And I want to fall in love

Wedding greetings in verse

You are today – a happy couple, You tied two destinies into one. From love you drank broth, Let spring into your souls.

Wedding is so much trust, Respect for each other always. Wedding is the sound of “Bitter”, Wedding is love for years!

Let your pair of hearts in love always beat in unison. And in the luminary a large merge The reflection of two wedding rings.

And I want to fall in love

wedding greetings to the bride and groom

We wish the bride and groom to be always and in everything together. Take care of love, save it, Carry through life together.

For the quarrels, let there be no reason, In love and agreement, live to wrinkles. And if a quarrel breaks out inadvertently, Let reconciliation end soon.

We wish that there was no blunder in life, so that the children would bloom like a chamomile field. We wish you happiness of big, big Light, joyful and dear!

Take care of love trustingly, vigilantly, And only at a wedding will you be empty "Bitterly!"

We congratulate you, young people, With this rainbow, affectionate day! With the fact that the rings are put on for the first time, With the fact that gold shines with fire!

And I want to fall in love

Carry this fire together Through your whole life, through the blizzards of the year! Be the bridegroom, I am glad to have an elegant bride, You are today and tomorrow, always!

You, the bride, soar above the earth, Like a cloud – with a white veil. So that she does not suddenly become ash – You live holy love!

Let your life flow a very stormy, deep and warm river. Washed foam tracery, Will you real dream!

On this day you are creating a family, I want to wish you love! To live the soul in gold, Gold to meet the wedding!

Let your bright dawn burn, Be strong let this union! From love, only sweet and “bitter”, To sing love gentle blues.

Let the music in the house ring out loud, you kiss – advice and love! It is heard let the child laugh, A sea of ​​tenderness to you and flowers!

And I want to fall in love

If you live in the world, That love will not go around. And if you don’t dream of her now, Then for sure, believe me, you will meet her.

This is how it happened with you. She had not dreamed of falling madly in love. He saw her, and understood: “I will get married” And I will win her heart with one hundred percent.

Since then, the happy couple has been inseparable, Who has gathered us all here now. Warmly, sincerely, I congratulate you And to love you forever, I wish you,

Forgive all insults and quarrels forgive. More often surprise yourself and friends. So that it is fun to live and with great enthusiasm, Not daring to lose attraction to each other.

To expand the family, in parallel space, And in the house chic so was the decoration. For you young, I will drink to the bottom, After all, your love is clearly visible!

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