30 days without drinking

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– Promotion for new customers – individuals and legal entities. – If earlier you were already our client, but for some reason you refused, we will be glad to see you again! – The special price is valid for your first order. – For exchange we accept bottles of any manufacturer with a volume of 19 and 12 liters. If you do not have bottles for exchange, the marginal value of 1 bottle of 19 liters will be 230 rubles, 1 bottle of 12 liters – 170 rubles. For canisters, no deposit is charged (returnable packaging, in case of loss 70 rubles are paid).

We recommend to buy a universal pump (compatible with bottles and cans) with a 50% discount.

The most favorable conditions for the delivery of bottled water in the region



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Desktop cooler with heating, without cooling

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Desktop cooler with electronic cooling

30 days without drinking

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Aqua Well 89LD

Floor Cooler with Electronic Cooling

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Clean water from natural sources is an inalienable human right.

30 days without drinking

On the need to maintain a sufficient level of fluid in the body, everyone has heard, perhaps. Doctors say that during intense physical exertion, in hot weather, dehydration occurs very quickly and it is especially dangerous. But the fact that the lack of drinking water disrupts the functioning of almost all organs and systems is not known to many. The World Health Organization has released data indicating that up to 80% of diseases are due to poor water quality. It is important to know that it participates in almost 95% of the chemical reactions occurring in the human body, and regulates blood pressure and metabolic processes. Not only beauty and health depend on its properties, purity, but also the quality, duration of our life.

In the modern world, almost all of its sources are exposed to man-made effects of varying intensity. Discharges of industrial plants, contamination of open water with organic and mineral fertilizers used in agriculture, surface runoff from polluted areas make water from open sources unsuitable for drinking. In its original form, water – the most important factor in health – is extremely rare today.

People have always endowed spring water with various healing qualities. In most cultures, beliefs exist: water from natural sources has healing properties, the ability to purify the soul and body. Unfortunately, such water is unavailable to residents of large cities, which negatively affects the well-being of the inhabitants of megalopolises.

The only worthy alternative to the life-giving water of a spring is bottled water from natural sources. It is healthy, tasty, crystal clear and can be used by both adults and the smallest.

Ordering bottled water from natural sources is the key to excellent health and longevity!

Water “Ural” – a precious natural elixir. Consumers highly appreciate this water for its excellent organoleptic qualities: balanced, mild flavor, the absence of artificial mineralization. Extracted from the purest source located in an ecologically safe area, water gets to your table in its original form. According to the composition of microelements, our water is related to that contained in the human body.

Therefore, crystal clear water with a pleasant taste is the best choice for toddlers and people with poor health. Bottled water delivery to your home is an opportunity to convey to everyone the healing power of the artesian spring, save its benefits and increase its wealth.

In any country of the world, bottled water is a common way of consumption, an easy and affordable way to drink clean and healthy water. This “healing source” will give you energy, joy and excellent well-being! A reliable way to protect, protect your family from the problems that destroy health and reduce the quality of life – order the delivery of bottled water from natural sources. Useful to children and adults, it will help to maintain an excellent vitality, vigor, can prolong the years of life!

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