Bald on dog

Cool script March 8

(Sounds a song For our ladies Trofim)

Voice behind the scene:

We remember wonderful moments,

What did you give in life to us!

Therefore, without delay

Let’s start the concert for our ladies!

We are thankful for smiles,

And for the heavenly features,

For what misses, mistakes

Forgive out of kindness.

For giving excitement,

What is resurrected again and again

And deity and inspiration,

And life, and tears, and love!

(The song introduction SONG OF OLD WOMEN – MERRY.

New Russian grandmas appear, sing a song)


Music Vladimir Shainsky Lyrics by Mikhail Nozhkin

We will reduce our people

Yes fun rewarded

To cheer up

To help you outfitted!

We are the year – it does not matter!

Kohl soul is young!

We do not worry about the year!

Kohl soul is young!

Since childhood blood is not afraid

I will heal all your wounds.

And if I laugh –

All around laughed.

I have a keen eye –

All the enemies you see.

Well, and I, as I whistle at once,

The army shall lay down.

Can we fire a cannon,

Sew, wash, cook dinner!

Well, what are we old women?

Three of us are 300 years old!

Matryona: Good evening, ladies and people. Check out what I am today glutinous .. and .. great at all, as much as the buzz itself! And this is my old lady friend.

Flower: … oh, Matryon, how difficult it is to be a real woman in our time .. but

Matryona: Oh, Flower, and do not say. And today you look cool, you see nothing! (Howling Flower) What is it?

Flower: I got up today in the morning, sat down to the mirror, I laid out the cosmetics in front of me … and I fell asleep ..

Matryona? I do not, I went to the beauty salon today. Look what I am today.

Flower: Oh, well, it’s necessary .. how beautiful your lipstick is!

Matryona: lipstick superstability, once anointed and never rub off, even in the coffin with her lie down .. and God …

Matryona: fathers, and shoes, and shoes, that … what is this Flower?

Flower: this is Iconic!

Matryona: aaa..that ..

Flower: shoes for the dead! Oh, for a fan! and I also look at the rejuvenating mask for myself .. bought ..

Matryona: I’m just 40 years younger! No, you know, I’ve been struggling with my other wrinkles. right now .. iron Roventa, once stroked and wrinkles as it did not happen!

Tsvetocek: oh, you know, I already forgot about wrinkles.

Matryona: why is that ??

Flower: Sclerosis, the best medicine … giggles …

Matryona: Flower, but do you know why we even got together?

Matryona: Aah … about our professional holiday!

Flower: Cleaner Day.

Matryona: why the day of the janitor … I speak generally about a women’s holiday!

Flower: aaa .. I remember, of course, I remember about the women’s holiday! Right now, our men will congratulate us! how do i look ??

Matryona: God forbid … t. E. I want to say super-opupenno! Well, guys, we are listening to you!

(Men are coming out with a song)

We honestly must tell you

We need more girl life.

Well, who will tell us that spring is coming,

Well, who will rest us sleep and sleep?

Who will awaken love in the soul,

Who will make the dream believe again,

Who will kiss us, even if sometimes?

Who will share life with us once and for all?

And how to live without us,

Well, say, say.

Without us, where are you,

Yes, just nowhere.

No wonder all ages

We are carried

And we are again ready to expose the hands.

(bring chairs to grandmothers, they sit down)

Man: let me congratulate you on the occasion of women’s holiday, and wish you always to remain as young as today ..

Flower: Why are you kidding me or something .. I did not understand ..

Muzhik2: it is necessary not so! dear grandmothers!

Matryona: By the way, girls!

Flower: … and not so expensive …

Man: well, our dear girls, on this day we would like to wish you crazy, a lot of beauty .. and also ..

Matryona: wait a minute wait .. you are what you want to say that we are two unhappy, scary fools or something.

Muzhik3: need so! dear ladies, we congratulate you on the holiday and wish you good health!

