With increased pressure, what to do

The influence of negative factors and bad ecology can cause a feeling that something has hit the eye. People describe this condition as film. If after checking the organs of vision it turned out that they do not contain a foreign object, then you need to contact an ophthalmologist for a diagnosis. Such discomfort indicates abnormalities in the development of the organs of sight, eye diseases.

Improve the condition of the eyes and remove the film will help folk remedies used at home. Before using them, you should consult with your doctor.

The veil in front of the eyes is a visual impairment in which the patient begins to see poorly, as if through a cloudy glass. The feeling of a film occurs periodically or may be a permanent symptom. In the first case, it appears under the influence of provoking factors and quickly disappears.

In most cases, a person feels “film” syndrome in the morning. If you blink, the state must pass.

The feeling of film on the organs of vision often occurs with additional symptoms that differ in duration and severity.

Veil before eyes

It is urgent to contact an ophthalmologist if the following symptoms appear:

  • elevated temperature;
  • photophobia;
  • numbness in one part of the body;
  • severe weakness;
  • pain in the organs of vision;
  • spots or flies in sight.

With increased pressure, what to do

The main reasons for the emergence of sensations film include:

If a veil occurs in a state of high arterial or intracranial pressure, with regular fatigue, this indicates microbleeds due to a vessel bursting in the eye. The same symptom is possible with elevated intraocular pressure – glaucoma.

A newborn baby may experience blurred vision. The disease is rare and is called dacryocystitis. When the baby is in the womb, the nasolacrimal canal covers the film. At the time of the birth of the child into the world, it should tear. This does not always happen, and in this case there is inflammation and obstruction of the lacrimal canals.

Occlusion of the lacrimal canals

In rare cases, the veil arises due to lipodermoid – an organ located on the outside of the organ of vision in the form of a fold. It belongs to the category of congenital abnormalities, the state does not worsen throughout life.

With increased pressure, what to do

The film on the eyes may occur due to the appearance of pterygium, or overgrown connective tissue, which is shaped like a triangle. With prolonged exposure to an irritating factor on the organs of vision, a change in the epithelium occurs. For older people, the shroud most often appears for this reason.

The pathological process develops on the mucous membrane of the eye, moving to the cornea and pupil. To learn that the veil arises precisely as a result of pterygium, you can by additional symptoms:

  • irritation;
  • reduced visual acuity;
  • the appearance of an opaque growth that is visually visible;
  • foreign body sensation.

The following symptoms also occur with inflammation of pterygium:

Inflammation of the eyes, resulting from the penetration of infection, covers the entire visual apparatus. The feeling of the film is due to the presence of bacteria. Purulent discharge provokes swelling, the anatomical structure of the organ of vision is damaged, which creates a feeling of a foreign body.

A characteristic indicator of bacterial and viral infections is discomfort in both the left and right eye.

Ophthalmological infections resulting in the appearance of the film include:

The appearance of the film may be asymptomatic or accompanied by unpleasant sensations. In the latter case, treatment is prescribed by an ophthalmologist, since surgery is required: laser or surgical excision. After the procedure, the doctor recommends anti-inflammatory drops and painkillers.

If the associated symptoms are not observed, then the condition is not treated in a medical way. But it may be necessary to wipe the eyes and moisturize with drops of “artificial tears”.

With the help of folk remedies, you can eliminate the feeling of the film on the eyes in the absence of disease.

The recipe means to eliminate the shroud in cataracts:

  1. 1. Make a notch in a green apple.
  2. 2. Inside put 6 grams of honey.
  3. 3. Leave the fruit in a warm place.
  4. 4. When a liquid appears inside, drain it and drip into the eye 3 times for 7 days.

Preparation of the composition to eliminate the feeling of veil on the eyes

Using this recipe, you can get rid of the film after 10 days. Before using the tool you need to consult a doctor.

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