With increasing pressure

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Asbestos cloth


With increasing pressure

used as insulating and cushioning material; used in the manufacture of rubberized fabrics and packings, cushioning cuffs and rings, sleeves; intended for the manufacture of asbestostekolitov, asboplastikov; delivered in rolls; medium temperature up to + 450 ° С.

Belts driving maple ordinary sections GOST 1284-80

Rubber belts designed for machine tool drives, industrial plants and stationary agricultural machines. Are efficient at a temperature from-30 to + 60 ° C.

Technical plates


Shaped and non-shaped rubber plate is the starting material for the manufacture of various rubber products (RTI), such as seals of fixed joints, gaskets between metal surfaces in order to prevent their mutual friction, as a vibration damper from working mechanisms and shock energy under single loads, as well as non-sealing products bearing any load – laying, flooring and

They are used as flexible pipelines for supplying various liquids under pressure (water, gasoline, petroleum-based oils, etc.), gases, bulk materials.


Fluoroplast [GOST 10007]

used for the manufacture of parts for electrical, anti-corrosion, anti-friction purposes, chemically resistant sealing elements of structures in mechanical engineering, instrument making, chemical, radio engineering, food industry and medicine;

material has high adhesive properties;

Manufactured in the following forms: rods, bushings, plates (TU 6-05-810), as well as thread sealing tape of fluoroplastic sealing material (FUM tape) – TU 6-05-1388.

Asbestos products


Asbestos is a natural variety of hydrosilicates that are easily split into thin, durable fibers, which are crystals of a coiled or tubular structure. They have good dielectric properties. Asbestos-based products are used as a heat-resistant heat-insulating material in the manufacture of industrial equipment, high-strength asbestos-textolites, rubberized fabrics. On its basis they make:

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The company Bart for more than ten years engaged in the supply of industrial enterprises with asbestos, asbestos and rubber products. Our company offers to supply a wide range of rubber products and finished asbestos-based products (ATI) from leading manufacturers, carried out promptly, professionally and in a short time.

Asbestos – a fibrous substance, of mineral origin, has good dielectric properties. Asbestos-based products are used as a heat-resistant heat-insulating material in the manufacture of industrial equipment, high-strength asbestos-textolites, rubberized fabrics. Asbestos is used in the production of asbestos cloth, asbestos cloth, asbestos cardboard and other products.

Our company offers for sale the following asbestos technical products:

  • Cord asbestine (asboshnur) ShAON GOST 1779 or GOST 1779-83;
  • asbestos cardboard (asbestos board, asbestos sheet) GOST 2850;
  • asbestos tape (brake tape, LALE);
  • asbestos paper GOST 23779;
  • asbestos sheet (sheet asbestos);
  • asbestos fabric (asbestos fabric, fireproof fabric) GOST 6102;
  • asbestos cloth (asbolot);
  • paronite (pon, pmb, pon b) GOST 481, GOST 481-80;
  • asbestos (chrysotile asbestos, asbestos) GOST 12871, GOST 12871-93;
  • stuffings stuffing GOST 5152, GOST 5152-84.

And rubber products (rubber, mouth):

  • Watering hoses:
  • pvc hose;
  • watering hose, rubber;
  • reinforced hose;
  • gas hoses;
  • oxygen hose.
  • Sleeves of standards GOST 10362, GOST 10362-76, GOST 5396, GOST 9356, GOST 9356-75, GOST 18698, GOST 18698-79:
    • suction hose;
    • sleeve pressure;
    • pressure-suction hoses;
    • oxygen hose;
    • pressure hose;
    • PVC sleeve;
    • rubber sleeve;
    • rvd sleeve;
    • flexible hose;
    • corrugated sleeve;
    • metal sleeve.
    • Rubber cords GOST 6467, GOST 6467-79.
    • Insulating tape PVC and cotton, standards GOST 16214, GOST 16214-86, GOST 2162.
    • Technical plate of standards GOST 7338, GOST 7338-90, GOST 7338-77:
      • technical plate TMKSH (heat, frost, acid, alkali resistant);
      • technical plate MBS;
      • food technical plate;
      • technical plate spongy;
      • the technical plate is porous;
      • rubber technical plates.
      • Rubber and rubber products (RTI):
        • rubber technical;
        • rubber transformer;
        • rubber plate;
        • vacuum rubber;
        • sheet rubber.
        • Belts of standards GOST 1284, GOST 1284-89, GOST 2679, GOST 5813, GOST 5813-93:
          • wedge belts;
          • drive belts;
          • CVT belts (variator belt);
          • gear belts.
          • Dielectric products of the standards GOST 13385, GOST 13385-78, GOST 4997, GOST 4997-75:
            • dielectric carpet, rubber mats;
            • dielectric track;
            • dielectric gloves;
            • dielectric bots.
            • Rubber cuffs, rubber rings, GOST 14896 and 14896-84, GOST 18829 and 18829-73, GOST 6678, GOST 6969, GOST 8752, GOST 9833 and 9833-73.
            • Rubber sealing rings.
            • The company also supplies textolite material, the standard GOST 5-78. Textolite is a material consisting of several layers of fabric (filler) impregnated with synthetic resin (binder). Textolite is much easier compared to the asbestos and glass materials, but less durable, has a lower heat and chemical resistance.

              The product is sold on the basis of PTFE – FUM tape (PTFE sealing material), standard GOST 10007 and GOST 10007-80, as well as sheet fluoroplastic and F-4 fluoroplastic plates. This material is characterized by ease and convenience of installation, high chemical and thermal resistance, excellent sealing ability, unlimited shelf life.

              Viniplast is a plastic mass based on polyvinyl chloride, not containing a plasticizer, a thermoplastic opaque material; does not burn and has no smell; well gives in to various types of machining on ordinary machines.

              Kaprlon is a multifunctional material for structural and antifriction purposes. It is applied in various industries. Kaprolon has a low coefficient of friction paired with any metals, is well and quickly processed, 6-7 times lighter than bronze and steel, instead of which it is installed. Products from caprolon reduce wear of friction pairs by 2 times, increasing the service life of products by 1.5 times, reduce the labor intensity of manufacturing by 35%, cost by 50% compared with products made of metal (steel and bronze).

              With increasing pressure

              Our organization also sells a cabol – a thick thread twisted from vegetable or synthetic fibers, used in the installation of sewer pipes, and a caulker of the lower rims of log cabins, since it has an antiseptic effect.

              All ATI and RTI (rubber technology) products offered by our company are of high quality, under strict control. Ordering and delivery of products is carried out promptly and professionally, from three warehouses in Moscow.

              You can learn more about our organization by phone or write to us by e-mail.

              We hope for fruitful and successful cooperation.

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