Matryona: Now, this is better! (The men are leaving) _______________________________________

Matryona: Flower, I wanted to tell you ..

Matryona: Do you know that Maria has a granddaughter?

Flower: What are you ?!

Matryona: Yesterday was born to her God.

Matryona: Such a damn thing!

Floret: This is nothing! It’s nothing! Ugly they prettier then. And beauties on the contrary become stupid.

Matrona: Or maybe you are in childhood. I guess the beauty was.

Flower: Again! Stop Matryona let’s announce the number: on the stage _________________________________________________

(Scenery: a park, a bench, a flower comes out, sits on a bench, later Matryona leaves)

Flower: What are you doing with the guitar ??

Matryona: Why, I want to congratulate you personally ..

Flower: Personally … well, it’s nice .. you’ll be the one to congratulate.?

Flower: well, right now, wait, I’ll take a pose ..

Matryona: Batyushki … you also have a congratulatory posture ..

Flower: but what about … (hit parade)

L. Vaikule: Vernissage

We in the village once

I met you by chance

You drank kvass right at the kiosk.

I admired you,

On your suit ADIDAS

And on the emblem of 3 strips.

There is no end to chance

We hugged at the porch,

Loving each other promising …

Luminaries yellow moon

I realized that I was in love

I realized that I was in love

PR: Let this March day

No one will be alone

Let women give flowers

And let the cats sing the songs.

March 8 every year

I congratulate all the people,

And this song is a joke to you

Performed for lovely ladies …

Boris Moiseev leaves

(capriciously behaves, mannered)

We are nobody to each other and this is easier

Does not hurt, does not ache and does not drive you crazy

I came here to you for a festive evening

To wish you all love and kindness.

I want you to be happy, alive,

If the bullet flies – it is always past you,

And I want to tell you that you are all beautiful here,

But I’m in a hurry, I’m leaving now!

Pr .: I will not, I will not eat your vinaigrette now,

And I will not and will not even eat my salad,

I’m passing through here, and I have a ticket in my hands,

I will leave soon in the city of Leningrad!

To the tune of the Song of the Colonel

Oh, how naughty you are of Boriska,

Go quickly from my eyes,

You behave, straight as a radish,

What to do, sing for two,

Pr .: Let the songs ring out loud,

Today is a holiday with us!

March 8, girls

Come out, let’s start dancing!

Flower: Oh, Matryon, thank you very much …. it’s not the son of Boris Maeniye. (Matryona looks at the little flowers with amazing eyes)

Matryona: Flower, today is a holiday, but you need to write an explanation why you were late for Chinese lessons yesterday ??

Flower: Here’s a pancake (in Chinese shukai here)

Flower: Oh, nothing … it’s in Chinese … someday

Matryona: Ok, write explanatory, and I’ll come up later

(hall with Flower write a letter) Why I was late (explanatory)

Animal or transport (mu. R.)

Yesterday, when I was going to the lessons of the Chinese language, the Crazy Policeman suddenly fell from the tree. I screamed like an Underground Rhinoceros and fainted. I woke up in Karaganda and said: Take me to the lessons of the Chinese language, I really need. But for some reason I was taken to the State Duma, and from there I walked on foot until I was brought up by a Jet Jammer. That’s why I was late yesterday.

Matryona: Flower, how did you manage to do that … Oh, look, there’s some kind of meeting, let’s go, look

(2 people in a bathrobe and begin to reclaim the w-mobile)

PRESENTER: Considering that the best gift is a book is the lot of librarians. We all know the right answer. Fur coat? No, take it higher. Well? As a respected Leonid Arkadyevich would say: av-that-mb. And so, now a new concept car will be presented to your attention … But I am silent, I am silent: the word to the creators!

Two young men in white coats come out.

DESIGNER 1: Dear friends! In fact, we planned the presentation at the Geneva Motor Show, but for the sake of the holiday (International Women’s Day) we will tell you some insider information.

