2019 flu symptoms

With the advent of bitter cold in the Tyumen region, only one threat comes to the fore – the flu epidemic. The previous autumn-winter season brought quarantine in Surgut and some other cities of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug. Sanitary measures lasted until March. Do the forced cancellation of classes in the new 2019 expect schoolchildren of Ugra and will meningitis not return to educational institutions? This information is important not only for residents of the city and region. The guests of the region will also not be prevented from knowing the extent to which they should be wary of traveling to the economic capital of Siberia.

Unscheduled school holidays

The outbreak of influenza and ARVI in Ugra, which was sensational at the beginning of 2018, forced the population of the region to be more careful and listen to the recommendations of doctors. Despite the fact that the flu epidemic was under control, and the incidence threshold did not reach a critical limit, the viruses covered a significant territory of the district:

2019 flu symptoms

  • Surgut and Khanty-Mansiysk;
  • Uray and Nefteyugansk;
  • October and Kondinsky areas.

2019 flu symptoms

Due to the increasing number of hospital patients and the rapid spread of severe forms of the common cold, as well as cases of pneumonia, quarantine was introduced in schools. The municipal authorities constantly informed the population about how long the precautionary measures would be extended, and the educational institutions were transferred to distance learning. Surgut suffered more than others, where the epidemic with varying success did not recede until spring, and outbreaks of meningitis were recorded in the summer. This winter, the region is holding up, but it’s too early to put a dot on the “i” until 2019 has entered the rights, has ousted the coldest month of winter — February, and has gathered a cold harvest in early spring.

What is an epidemic and how to fight it?

The ancient Greeks called словомπιδημία the “endemic disease”, which quickly spreads in the settlements. In modern realities, we are talking about the rapid pace of infection with infectious diseases such as, for example, last year’s flu epidemic in Surgut. The virus caused quarantine measures in kindergartens and schools, and then the regional authorities were forced to prolong the cancellation of classes. Reason: exceeding the incidence threshold of more than 5% and pneumonia diagnosed in some patients. Doctors state that the peak of epidemics falls on the time after the New Year holidays and holidays. Viruses migrate to cities and feel great during mass events. The following factors play into the hands of the infection:

2019 flu symptoms

  • neglect of health;
  • failure to follow basic hygiene rules;
  • delayed treatment to doctors and self-treatment.

In this perspective, to answer the questions: is there a flu epidemic expected in Surgut and in other cities of Russia, will quarantine be introduced in 2019 and to what date, and how long will the cancellation of classes in schools last even children themselves can. Experts remind that the cold season is in full swing, and its peak is expected in February-March, so it is never too late to resort to vaccination. Vaccination will help avoid more than just a flu infection. It will protect against the complications of the disease: pneumonia, lung abscess formation, rhinitis, sinusitis, meningitis and

Quarantine is not introduced without reason!

The term “forty days”, which came from French, is basic in medicine and means a complex of anti-epidemic measures: restrictive and regime. The last quarantine in Surgut was announced because of the excess of the number of cases of influenza in schools. Cancellation of classes was agreed with the city administration. During the period of forced vacation, it was extended several times, including due to cases of pneumonia. In the summer, outbreaks of meningitis were recorded, but the situation did not get out of control of the responsible services of the health system. To be ready to meet the cold season 2019 fully armed, it is recommended to observe preventive measures and to be vaccinated. During the entry of quarantine measures, you should be aware of the procedure itself:

  • In cases of exceeding the incidence threshold (more than 25%), class leaders are required to notify school management of low attendance.
  • The Directorate initiates a pedagogical meeting and raises the question of closing the school or switching to distance learning.
  • Information on the exclusion of educational institutions from the educational process is transmitted to the regional education authorities.
  • Quarantine is established by the regional service of Rospotrebnadzor, where a decision is made on the date until which the isolation lasts.

The city authorities inform the public about the restrictive regime through the media. You can also track events in local online publications or on school websites.

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