With monthly pain in lower abdomen

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lower abdominal pain during menstruation

Appearance menstruation (menstruation)in women, it is the result of complex interactions of reproductive hormones, the level of which in the body increases and decreases during different periods of the menstrual cycle, lasting for about one lunar month (28 days). Many women do not notice any special changes in their bodies during the whole cycle of menstruation, with the exception of bleeding within a few days. However, about a third of women in the world suffer from unpleasant symptoms during menstruation associated with fluctuations in hormone levels, especially the negative feelings of menstruation during the last 7-14 days of the cycle.

What causes lower abdominal pain during menstruation? – insufficient levels of endogenous opiates (endorphins, enkephalins); – luteal phase deficiency; – functional failure of endometrial tissue enzymes and impaired fragmentation of the rejected mucous membrane of the uterus; – excess prostaglandins; – increased pain sensitivity; Strong motivation and willpower, switching attention to any intellectual activity can alleviate the pain in the lower abdomen during menstruation or even completely suppress it.

How does pain appear during menstruation? Abdominal pain during menstruation occurs in 30-50% of women, but only in 5-10% of cases of pain are too strong (dysmenorrhea) and lead to a decrease in working capacity. There are primary, or functional, not associated with, and secondary algodismenorrhea, due to pathological processes in the pelvic organs. Algomenorrhea is manifested by severe lower abdominal pain during menstruation, weakness, loss of consciousness, low blood pressure.

What diseases cause pain in the lower abdomen during menstruation:

Symptoms of pain during menstruation: – colicy pains in the abdomen, radiating to the lumbar region, less often to the region of the external genital organs, groin and thighs. Severe pains bother you in the days of menstruation or a few days before. The pains are paroxysmal and rather intense. Severe pain during menstruation depletes the nervous system, contributes to the development of asthenic condition (lethargy, weakness), reduce performance; – general weakness, nausea, vomiting; – spastic headaches, dizziness; – temperature increase up to 37 ° С; – dry mouth; – bloating; – mental disorders – anxiety, irritability, insomnia, depression, impaired memory, absent-mindedness and apathy; craving for sweets, increased appetite, reaction to sugar (cardiac arrhythmia, fainting); – weight gain, swelling of the hands and feet, swelling and tenderness of the mammary glands; – fainting and other disorders.

Sometimes there is one symptom leading that bothers more than a pain in the lower abdomen. Pain is not accompanied by a disorder of the function of the gastrointestinal tract.

Severe abdominal pain during menstruation during adolescence (primary algodysmenorrhea) usually occurs in thin emotional girls, 1-1.5 years after the first menstruation, with the onset of ovulation.

Severe abdominal pain during menstruation in adolescent girls is usually not associated with anatomical changes in the internal genital organs.

Abdominal pain during menstruation – as a symptom of other diseases (secondary algomenorrhea).

With monthly pain in lower abdomen

Severe pain during menstruation, which occurs due to anatomical changes in the uterus (impaired contractile activity of the myometrium, hyperaflexia, hypertrophlexia, adenomyosis, myoma and

Other causes of severe lower abdominal pain during menstruation in women after 30 years: – in women after 30 years may occur after childbirth, abortion, inflammatory gynecological diseases; – One of the most common causes of secondary algomenorrhea is endometriosis. In endometriosis, aching (sometimes cramping) pains in the lower abdomen and radiating to the rectum can disturb throughout the entire menstrual cycle and increase 2–3 days before the menstruation; – use of intrauterine contraceptives, but when using intrauterine contraceptives containing progestogens (for example, Mirena), severe pain during menstruation is not observed; – submucous uterine myoma – with the so-called nasal myomatous nodes, when the node is pushed through the cervical canal; – varicose pelvic veins. Varicose veins of the pelvis may be due to inflammation and adhesions, systemic vein disease (dilatation of the hemorrhoidal veins and veins of the lower extremities); – malformations of the genitals that impede the flow of menstrual blood.

With monthly pain in lower abdomen

In case of painful periods, it is better to consult a gynecologist to make sure that there are no serious health problems. If there are no complications, a properly chosen diet and vitamins will help you get rid of the pain during your period.

Consult a gynecologist if: – pain does not go away after the end of menstruation; – if you have a fever, diarrhea, or a monthly rash; – menstrual bleeding was especially strong for several months; – after the normal menstruation suddenly comes painful; – pains are accompanied by serious problems with the digestive organs – black, tarry stools or blood in the stools.

Which doctors to contact if there is pain in the lower abdomen during menstruation:

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