DESIGNER 2: And so, let Mikhail Prokhorov bite his elbows with his Yo-mobile, we present the first women’s store F-MOBILE!

DESIGNER 1: Key Features. W-MOBILE refills, as the hostess, with one glass of gasoline.

DESIGN 2: Unlike conventional cars, there was a section for lipstick – where the cigarette lighter was. Himself cigarette lighter eliminated, in order to avoid an unpleasant burning sensation.

DESIGN 1: If desired, W-MOBILE can be dyed with henna or hydrogen peroxide, as well as increased thresholds.

DESIGN 2: An important point: the car – a chameleon. Automatically changes color to match the purse and boots.

DESIGNER 1: F-MOBILE – does not skid on the road, it just wags the bumper.

CONSTRUCTOR 2: The radio tape recorder ZH-MOBILE fundamentally does not catch the chanson, and automatically replaces it with your favorite hits.

DESIGNER 1: There is a disc with compliments in the F-MOBILE. This was done on purpose, to shout: Dura, where are you going? – you have heard: Umnichka, you are doing everything right.

DESIGNER 2: Every year the W-MOBILE needs not only repairs to its pendants, but also a new necklace and a ringlet.

DESIGNER 1: W-MOBILE has one drawback, it works out too well in the pictures of the traffic police photoradar.

CONSTRUCTOR 2: The steering wheel is a form that resembles the torso of Brad Pete, from which he does not want to let him go.

DESIGN 1: The steering wheel automatically gives you a manicure, and the gas pedal gives you a pedicure and a light foot massage.

DESIGN 2: The machine feels where there is a new collection or discounts and it slows down there.

DESIGN 1: Soft toy, pink pillow and velvet cloth are already in the basic configuration.

DESIGN 2: There is a search function for a lost earring in the cabin.

CONSTRUCTOR 1: A vehicle maintenance ticket is also a discount card and a subscription to a solarium.

DESIGN 2: The machine is washed at least twice with shower gel with violet extract.

DESIGN 1: There is not only a rear-view mirror, but also in full growth in the cabin.

DESIGN 2: In order to avoid creating a negative image of the hostess car is equipped with an automatic parking function.

DESIGNER 1: Well, that’s probably all. Does anyone in the room have any questions?

PERSON FROM THE HALL: Here you have described everything so colorfully. Does your car have flaws?

DESIGNER 2: In our opinion, only one: the trunk of the F-MOBILE is made on the basis of a handbag.


DESIGNER 2: It has everything you need, just what you need figs you will find.

DESIGNER 1: Thank you! Wait for sales! Soon in the catalogs AVON and ORIFLAME!

Matryona: Batyushki, Flower, I also want myself such a F-mobile ..

Flower: Hee … here I’m 15 years old is F-lisaped … and I’m normally driving …

Matryona: Well, let’s go, you will show, but on the stage, for the time being, ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ (leave)

Flower: Well, what do you like my car? The car then?

Matryona: You know, flower: Not so much. I have a Cossack here, I have enough. Motor does not make noise at all.

Flower: What’s so quiet?

Matryona: Why, then your ears are kneeled with your knees!

Floret: Well, you give. On the stage_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Flower: Oh, Matryona, well done, after all, we decided to go with you at night to watch! Protecting your beloved village is a holy thing, especially since today such a holiday is not enough … you have to be on the alert (picks up a gun)!

Matryona: Do not say. Do not tell!

Flower: Oh, really, is it really so scary now to walk in the village in the evenings?

Matryona: Good, everything! You’re a maniac, Flower!

Flower: No, I’m a maniac fighter! MIG 76!

Matryona: I look at you right now, after all the truth is told that the whole village is afraid of you, the whole village!

Flower: Is she afraid of me?

Matryona: And why aren’t they afraid of you? Last night, what did you shoot with a rifle, do you say hooligans? On the banks, something shot?

