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Become the owner of bright and thick eyebrows with a beautiful shape has become easier than ever, thanks to the waterproof pencil with the effect of a tattoo of 7 Days Eyebrow Tatoo, which buyers regularly leave reviews. Super resistant eyeliner is completely safe, does not overdry the skin and does not interfere with the natural growth of hairs. Waterproof tattoo 7 Eyebrow eyebrow can be bought through the official website of the manufacturer, the link to which is below.

What is a tattoo eyebrow 7 Days Dyebrow Tatoo

7 Days Dyebrow Tatoo is a marker eyebrow pencil with the effect of tattoo. After applying the eyeliner once, the result is saved for one week.

In rainy weather, when you visit the sauna, swimming pool or swimming in the sea, you can be sure that the tool will not be washed off. Super resistant eyebrow eyeliner is equipped with a comfortable natural-hair brush with a fine tip that helps draw a line, making the perfect shape. In the process of applying, while the tattoo remains wet, you can easily correct the shape with a cotton pad, cotton swab or other convenient object.

One pack is enough for about 3 months of use, while the liner does not dry out, completely retaining its liquid consistency.

7 Days Eyebrow Tatoo can be bought in one of two presented shades – black or dark brown.

What is included

The main active ingredient of the cosmetic product is dihydroxyacetone, which has a coloring property and provides long-lasting durability.

The composition of 7 days eyebrow tattoo also includes glycine, plant extracts, including castor oil, rosemary leaves extract, etc. Natural components are responsible for strengthening, nourishing hairs and additionally caring for the skin, moisturizing them.

The advantages over the tattoo

Permanent makeup allows you to make eyebrows more expressive and beautiful. However, this procedure can also bring negative consequences, among which the most common allergic reactions. In addition, it is impossible to perform a tattoo during menstruation, during pregnancy, lactation, the presence of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and other internal pathologies. In addition to contraindications, a permanent tattoo in the beauty salon is fraught with the fact that you can become infected with diseases such as hepatitis or AIDS with the careless attitude of employees to the processing of tools.

Benefits ala

In contrast to the salon procedure eyebrow pencil 7 Days eyebrow has the following indisputable advantages:

  • hypoallergenic and safety;
  • tattoo effect;
  • lack of irritation and other negative reactions;
  • long lasting result (up to 7 days);
  • simplicity and ability to use at home;
  • economical use (up to 3 months);
  • affordable cost.

Benefits ala

Unlike powder and shadows, which are used by many girls and women for adjustments, the result obtained during the application of Eyebrow Tatoo looks much more natural. Existence of a convenient ultrathin brush from natural pile allows to draw each line ideally and to achieve an expressive look.

How to use tattoo pencil

Eyebrow correction with a pencil 7 Dace Aybrau Tatu does not take much time. To carry out the procedure is permissible both in the morning and at night, while you can be sure that the result will remain in the right place, and not on the pillow.

If you use liquid eyebrow pencil for the first time, then you should practice drawing lines using other means, for example, light pencil or shadows. It is also recommended to outline the contour and the bending point of the form.

Drawing begin by ascending lines in the direction of hair growth. After this liquid eyeliner can be shaded with a brush. You can correct the lines in the process of applying with a disc soaked in milk or tonic for removing makeup. After complete drying, the color is fixed permanently and does not give in to the wash in the usual way for a long time.

Where to buy 7 days eyebrow tattoo original

Order 7 Dais Aybrau Tatu is possible through the online store, which directly cooperates with the Korean manufacturer. The link to the official page is presented below.

In order to make an order, on the website it is necessary to fill out a short form in which the name and telephone number of the client must be indicated. Data is required to make a callback.

Delivery of the product is made as soon as possible, and its payment is carried out only upon receipt. If means 7 Dejs Aybrau Tatu buy in Moscow or SPB through the official website, then the goods will be delivered on the same or next day.

How much does auto pencil should be clarified on the online store page. Currently, the 7 Days Eyebrow Tatoo price has been halved for the current promotion and amounts to 990 rubles. In the near future, the cost may increase.

Reviews about 7 days eyebrow tattoo

Reviews about 7 Deys Aybrau Tatu reviews confirm its effectiveness and superiority over other cosmetics. However, you can also find negative comments that belong to users who have bought a cheap fake on Aliexpress and other similar sites. Holders of counterfeit talk about the instability of funds and the lack of the necessary shade.


Tattoo pencil 7 days eyebrow tattoo is something. Really cool stuff. I used to do a tattoo before, but now I use only this remedy. Marker perfectly draws all the lines and gives a truly natural effect. My remedy does not keep the stated week, it is necessary to tint for 3-4 days. But in general, I am very pleased.


Acting on a pencil 7 days eubrau tattoo price, of course, is not low, but when you start to use it, you realize that it is worth the money. I have had fluid and faded hairs since my birth, and with this tool I learned what a truly expressive look is, which can be achieved only with beautiful and thick eyebrows of regular shape.


7 Days old waterproof eyebrow tattoos were presented to me by my sister on March 8th. A great little thing that I think should be in any girl’s makeup bag. The effect is simply amazing.

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