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Interesting places and attractions of Olomouc and the surrounding area. How much time it will take to get to know them and how to plan a trip.

Olomouc in Moravia is one of the major cities of the Czech Republic. Today it boasts a well-preserved historic center, green surroundings and castles surrounding it on the perimeter. It is said that its architectural value, religious heritage and historical past are inferior in intensity only to the capital.

However for day trip from Prague Olomouc is of little use: it takes a long time to travel, and there are so many attractions that it will take at least 2-3 days to get to know them. Only one way out – to include Olomouc in your travel route around the Czech Republic, with an overnight stay.

Sights of Olomouc and surroundings

We identified 12 places of interest not to be missed in Olomouc. Some of the attractions are not located in the city itself, but in its surroundings.

#one. Holy Trinity Column

The Column of the Holy Trinity (Olomouc, Czech Republic)

In Central Europe, a huge number of plague pillars survived – they decorate the central squares of almost every city and tiny village. The Holy Trinity Column in Olomouc was built at the beginning of the 18th century. Today is considered one of the most beautiful and skillfully executed. The bricklayer, the artist and the master were from the same place, from Olomouc.

Thanks to his skill, the city received a beautiful architectural sample, which is under the auspices of UNESCO. Inside the column is a chapel with stone bas-reliefs illustrating biblical events.

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# 2. Cathedral of sv. Wenceslaus

Classical sights of Olomouc: Cathedral of Sts. Wenceslaus

This giant cathedral rises more than 100 meters in height and is the fourth tallest building in the Czech Republic. If we consider constructions of exclusively religious subjects, then it is inferior only to St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague. Initially, the building had a Romanesque design, but the restoration of the XIX century brought the neo-gothic style that was fashionable at that time into the facade style. The internal layout of the Cathedral of St. Wenceslas has remained unchanged since the Middle Ages.

# 3. Gradis Monastery

Sights of Olomouc: Gradis Monastery

Another interesting place in Olomouc is the Gradis Monastery. The interior of the majestic building can be enjoyed only on Thursdays, but you can enjoy it and looking at its spiers and towers from the side. If you join the excursion (held once a week), you will see wonderful sculptures, bas-reliefs, chandeliers and ceiling murals.

#four. Town Hall and Astronomical Clock

Astronomical Clock in Olomouc, Czech Republic

Thanks to the white facade with stucco and high spiers make the Gothic building became the dominant building in the historic center of the city, as befits the Town Hall. Access to the building without a special permit is limited, but in the summer there are regular excursions where you can see the interior and the Gothic chapel.

Anyone can climb the observation deck – the 76-meter tower, which overlooks Olomouc. Opening hours: daily from 11:00 to 15:00.

On the north side of the Town Hall you can see the astronomical clock of Olomouc, which appeared there in the XV century. In World War II, the watch suffered a lot and was later reconstructed. Social realism became a new theme on the dial: the images of workers and engineers took the place of saints, and the figures still reflect the birthdays of Lenin and Stalin.

#five. Fountains of Olomouc

Olomouc fountains decorate the central squares

Modern Olomouc is decorated with six fountains that were built during the 17th century. The fountains refer us to Roman themes: five of them depict mythological characters, and the sixth is dedicated to Guy Julius Caesar. According to legend, it was this historical character that founded Olomouc 2,000 years ago.

# 6. Kromeriz Castle

Kromeriz Castle is one of the most interesting places in Olomouc!

To the south of Olomouc is the wonderful Moravian town of Kroměříž with an excellent “collection” of historic buildings. The most famous of these is the Kroměříž castle of the same name, which, together with the beautiful baroque gardens, was included in the list of sites that fell under the protection of UNESCO. To visit this place of interest Olomouc recommend to allocate a whole day.

# 7. Church of St. Moritz

At a concert of organ music go to the church of St. Moritz

The tower of this church, dating back to the 14th century, looks as if it belonged to a fortress with battlements. But the most beautiful waiting for visitors inside. The main feature here is the organ – one of the largest in Europe (as well as the organ in the Kreuzkirch in Kaliningrad, the largest in Russia). Every autumn, a festival of organ music takes place in the city, and this excellent instrument, which has more than ten thousand pipes, is always in the center of events.

#eight. Castle Gelfshtyn

#9. Matchmakers Kopeček

Svaty Kopeček – a hill in the vicinity of Olomouc, Czech Republic

This hill, a few kilometers from the city center, means a lot to religious people, having been a place of pilgrimage for hundreds of years. At the top of this peculiar attraction of Olomouc there is a monastery with a magnificent baroque basilica, a zoo and beautiful forests for a walk.

#ten. Archbishop’s Museum

Sights of Olomouc: Archbishop Palace

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The museum combines parts of the castle of Olomouc, as well as the former Episcopal Palace. These are the oldest architectural monuments in the city, whose windows and arches date back to the 12th century. On Wednesdays and Fridays, the entrance to the museum is free. But even if you just walk around the palace, you will be satisfied – the place is beautiful.

#eleven. Moravian Theater

Places of Interest in Olomouc: Moravian Theater

This place has been the center of the cultural life of the city since the 1920s. If you find yourself in Olomouc, be sure to check the schedule of the Moravian Theater to attend a ballet, opera, musical or one of the performances. It is better to book tickets in advance – the theater is in demand!

#12. Castle Bouzov

Bouzov Castle in the vicinity of Olomouc

The classic “fairytale” castle is about 30 kilometers northwest of Olomouc. The fortress looks at the dense forest from the beginning of the XIV century. Once the castle Bouzov belonged to the Teutonic Order, but then fell into disrepair and was restored at the beginning of the XIX century by the Bavarian architect. In the building you can find almost all the elements of a romantic castle: moat, battlements, drawbridges, bastions. And even the watchtower is eight floors high.

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