Best sleep time for good health

Every person needs a good, good dream. It is he who provides the rest, during which the entire body is restored. However, not everyone knows the rules of healthy sleep. Their non-compliance can significantly affect our well-being.

Best sleep time for good health

Important periods of sleep

Everyone knows the division of people into “owls” and “larks”. The first fall asleep in the deep night and, accordingly, wake up late. The second category of people is characterized by the fact that they rest quite early. Of course, getting up early in the morning doesn’t scare them at all. However, experts increasingly agree that this section is not physiological. In other words, it’s all a matter of habit. The most useful sleep lasts from 22:00 to 2 am. It is during this period that the brain rests actively, the emotional state stabilizes. Therefore, the rules of healthy sleep suggest that it is best to fall asleep until at least 23:00. This moment is especially important for women, because they are by nature more emotional. Improper bedtime increases irritability, and even aggressiveness.

Sleep hormone

In the human body (namely, in the brain) is a small gland – the epiphysis. It produces two types of hormones. During the day, the pineal gland produces the hormone of happiness – serotonin. At night, iron is responsible for producing melatonin (the sleep hormone). It is extremely important for the body. Melatonin takes part in the processes of regeneration and rejuvenation, normalization of mental and emotional state. It also directly affects the restoration of the cardiovascular, immune systems, their proper operation. It is noticed that the most active hormone is produced in the period from midnight to 02:00. Good sleep rules point out that melatonin is produced exclusively in the dark. As a result, daytime sleep does not contribute to its development.

The quality and quantity of sleep

The time required for recuperation is different for men and women, adults and children. On average, the rate of sleep is 8-9 hours (in some cases and 7) for a healthy adult. There are exceptions: some people need less time to rest. For others, on the contrary, only a couple of extra hours of sleep relieve fatigue accumulated during the day. In order for rest to be complete and effective, it is important to remember the 10 rules of healthy sleep. The first of these is this: do not sleep if the body does not feel the need for it. Much more important is not how much time we spend in the embrace of Morpheus, but how well our body recovers. The rules for healthy sleep recommend going to bed at about the same time. Such a habit would be like programming the body to fall asleep, which will help to avoid insomnia and other similar disorders.

Best sleep time for good health

How to organize going to bed

No less important for high-quality rest and factors such as bedding, night gowns, etc. The rules of good sleep recommend carefully ventilate the room before rest. Temperatures above 22 ° C are not comfortable and will not fall asleep. Best of all, if it is within 20 ° C. Do not forget about the regular wet cleaning of the bedroom. In the place of soft toys, statuettes, they will start vases: it is much better to breathe fresh air than dust. Probably, few people know that the wrong pillow can lead to chronic headaches. Pay attention to the mattress. It must be of high quality, comfortable, tough enough. The rules of healthy sleep indicate that night pajamas should only be made from natural fabrics, not constrain movements and tightly fit the body. Bed linen is also exclusively from quality materials: cotton, flax. Experts recommend sleeping in the fetal position – it is this position of the body that is useful both for the body and as a preventative of snoring.

No less important rules for healthy sleep

Heavy food eaten before bedtime is the enemy not only of our figure, but also of healthy rest. Indeed, at a time when the body must relax and rest, the digestive system will work to its fullest. You should not resort to the other extreme – to fall asleep with a rumbling in the stomach. It is best to satisfy hunger with something light: kefir, salad, fruit. Alcohol also belongs to the category of those substances that adversely affect the recovery process. Coffee, tea have a tonic effect, so they are best consumed in the morning. Physical activity is a guarantee of good health and allow you to keep your muscles in good shape. Before going to bed, it will be better to do light exercises, but it is undesirable to overwork. Another important point that promotes good sleep is sex. You should not solve and think about current problems before bedtime. Our brain will be hard to relax and tune in to rest.

Children’s Sleep Rules

From the moment of birth, the baby is literally sleeping all the time. He does not distinguish between day and night. But even at this moment it is important to properly approach the issue of rest. The basic rules for organizing a child’s sleep at the age of one year are as follows: a hard mattress, a well-ventilated room, and comfortable clothes. Pillow up to a year and does not need. It is important to teach the child to the fact that he has his own cot, where he should rest. Psychologists and pediatricians do not have a common opinion about the joint dream of mother and baby. Each family must make their own choices. To make falling asleep easy, it is worthwhile to work out a special ritual of going to bed. It can be bathing, lullaby, reading fairy tales. The rules of healthy sleep for children are strongly recommended to limit the moving and emotional games in the evening. It is better if it will be easy intellectual exercises.

Sleep at school age

As a rule, by this period, daytime sleep ceases to be relevant. Therefore, it is necessary to provide the student with adequate night time for rest (on average, 10 hours). The rules for healthy sleep for schoolchildren are the same as for adults: a well-ventilated room, a comfortable clean bed, and a light dinner. It is very important to limit watching TV and computer games in the evening, because it is the most powerful pathogen for the nervous system. Before going to bed, it is better to take a walk in the fresh air, the lessons should be prepared during the day. The best time to go to bed is from 22:00 to 23:00, but not later.

If the student also goes in for sports, attends some sections, then he may need more time to recuperate. It is worth remembering that a well-rested child is more attentive, he is not naughty and diligently masters science.

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