to plan steps for its implementation. In addition, the book will help you to understand which of the planned goals are really important and can help you in the future, and which ones should be discarded, since they do not carry anything useful in themselves.

Another stumbling block is that, having set a goal, a person cannot always find time to accomplish it or, on the contrary, plunges into work, forgetting about rest and personal life. The book contains techniques that help you find time for everything and enjoy equally all aspects of life.

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4. MJ Ryan, “This year I …”

“This year I …” is another book about how to increase your efficiency. If you are afraid of changes in your life, you will find useful tips in the book on how to overcome your fear and learn to enjoy change. Thanks to the advice outlined in the book, along with practical techniques and illustrations from the life of people who have managed to make their life exactly what they want, anyone can understand their own unique advantages, learn how to use them for their own good and make their lives in all senses richer and more interesting, implement plans and fulfill dreams.

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5. Neil Fiore, “Easy way to stop postponing things for later”

The book contains primarily tips on how to deal with procrastination – the constant postponement of unpleasant thoughts and deeds that you don’t want to do at all, despite the obvious need. Many people in the modern world are really inclined to act in a similar way, and as a result, making incredible efforts, they do everything in one day. The result often becomes not satisfaction, but, on the contrary, stress and sheer unwillingness to move on.

Psychologist Neil Fiore, a practicing psychologist, believes that procrastination is only one of the symptoms of deep-seated manifestations of the subconscious: he believes that it is not the manifestations that need to be influenced, but the causes — a loss of motivation for a certain activity and a desire for perfectionism. Fiore has been practicing his technique for more than 30 years, and his book has been published in all languages ​​of the world since 1989.

The book contains practical advice on how to tune yourself in the right way, change the attitude from “I have to” to “I want” and stop being afraid of failures — it will be useful to people from any professional field.

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6. Josh Kaufman, “Myself MBA”

Many prominent entrepreneurs do not have an MBA degree, which does not prevent them from being successful people and starting a business. The fact is that the essence of a successful businessman is not in a diploma, but in his personal qualities: as a rule, such people are not afraid to take risks and learn something new, because they believe in themselves. They understand the aspirations and needs of other people, understand the laws under which the business operates, and simply do what is most beneficial in the circumstances.

Josh Kaufman is an outstanding manager who does not have an MBA. Instead of going to university, he chose to study “in practice” – he began working at Procter&Gamble “and quickly achieved success. Accordingly, he wondered why a diploma was needed if one could learn so without receiving unnecessary information. Soon he found out that the same question interests many people and wrote the book “MBA to himself”, which describes in detail how to start a business, not to stop there and learn things that will be useful for you. In addition, Kaufman talks about traps and pitfalls in the business world, which is especially useful for a budding entrepreneur.

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7. Kerry Gleason “Work Less, Work More”

This book is about how to work as efficiently as possible, and not to experience stress, but to get pleasure from work, in addition, the book teaches you to do all the necessary work on time and at the same time find time for yourself. Kerry Glisson describes in detail how to get rid of permanent work-related overwork and properly organize workflow in such a way that not a single second is wasted.

Books to help you find yourself

The reader will learn about how to keep a diary, how to work with incoming information and e-mail and how not to get buried under an avalanche of papers and orders. Kerry Gleason is one of the leading practitioners in the PEP personal effectiveness program. The book will be useful to managers who want to help their subordinates to work with maximum commitment and develop their merits.

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Books for review provided by the publishing house “Mann, Ivanov and Ferber”

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