Be friends

The sign of Zodiak is less than friends with the head. Naibozhevіlіshі zodіaku signs.

Do not bazhaєte rozshiriti svoї pіznannya about vpl zіrok on lyudinu? Vіdomo, skho robit kozhen sign Zodіaku, if yogo ogohag ип pipets abo vіn throws the will of the people on the deserted island, and how about adequacy and navity?

ARIES Into the home, scoop out Aries, in vaschaniye nastrіy vistachit one second, ale terribly, if they began to ichthat dah. Here on the face of psychosis peculiar mind – mania-depressive. Axis for the razor hacked from the wild bazhannyam rerіzati sob veni. And it is possible to m і mіzantropіchna zlіst, just a little bazhanny ’distance on the horns from the goats. Wham! Second and Aries vzhe in іforії, otoplenii burkhlivy spragoy dіyalnostі, radіstyu і піднесенням be whether-yaku mountain zgorny i be-yy ocean overflow. Sooner rad_ti, pripliv zhittєvih forces return to mental conquest.

Calf At Nyogo there are two victories: the girls and the groves (the warrant), the peasants and the peasants (zhenocha versiya, who want to come here, they are welcome, they are peasants, the peasants, the women, and the rest of us, this is your first unit. Zagalom, є bazhannya, has filled the Taurus of their ips into a cult and i am satisfied with their pulse. Yak tse manifest itself? That practical nіyak. Rіznitsya in behavior for Bagatokh overkill not pomіtnoyu.

Be friends

BLINS Terpіnnya і і once again terpіnnya to you, friends, friends, and children, to brag a little tidiness in the blessed Bliznyukіv. What your spvrozmovnik – Bliznyuk abo one of the many multipurpose features vseredinі them – you do not judge dіznatiya. Bozhevіlnim Bliznukam vіrti zabononєatsya, because they have one mile they have a milion version. It seems that everybody chooses the voice of the choir of the voice, so that you can play in his head. Tse, friends, schizophrenia.

CRAYFISH Astrologers give a tooth to join Cancer in a friendly union with Riba and two claws in an occupant. You can’t put a dib on a warto; I don’t want to go in, don’t know about my maybutn on the bottom of 55 hilin and my number of your auri.

Be friends

A LION “It is worse, – Tsar”. Phrase s k / f “Ivan Vasilyovich zmіnyuє profession”? Hi, tse about Leviv. Manієyu greatness of the tsde zodiakale zvіryatko. By an automatic machine, all of them come to you with vasals, they have taken part in the land of the primhs of the king. Yomu shchiro nevtyamki z yakoj joy xtos not allowing reproach і be fair to check the vikonannya ochіkuvanogo. For what you can earn on the grivni of your own “pddanih”, so the trail will bring you to a normal camp, however, at the smallestly weakened garden, turn around.

DIVA As a rule, dah Trima shah into the pobut sphere of life. So, be afraid of microbes, Diva will be mercilessly mercifully with your hands, gel and shampoo, then you will switch to the whole budynok, you will need to find the right place. And maybe, look at the rozkladannya on the atom of the skin product, firstly, you’re doing a lot of caloric and vivchivshi to change in new form. Above the option: scrupulously build the balance of income and vitrate, worrying about the rest. Garazd, Yaschcho nasolodzhuvalis Divi tsim zadololennyam on their own. And then, as a rule, rahuvaty and rozkladat are indebted, yaky Diva buda vinositi mozhnu teaspoon, do not sleep.

TERESI Did you get bored with trivagant and chronic episodes? Wagg it! Yak scary living – can you fall on your head just before the condom, but what about the Hamanian, and what about three bells and whistles? And in the house crane zanilisya vіdkritiy? If necessary, it’s important to solve the important decision, for example, negotiating with the head of the company, Vagi will be engaged in an internal dispute, depending on the requirements of the dispute, because of the dispute, and you can go to a dispute. Nayprostishe solution to their problems with them is serious. And then, before that, it was repeated by a story with a mule, and two absolutely identical kupka sina gravened before the nose of the yaky. Istory of communication, scho vin dovgo virishuvav, from a stack of vshtuvati sob around, left scary not hungry.

SCORPIO Paranoia is the sign of nakriv і in normal life. In chronical forms of life, life is similar to an anecdote: When preparing sleep, lie on the back of the bed and the woman: – Dіdu, did you close the door to the upper castle? – Closed. – And the middle castle? – Closed; -A On the lower not forgetting; – Closed; – And on lantsyuhok; – Dіdko, forgetting! – Come on! Come, people, take it, want it!

Be friends

STRETCHER Here claustrophobia is the fear of shrinking and aggravating fear. І yak vivivati ​​in misti, punish? Misto, as a magnificant murashnik. And vіn mrі кон about a horse, having jumped bi in a clean field, yakomu de rustling grass і mіsyats osvіlyuєє srіblyastim yogolnogo way.

KOZERІG Zagroza taїtsya in one odnіnnostі i rutі. However, Capricorn odnoman_tn_st up to pheni, that wіn і do not remember, sco zvihnuvsya. But then it’s obvious for close friends and friends. Protein try to bring in the life of Capricorn riznomanіtn_st, stumble upon the story of the shtiki.

WATER There is more distribution, on the form and form. Aquatic spriyatlivyv, nastіlki v_dkritiy, no other way to steal yogogo abo npogo. Skladnіshe not vplinut. In tsiomu vipadku Vodolіy, not pom_chayuchi svіh smіtinok in otsі, shake a kolod in the eyes of their znayomih. І tsei paranoiac to assign for themselves the role of the ruler of the people, or to take care of the benevolence of the soul and clarity.

Ribi Tsei is a sign of a trendy soul organ in a short picture of a morale to prolong the depression. When a scenario is established, a friend of the virtual list with the back-to-back totoms will take a turn to become a friendly planner and other person with a real rozum. Do not commit respect for the voice and perfume there. There are no reasons for waiting. It’s just that you’re writing a book on a topic, you can become a meccano. The shaft is quiet, zsunutikh on the phase, who can not sit on Earth, give me a message and talk with an old rozum. Abo is quiet, because in ZMI, it is done, so that people have to go from material form to svіdomost (buttja) in high temper and bagatovimirne.

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