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On Monday, March 26, Washington announced its decision to expel 60 Russian diplomats from the United States. The formal reason for this is the poisoning in the UK of a former Russian intelligence officer, Sergei Skripal, and his daughter.

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Following the United States, Canada and a number of EU countries reported the expulsion of Russian diplomats: Poland, Germany, France, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, the Netherlands, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Finland, Romania, Italy, Croatia, and Sweden. Somewhat earlier, the United Kingdom began to engage in the expulsion of diplomats.

The event is now being discussed in all languages, in all forums, since even housewives in New Zealand understand that things are heading towards war.

Here is how Hal Turner commented on the situation – a former FBI agent, an American patriot, an analyst and owner of the radio station of the same name:

I am 56 years old, most of whom I have watched what is happening around. This is quite a long time. And I have NEVER seen anything like it on the world stage. This is an unprecedented collective action. Action leading to open war.

You can’t start a war just like that – first you need to sharpen, and even better destroy interstate relations. What we are seeing directly right now. And it is no secret the answer to the question: WHY? And the answer is very simple: if you look at the countries that have joined the list, then everyone has very, very serious problems with debts. You can say – they have already uncontrolled debts.

For example, here in the USA, our federal government is in debt for twenty one trillion dollars. This colossal public debt of the state can no longer pay. The same, in the same proportions, is observed in Europe. Plus – uncontrolled migration. Plus – the indignant population, dissatisfied with the guests on the streets and the fall in living standards. An excellent and perhaps the only solution to this global problem is a world war. Planetary battle with the result, unimaginable for the majority.

I will say more: time is running out. My sources in American intelligence directly tell me that “petroyuan” sharpens everything unthinkably.

For decades, all oil sales in the world have been carried out using DOLLARS. This meant that countries around the world needed physical dollars — both for buying oil, for buying oil, and so on. Now, thanks to a new method of acquiring oil using the Chinese yuan, whole steamers filled with dollars will be sent back to the shores of the United States. They can completely flood us here. Hyperinflation will begin, followed by a very rapid collapse of the US economy. Therefore, yes, war will be the solution to this problem.

Only two questions remain: where and when?

In fact, we can see the beginning of the Third World War before the end of this month. Dispatching ambassadors is always the last step before bullets start flying. Diplomats who are sent or leaving are one of the first signs of war.

The answer to the second question is also very simple. Look at the territory of the United States: where do we have the highest social spending? Where to hand out food stamps? Where to build cheap and free sectional houses? Where are electric and gas subsidies distributed? Where does the state pay for health insurance? That’s right: these are big cities. Therefore, they will be the targets of the first nuclear strike. The task of public debt and dissatisfied population will be solved at once.

A year ago, the media ignored the topic of war, pretending that nothing happens anywhere. Now, it seems, the global media approach is changing and everyone will be playing a fool about the war, scaring people with megaton nuclear strikes and the horrors of a nuclear apocalypse. Therefore, as those who predicted war, when everyone was silent about this war, we want to reassure our readers: there will be no global nuclear exchange.

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Hal Turner correctly explained: The Third World War will not happen because Britain is ready for a nuclear attack on London in the name of Mr. Skripal, and not even because North Korea is developing nuclear weapons. The Third World War is needed in order to solve one or another global issue – just as the World War and the First World War solved global issues. Therefore, no one and all will be destroyed, because, as Mr. Zhirinovsky explained, the world will have to choose “the head of the planet Earth and the leader of seven billion citizens of the planet”.

Based on this, we believe that the seven world war will most likely not survive the Third World War, but most of them will survive. The entire infrastructure must be preserved so that you can then choose “the head of the planet Earth and the head of seven billion citizens of the planet”. Finally, this gentleman will then have to manage something from somewhere, because Vladimir Volfovich hardly meant something like this:

In other words, after the Third World electricity will be, the Internet will be, civilization will not collapse. This means that even if everyone feared to frighten everyone with a global nuclear strike, there would be no global nuclear strike. Although, of course, the Third World will be very destructive, nuclear and thermonuclear. Some cities and maybe some countries will disappear.

However, for this the time will come, before which events will still evolve. In particular, the expulsion of diplomats is a threatening sign, usually foreshadowing a quick war. However, the expulsion of diplomats is not a reason to start hostilities. Need a precedent. And the bigger the war planned – the bigger the precedent should be.

And on March 19, 2018, the world entered the “strip of precedents” – in a temporary period, when anything could happen anywhere:

Thus, if war begins in the coming days and immediately, there must still be a precedent before this. That is a reason for aggression, because of which, as it were, they will start a war. And this moment in the next two months should be the most fearful.

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