Flower: So man in the field tyril cabbage!

Matryona: oh, look, young people go … yes, as they coo … well, quickly .. quickly into the bushes …

A low and thin man named WASHEK appears on the scene. He sits on the chair. He is wearing a flower cap, a trendy rural jacket. In his teeth he has a stalk of grass, and in the hands of a small flower. The song begins to play: Oh, look there on the mountains.

AUTHOR: Paramaun Rises Pikcher’s (Pause) Feature Film: He Came Again

TO VASKU his beloved MARUSIA comes out (it is possible that this was a man in female clothes) and sits down next to him.

WATCH: Hello, Marusya!

MARUSIA: Hi, Vasek!

WATCHES (gives a flower): This is for you!

MARUSIA: Oh, thank you! Glasses!

They both look with trepidation a little upwards. Vasek gently puts his hand on her shoulder. She shudders.

WATCH: Marusya … will you marry me?

MARUSIA: Oh, I do not know. This is so unexpected! I need to think.

WATCH: How much can you think? I made you an offer six years ago.

MARUSIA: Well, I don’t know. If you think it’s time, then I agree.

The song is still going on. They sigh together with smiles on their faces.

MARUSIA (after a pause): Vasya! And who do you want to have the first one: a cat or a dog?

WATCH: Well, maybe, after all, we will get the first child?

MARUSIA: Vasya! (pause) And who do you want first: a girl or a girl?

Vasek slowly turned, looked at Marusya. Then he turned back just as slowly.

WATCH: (thoughtfully) I don’t know. (pause) Probably a girl. And you?

MARUSIA: I don’t care. (pause) Vasya, will you always love me?

WATCH: I will love you until the end.

MARUSIA (after a pause): Vasya, it’s too late. Take me home.

Our heroes are leaving. The music is silent.

AUTHOR: Ten years have passed.

Vasya comes out and sits on a chair. Five seconds later, Marusia comes out with buckets. Puts them on the floor.

MARUSIA: What are you sitting? What are you sitting, I ask you? Did you clean the yard? Kurei fed? I must do everything myself.

VASYOK: What are you shouting? I’ll do everything now.

Bald on dog

MARUSIA: I scream, because even on the eighth of March, you do nothing for me. And he said that you will love me to the end.

WATCH: So the end has already come.

AUTHOR: Men, let’s love our women forever. Happy holiday, dear women!

Flower: oh, how much romance ..

Matryona: And you che with a bag … really gathered there. hehe ..

Flower: yes no … here I will fly to Hawaii …

Matryona: What kind of Hawaii … is a holiday … and the more you don’t know what the weather is like … aaa … and suddenly it rains .. snow

Flower: Matryon, what are you … it’s always warm there .. and we have some kind of weather for today’s holiday ….

Matrona: Dear comrades, we are starting the weather forecast for tomorrow …

(The flower dances and sings Emmanuel’s melody)

So, tomorrow, according to the report of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia, it is expected

Flower: Something entered my back.

Matryona: Dope, nymphet old …

Flower: Not when it comes to my back, it means to rain.

Flower: Right here, in the upper third …

Matrona: It will rain tomorrow in the east of the country …

Flower: Something I snapped.

Matrona: Perhaps there will be no thunderstorms.

Flower: Hear, grandmother, scratch your back, something cheers.

Matrona: Tomorrow, to the north, perhaps a cyclone, to the south anticyclone, to the east, an assault front, in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky midnight!

Flower: Hear, scrape back in the southwest. I have something whining there. probably pressure jumps

Matrona: Tomorrow, in the black earth regions of the country, pressure drops to 40 degrees inward, to 40 milligrams … milliliters … well, well … millimeters of mercury.

Flower: Something in my nose itched, apparently to drink.

Matryona: At the weekend it is expected to be up to 40 degrees inward and zero. 9 in the morning full of fog, sushnyak and othodnyak. Everything!

