Anxiety meditation technique

Sit with your back straight, Fold your legs in Turkish or half lotto. It is very important to keep the spine as flat as a string. Keep your chin parallel to the ground. Exercises are performed with closed eyes, which allows for maximum concentration. Attention on the tip of the nose. Inhale for 5 seconds, exhale for 5 seconds. Try to inhale to inflate the abdomen, chest and lift the shoulders, opening up to the maximum. And then a slow exhale through the nose – 5 seconds.

Try to achieve a smooth, without jerking, breathing, very beautiful, as in a dance. Inhale – try now 8 seconds inhale and 8 seconds exhale. Breathe only nose, breathing is very calm. Tune in to purify the energy body. Inhale again with your nose, a slight delay in inhaling, and a slow, quiet exhalation without jerks. Uniform. And now once again inhale – exhale.

Repeat to yourself: “I achieve peace and tranquility.” And on the exhale: “I have achieved peace and tranquility.”

Anxiety meditation technique

Before any yoga practice, Healing practice, and indeed before anything, needs to be calm.

Therefore, I advise always do this little exercise: Focusing on the tip of the nose. The mind calms down, the flow of thoughts subsides, the lake becomes smooth. Imagine: A smooth lake, no waves, the water is clear, settled, you can see a diamond above it – this is our soul. Now stay in this state of calm, in this energy.

Anxiety meditation technique

Feel the energy of peace. It can not be described by any concepts, it is the energy of calm and peace. Further know that the mind is associated with the breath. The slower and calmer the breaths, the longer we live. These are the mystics who live on 100, 200, 300, 500-1000 years old, there are such legends that reach such longevity, slowing down their breathing.

And in Russia they live in the wilds of the taiga (there are such rumors) people who are over 200, 500 years old. I don’t know if this is true or not, I haven’t personally seen these, I haven’t personally communicated. But according to ancient texts, the fewer the breath cycles per minute, the longer we live. A good yogi inhaled in the morning, exhaled in the evening, and lives for 1000 years.

Now put your hands on your stomach. And take a breath, so that the stomach is swollen. It is very important. We only breathe through our nose, never breathe through our mouths. Inhale – exhale. Please make your belly very swollen while inhaling. It is very important. On the exhale, the abdomen is drawn in, directly with your hands, help. Inhale again, check that the stomach is swollen, and exhale through the nose. Inhale, clasp your stomach and behind, behind the lateral back muscles, the diaphragm, where the back is. And if you get when you breathe in, so that the back muscles of your back swell up, the air enters right there, try to inhale. Not just a stomach, and you inhale so powerfully that the back muscles of the back are inflated.

In the abdomen area many, many channels intersect. Vital force accumulates in the stomach. And if you can breathe in the stomach, there will never be stones in the liver and in the gall. Women are more likely to have gallstones than men, because men breathe more with their stomachs, and they have no stagnation of bile.

Put your hands on your belly again and take as long a breath as you can. Not just immediately breathed in, but 5 – 8 – 10 seconds gather air in the stomach so that it swells like a drum. Breath – delay – the same slow exhalation. The stomach is very slowly, slowly retracting. Try to do this very long. Try again – 10 seconds inhale, and the stomach does not immediately inflate, a little bit. And slow exhale. At the first stage, everyone wants to quickly breathe in – exhale. You feel short of breath.

Now we take 8 seconds inhale, 8 seconds exhale. You first inflate your belly for 4 seconds, lift your shoulders for 4 seconds, open your chest, completely fill yourself with air, a slight delay and 8 seconds for exhalation. I advise you to keep your hands on your stomach. 4 seconds inhale stomach. Now we raise the chest, shoulders, like a balloon, we swell up, a slight delay and a slow exhalation – we lower our shoulders, draw in the stomach. Inhale again, you can cover your eyes, (attention on the tip of the nose), raise the shoulders, open the chest, slowly exhale. Many will have shortness of breath, you will quickly exhale. It is impossible! You will precisely control the exhalation with an effort of will. The third time you take a breath with your belly – inflate the belly well. Chest, shoulders, delay, exhalation.

Anxiety meditation technique

Now the most important practice. Sit with a straight back, legs folded in Turkish, hands on his stomach. Try to inhale for 2 seconds and exhale sharply. As if you are charging a bow and shooting sharply. As if you let go of the pump. Or you charge the “air” and shoot from it. Ideal to achieve a very sharp exhalation. Hands on the stomach – inhale – a sharp exhalation. Someone has dizziness – this is great.

And now in a row 10 times. It is the belly, the belly strikes inside. Helping hands, Belly is being drawn in … Slow inhale and exhale. It has already become hot. It has already become more light.

There is a “Tumo”, Yogis set fire to their manipura in such a way that they dry the sheets on themselves. At our seminars, at family training sessions of 5-day-olds, all people had never bathed in an ice-hole before, and they did not shower. Many say: “Nikolai, I’m afraid of the cold.” One and all bathe in the hole, in full, with the head and snow rub off. No one ever got sick. Everyone shouted: “Simply fantastic!” I myself didn’t expect – there are people whom the doctors have already refused. Women, who are generally afraid of everything, say: “How do you do this with us, Nikolai? We are so hot that the cold water seems to us like boiling water. Now the hole will boil. ”Even in the queue they stand in the frost -15 in swimsuits while someone is bathing.

And now you are doing the next practice. Hands again on the stomach and perform 20 sharp cycles. Breath – dizziness, to severe dizziness, so that there is a strong dizziness. Dizziness is the cleansing of the head channels. The skull, the brain, the eyes, the ears are cleared – everything is cleared. Do not feel sorry for yourself, please, if you feel that everything is already, then stop. If you feel that you can breathe a little more, then do not stop. 20-10 20. Who is better than 30 breaths. Then take a deep breath and delay.

So, deep breath, delay and slow exhalation. Calm slow exhale. Again, take a deep breath, do not forget to inflate the stomach, the stomach works constantly, this is very important, the secret of healing is in the stomach. Shoulders will not be. Calm inhale, breathe calmly, slowly. Break 30 sec. We breathe calmly for 30 seconds, slowly, it is desirable to close the eyes, just to relax. Imagine your body is a room. Eyes and ears are such windows. Imagine that you are in the house open wide the window. Throat, all chakras, heart, stomach, head – everything opens. Down, above, behind, in front. Imagine that you are opening up this universal energy, as if you are dissolving, opening wide. These breathing practices clean out the eyes, these invisible channels, these doors — they are cleaned by prana.

Now do 50 times. In general, the classic is done 120 times, but you try 50, it is easy. 50 abdominal breaths intensely. And sharp exhalations, then a breath and a delay. The stomach works, if it does not work out – help with your hands. Very abruptly to dizziness, to severe dizziness. Exhale deep, inhale, delay. And slow exhale. Deep breath and calm exhale. Breathe calmly, slowly.

So, 50 times belly dizzy, To make it hard, I advise you to cover your eyes, then with your shoulders – 50 times. Then exhale, inhale and delay for 1 minute. Feel how easy it became. I advise you to close your eyes, attention on the tip of the nose, and with your nose slow breaths and exhalations, like a brush to cleanse the body. It’s as if you inhale and as you exhale all the dark gray energy comes out of you. All fears, anxieties, all illnesses, all heavy energy of fears, anxieties – it goes out on the exhale. And while inhaling, the universal pure prana enters – the life force.

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