As you know, probiotics work

One of the most interesting news in the world of pharmaceuticals, about which I wanted to tell, is the emergence of a new effective probiotic Blis K12. It is used for diseases of the throat, gums and upper respiratory tract. This is the first probiotic that works in the mouth!

In fact, the probiotic bacteria strain of the Streptoccocus Salivarius species appeared 4 years ago, but it was only in August 2015 that the results of clinical trials were published and the new probiotic BLIS K 12 was approved by Health Canada and allowed for sale in this country.

About probiotics, I write a little, of course, you need to write more and more, because according to the latest data, probiotics are able to restore and maintain human immunity without other drugs.

At the same time, the direction of probiotics is gradually replaced, symbiotics, combined drugs and new strains of probiotic cultures appear, which are already more targeted and targeted.

I will list only new items in fact, there are more strains:

  • Lactobacilli L. reuteri RC-14 inhibits the growth of Candida fungi, the causative agent of thrush. They are used as a probiotic against recurrence of thrush, which is used orally in the form of a pill, and not in the form of candles.
  • Lactobacillus L. delbrueckii Rosell-187 is a new probiotic against heartburn, which is released as instant powder in the mouth.
  • Lactobacillus Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG (LGG) is known as Traveler Probiotics, because this strain prevents diarrhea when traveling and traveling, and also strengthens the immune system in children and adults.
  • Lactobacillus plantarum LP299v is used to treat the symptoms of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), one of the most popular diseases (symptoms) of the body’s stress reactions that occur in women after 30.

One of the most well-known probiotics for oral health, as well as for the treatment of diseases of the throat and upper respiratory tract, was developed by scientists from the University of Otago in New Zealand.

This is the first probiotic that acts in the mouth and secretes powerful antimicrobial molecules, counteracting the pathogenic streptococcus.

Strain K12 was originally isolated from the mouth of a healthy child, who for several years was completely healthy and had never had a sore throat.

Scientists have discovered that this particular strain of K12 from Streptoccocus Salivarius, produces powerful antimicrobial molecules called BLIS (abbreviated): bacteriocin-like inhibitory substances. They are able to destroy harmful bacteria that cause sore throat, sore throat and other upper respiratory tract infections.

Streptoccocus Salivarius is the most abundant type of beneficial bacteria found in the oral cavity of healthy people. But only a small number of people can produce a special type of S. Salivarius with BLIS K12 activity.

Most probiotic bacteria in the mouth simply compete with other microorganisms ″ for space and food ″, maintaining a healthy balance of bacteria.

BLIS K12 works differently, it inhibits its competitors! When ingested and colonized, he first ousts pathogenic bacteria in an amicable manner, and then inflicts a final powerful blow, highlighting 2 antimicrobial proteins Salivaricins A and B.

Many potential pathogens are sensitive to this protein, including bacteria that cause sore throats, unpleasant odor, infections of the ear and upper respiratory tract.

In addition to its ability to inhibit pathogens, BLIS K12 interacts with certain cells in the mouth and stimulates them to increase the immune defense of our systems.

Here it is shown in the picture how BLIS K12 acts at the moment of its high activity – in suppressing bacteria causing acute pharyngitis, compared with normal activity:

Not so long ago, the latest clinical research in Italy strain BLIS K12 was completed. The results, published in the International Journal of Medicine Therapy, showed that probiotic reduces repeated childhood diseases of ear and throat infections (otitis media and tonsillitis) by 60% and 90%, respectively. The second study showed the same effect on adults.

As you know, probiotics work

In the previous study, frequently ill children took daily lozenges containing 1 billion Blis K12 strain for 3 months. The incidence of viral infections of the oropharynx in treated children was reduced by 80%, and steptococcal infections by 96%.

Another study at Teikio University (Tokyo) showed that supplements with BLIS K12 effectively suppress yeast growth, causing stomatitis and oral candidiasis. The data obtained allow it to be used for the prevention and treatment of candidiasis caused by taking antibiotics or weakening of the immune system during a cold.

Subjects who suffered from bad breath, after 3 days of rinsing with chlorhexidine and then using only BLIS K12 lozenges, after a week of treatment showed a significant reduction in black pigmented bacteria causing this problem (saliva analysis by PCR).

Commenting on the new research, BLIS Technologies CEO Barry Richardson said: “We saw how the probiotic BLIS K12, taken daily, takes root very effectively in the mouth and throat. This is important because BLIS develops several defense mechanisms at once, which allow you to protect yourself, and at the same time the oral cavity from harmful bacteria that cause tonsillitis, pharyngitis and other infections. “

Supplements containing probiotic BLIS K12 reduce the recurrence of infections of the ear, throat, and tonsillitis (sore throats) to 90%. Reduces unpleasant odor and helps with stomatitis.

Data from clinical trials of the probiotic BLIS K12 showed its effectiveness in the following situations:

  • protect the entire mouth, throat and gums from invading pathogens
  • boosts immune defenses
  • reduces bad breath after resorption of probiotics
  • used to re-colonize the oral cavity after antibiotic treatment
  • prevention and treatment of stomatitis (candida)
  • reduces the incidence of pharyngitis and tonsillitis (angina caused by pathogenic bacteria of the species Streptococcus genus)
  • reduces repeated bacterial and viral infections of the throat and ear in children and adults (pharyngitis, sore throats, otitis)

European scientists have already mapped the genome of the new probiotic strain, declaring its complete safety of use.

Tests have shown that probiotic well tolerated and does not cause any negative effects even at 10-fold excess of the recommended daily intake.

The trial was attended by 53 people receiving 10 billion units of S. salivarius K12 within 28 days. The results of the evaluation of the oral cavity and gastrointestinal condition showed that probiotic well tolerated even in high dosages.

As you know, probiotics work

Efficiency in all trials showed not just the species of bacteria S. salivarius, but a separate isolated strain of S. salivarius K12 (brand name BLIS K12).

IHerb has 4 supplements with this strain, I liked these:

As you know, probiotics work

  • Oralbiotic Now Foods, OralBiotic, 60 Lozenges
  • Life Extension, Florassist, throat health

Additive for resorption in the mouth, with zinc and probiotics of the strain Blis K12, I publish, with permission, the review of Catherine:

  • Nature’s Plus Adult, Ear-Throat-Nose
  • Nature’s Plus for Kids, Ear – Throat – Nose

I have taken these pills since spring. I generally have chronic tonsillitis, and last winter was just its apogee. No natural remedies helped, pharmaceutical medicines, had to twice drink antibiotics. She had a cold every 2 weeks. By spring, I realized that it was impossible to continue this way, and took the bull by the horns). Including for the night I was dissolving these pills, and I must say, the throat stopped hurting. Well, in general, since spring, I have not been ill).

In the laboratory testing of probiotics, Now Foods has shown good results, so OralBiotic is an excellent option!

In the second supplement Life Extension, besides BLIS K12 contains a new Bacillus coagulans GBl-30 6086. He showed an anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effect. As well as efficacy to viral respiratory diseases.

The new strain is actively interested in the Nestle research center, and in America 15 supplements are already being sold using BLIS K12.

Have you tried new probiotic strains?

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