Flower: No, not all. Expected rain with snow, ice, wind gusts up to 15m / s, visibility of 20 meters.

Matrona: Batyushki, where did you learn from?

Flower: Morning on the radio announced.

Matrona: Let’s go see in the internet better what the weather will be like at school on March 8th.

Flower: So right now, students in grade 6 will tell us everything.

Matryona: where is that one? Have you seen my jerboa wearing glasses?

Yes chavo you always late?

Flower: faq, façade was backstage, watched.

Flower: How to whom? Yes, they are handsome. Just look at them … … (ditties grade 5

Matryona: What do you have again?

Flower: Yes, the crossword does not work. Here are 2 words and it does not work

Matryona: Let’s help.

Flower: here 13 horizontally is a bad habit.

Matryona: Whose bad habit?

Is my habit bad? (Cries)

Flower: What do you mean then?

Matryona: I have a bad habit. I have been suffering for 5 years.

Flower: What happened then?

Matryona: Yes, I wake up as I clean my teeth.

Flower: Yes, it’s nothing. This is normal.

Matryona: Whom is normal. Do you know. How many times do I wake up in a night? – OK.

Flower: Doesn’t matter anyway.

Matryona: See the eighth vertically. It starts with the letter I ..

Flower And this is a game. On stage 5 class

Flower: I have good news. I was chosen the best cheerleader of the year.

Matrona: Well, right, you are so much more, then another, then this, then the leakage of the roof.

Floret: Again you started teasing me.

Matryona: Okay, you need to finish with this case, otherwise you will be sick again.

Something does not matter you look, Matryona.

Look at yourself better, old crow!

You look pale, lethargic and boiled, like macarons!

Well, get ready for work and defense.

Flower: I have one recipe, we will teach men to bake pies.

Matrona: Recipe for regular apple pie,

(especially for men who are preparing a surprise March 8)

Flower: Take 10 eggs from the refrigerator, put the remaining seven on the table and wipe the floor, next time be extremely careful. Take the pelvis and smash the corner of his egg about it, pour their contents into the pelvis. Wipe the table from the yolks, be careful. So, we have 5 yolks in the pelvis.

Mattress: Now take a blender, insert whips and start beating yolks. Try inserting the corollas again … now until it clicks. Beat up.

Wash the face, neck, hands and back, pour the yolk out of the ears.

As a result, you have two whipped yolks left in your pelvis, which is exactly what we need for the pie.

Flower: It’s time to get flour. Glue the walls and ceiling of the kitchen with a newspaper, cover the furniture with a cloth. Pour 200 g of flour into a glass, then pour it into a bowl with yolks; The remaining 800 g should be carefully collected back into the bag.

Matrona: Making sure that the ceiling and wallpaper are covered with newspaper, start to beat.

Flower: Take a shower. Take 4 large apples and a sharp knife, previously run off to the pharmacy and buy iodine, a plaster and a bandage. It’s time to start cleaning apples.

Mattress: Treat your thumb with iodine and bandage it. Cut the apples into cubes and remember, we will need 2 apples, so that in the process of cooking you can eat only half. Treat iodine index and middle fingers.

Flower: The only remaining and already sliced ​​apple, drop it in a bowl, pick up the fallen pieces from the floor, wash them.

Matryona: Beat everything with a mixer. Wash off the fridge, then dry out – do not wash it off.

Flower: Now pour the contents into the pan and place in the oven. Wait an hour and do not see tangible changes, turn on the oven. When you wake up, do not call “01 ″, just open the windows and the oven.

Matrona: After all experienced with a sense of accomplishment, go to the store and buy a cake.

Flower: Come on, Matrona, we need to buy a cake too, but now the men will sort everything out, but for now you can meet

Diva Alla Pugacheva with unfading hit “Million Scarlet Roses”:

There was a wizard alone.

The house is pretty bought.

