Zelenka from thrush

Effectively helps improvised Zelenka from thrush. The illness in the body develops due to the active growth of the fungus, normally the minimum present in the microflora. This fungus lives in the body of each person, but with the creation of favorable conditions, the pathogen begins to actively proliferate. A green paint can sterilize the site of the lesion, but you need to know how to properly use the tool.

What is the use of green stuff?

Solution brilliant green safe. Its use is possible from the first days of life in infants for the treatment of navels. It is used for infectious wounds on the skin. Wounds are disinfected, there is no irritation and very gently dried. The drug is sold in the public domain at an affordable price. Zelenka is used after surgery, in gynecology. During pregnancy, the use of the drug is also safe. She treats chicken pox, blepharitis, gonorrhea. The only drawback of the medication is that the green color is not washed off, only disappears over time.

Is it possible to apply brilliant green from thrush?

Usually, in thrush mucous membranes on the genitals are affected, rarely the disease appears in the mouth. In any case, inflammatory processes occur in the body. If you ignore the process, then with the progression appear small wounds. Zelenka destroys microorganisms and accelerates the healing process of wounds. If the wound is smeared with a solution, it creates a protective film against a variety of bacteria, which eliminates infection. Therefore, it is possible to treat thrush in women, but it is worth knowing that the medicine dries the mucous membranes.

Rules when using

Treatment of thrush on the genitals occurs due to douching. Algorithm:

  1. Take a 3% solution of hydrogen.
  2. Connect with water 1 to 1.
  3. Drip 5 drops of brilliant green.
  4. Perform douching using a 20 ml syringe or enema.

Conducted in the morning throughout the week. The woman who used the douching agent notes the possibility of getting rid of unpleasant secretions and itching for the whole day. The duration of the procedure further depends only on the stage of the disease. It is important not to overdo it, take precautions.

Features of use in children

During pregnancy, women often face a problem and it is not always possible to get rid of it completely due to physiologically reduced immunity and prohibitions on the use of most drugs from the fungus. But an untreated illness is dangerous – a thrush can appear in a baby at birth after infection when passing through the birth canal. If the disease is not treated for a long time, then mushrooms can also live on the nipples, which are easy to pass to the child along with the milk. Some doctors in the treatment of thrush recommend treating nipples Zelenko. And in children, treat the surface of the tongue with a cotton swab dipped in 20% borax solution in glycerin (this remedy is not practiced in pediatrics).

Precautionary measures

With prolonged treatment of the nipples and mucous caused dryness.

Zelenka from thrush

Overdrying of the mucous or skin is fraught with the appearance of microcracks and pain. This provokes discomfort in the vagina. The baby may refuse to breast, as the medicine causes a distortion of taste in newborns. Treatment of the tongue in a newborn has side effects and may cause convulsions. In general, treatment with a solution brings a positive result. But experts recommend it in a complex with other drugs.

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