Scarlet roses raised.

To the glorious woman’s day

Raised a million,

But not loving one,

Roses he used:

Million, million, million scarlet roses

You carry, you carry, you carry on

Who is in love, who is in love, who is in love and seriously

For half a thousand gave for heels of scarlet roses!

The holiday went well –

He sold many flowers.

Money he rowed like a ladle

Only he did not become happier.

Let him ruin you

But you were happier:

You bought these roses,

My dear gave!

Let someone grow a million scarlet roses,

Let him bear, let him bear, let him carry on Privoz:

You are in love, you are in love, you are in love and seriously

You will give, You will give everything for the heels of scarlet roses.

Flower: What do I want to ask?

Matrona: A-ha, ask, ask dear

Flower: What did you think yesterday when we were asked to perform at this school?

Matryona: Hey, heh! My dear, I did not think anything. And what is there to think, anyway, they will not pay us anything here. So at least we will be a gift for the holiday, for them dear!

Flower: Meet another gift. On stage Gr. Factory

On the motive of Rybka from the repertoire for performance by the ladies’ collective.

When spring comes again,

Brooks ring, drifts melt!

With nature together on earth

Gender is weaker too!

Oh, lyuli, my lyuli!

Oh, lyuli, my lyuli!

Wind springs blew!

Well, than we are worse than these stars

In your province, girls!

And we have our producer!

They need to look for this!

Let us tour not threaten!

And the show business does not shine for us!

But we know solidly one thing:

We are the best in this world!

Oh, lyuli, my lyuli!

Oh, lyuli, my lyuli!

Wind springs blew!

And on this March day

We heartily congratulate you!

And reach any heights.

In all matters we wish you!

Let your eyes shine

Let face shines smile!

And may fate give you

Once a meeting with a goldfish!

Oh, lyuli, my lyuli!

Oh, lyuli, my lyuli!

Wind springs blew!

And we wish you more

Hear compliments often

And may you always

Much better than your competitors!

And we do not need anything

Just more such moments!

And let now we are not in the Kremlin,

But we are waiting for applause from you!

Here we shine like the sun!

And we shine you today

Brighter than any stars wish!

Oh, lyuli, my lyuli!

Oh, lyuli, my lyuli!

Wind springs blew!

Matrona: Flower, oh, what a song! I pribaldela!

Flower: And I started so much, so I started! You know, yesterday I watched a movie, there were two such men! (R.V. Delikanov and V.V. Pitreev come out at this time) There they are, these, from the TV!

Couplets from the repertoire of Bandurin and Vashukov

We sing for you ditties.

Perform grandmothers, cook ladushki.

1st: I was young

Very prominent girl …

2nd: Looking at you something

I can’t believe this! (clap hands with spectators)


I used to perform in a choir

I sang one song …

2nd: And we thought the dog

It howls at the moon! (clap hands with spectators)

1st: I had 4 husbands with registration …

2nd: And 4 more were on privatization (clap their hands in a place with the audience)

1st: On the trail of pensioners

Grandpa walked gray …

2nd: When he saw you

Run away like a young man! (Clap their hands in a place with the audience)

1st: Me on a beauty pageant

2nd: You explain to the people

What are you there technicals. (clap hands with spectators)

1st: I am waiting for this spring day

Prince on konyashke ..

2nd: Dreaming! For you

Grandfather will come in a vest!


We’ve come to the end of the couplets

Clap your hands

In the meantime, let’s go dancing

With the good guy!

Matrona: Oh, men, respected!

Flower: We have such an uplift in our soul, that now we will sing for men!

Matrona: Listen, do you like ditties?

Matrona: Can you sing them?

Flower: And talk and sing!

One – and two – and short –

Now it has become men.

I would be like Bandurin.

Matrona: Well, I like Vashuki.

Flower: Please, people, pay attention to us!

Together: Let’s sing from the female face the women’s suffering!

Chorus: We chitus sing not too lazy,

Because women’s day.

1. Every year March 8

The husband carries a bouquet in his hand.

2. And where will you put

These ficuses in a pot?

1. Husband today will give again

2. That is why there is no

No guests, no flies at times!

1. My cute bald girl

Well, where did he go?

2. When there is no mirror

You will look bald

1. They came to woo me

On a gray mare

2. Your chests were taken away

1. I am a foreigner myself

Found an ad.

2. You live abroad

In sunny Turkmenistan.

1. Going darling on the road,

2. It turned out the teeth inserted –

Mouth does not close!

Well, I’m a milkmaid,

Sweet you a couple.

2. Hear, you do not boil,

Kettle with a spiral.

1. Oh, you, fashion, fashion, fashion,

What did you bring,

2. Even Grandma Lukerya

In the church in shorts went.

1. At school, you have girls –

2. And I know that to boys,

It is very like it!

1. We wish everyone good health

2. With the first holiday of spring

1. So that sadness you know

Even light sadness shadow

2. So that the eyes always shine

And not only on this day!

Together: We ditty to sing not too lazy,

Because women’s day.

We sang suffering

Thanks for attention.

Flower: Teacher, teacher.

Matryona: Do you eat this?

Flower: I want a song for the teacher.

Matryona: Please, according to the pike’s order, According to the flowery desire All Songs

Matrona: Listen, Flower, here is what I say.

Flower: Tell me, tell me, honey.

Matryona: If deputies have a sad life, but the salary is big. And these teachers have a fun life, and the salary is small. See how funny it is.

Matryona: So let’s have fun further. Girls, come out to dance!

Matrona: We congratulate women dear

After all, you are beautiful, like spring itself!

Let the fate of you all of the troubles keeps,

And life will be beautiful and length!

Flower: Let it be everything – the sea smiles,

Love and happiness – the whole ocean!

A lot of amazing stories

And congratulations from faraway countries!

Matrona: Ambassador from the island of Sicily. The head of the Sicilian Mafia Antonio Zverino (Anatoly Zverev, for example) with a translator (translator).

Sicilian Ambassador: It is drunk settled because of the stolini gulini, Poganini, bikini!

Translator: Greetings to all those sitting in this festive hall!

Ambassador: Drunk sparingly in the headyly ill, goner – hungry, smart, felecita!

Translator: I welcome all friends and colleagues present here!

Ambassador: Spiano in strip stripes, cretino, bambino, gulyako immoral.

Translator: And also those who could not come today!

Ambassador: Mia problem, consensus and body to fen.

Translator: On this day, we will not talk about political and domestic problems.

Ambassador: Mia Roger Interest

Translator: I would like to ask.

Ambassador: Bellisimo pusino humanoid?

Translator: Who gave the joy of this holiday?

Ambassador: Mafiosi Terazini?

Translator: State Duma?

Ambassador: Pope Putino Cardinale?

Translator: Our president?

Ambassador: Know, Know, Know!

Translator: No, no, no!

Ambassador: Santa, Maria, Maradona, Felicita!

Translator: Friends, you yourself gave this wonderful holiday!

Ambassador: Mia Prezent Santa Maria ..

Translator: I want to wish you …

Ambassador: Angina, influenza, gastrito, myacardo and radiculito

Translator: Good health!

Ambassador: Kolosale is understood respectfully!

Translator: Mutual understanding in the team and family.

Ambassador: Grandiose business!

Translator: Prosperity in life!

Ambassador: And drunk, drunk, drunk!

Translator: And be always happy!

(The suit of the Sicilian ambassador: a long dark cloak, buttoned tightly, a long white thin scarf (muffler), a wide-brimmed dark hat, a cigar, and dark glasses on top.)

Grandmas: We came to you for an hour to congratulate you on March 8! You wish a lot of happiness, until we meet again! Happy holiday, dear teachers!

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